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Companies are investing more resources in customization of their web applications to improve the UX and make the apps more valuable to their customers. Our custom web application development company takes time to learn the business model and the key business activities of individual clients. We provide you with a web application you and your users will remember!

Custom web application development

inVerita implements a successful approach to custom web application development. We have carefully designed all the phases of the development cycle to optimize the quality of the custom web application development process. Our application development cycle consists of:

Custom web application development
Analysis and planning

Every custom app development process begins with planning. This phase includes collecting data, research and applying references. During this phase, we examine the materials provided by the client first. Then, we assess the business and technical needs of our clients. Afterward, we research the required technologies. Before the beginning of the next phase, we analyze all the references.

Custom web application development
Defining the specifications

inVerita greatly focuses on the specification phase, which allows us to deliver custom web applications on time, within a set budget. Before we define the specifications, we write use case scenarios to improve the user experience of your custom software. Then, we make a wireframe for you to have an initial impression of the product. In the next step, we confirm the technologies to be used for the development of the app. Before we begin with the creative processes, we set up a project roadmap to make it easier for our clients and web application developers.

Custom web application development
Web app design

To meet our clients’ expectations, we design multiple variants of logos, mock-ups, and wireframes. In this phase, our experts define the color scheme, fonts and the layout of the app. Then, we test the user experience to make the custom web application more accessible to the end-user. We design the logo and artwork next, to breathe life in the user interface. After we do all the necessary design steps, our team makes a functional prototype for you.

Custom web application development
Web app development

Now, our development team steals the limelight! inVerita greatly simplifies the structure phase for our developers thanks to our website developing planning. This phase is all about optimizing the speed of task flow. We integrate Cloud servers, implement Git version control and use modern web development IDE-s. In the first step of the development phase, we structure the database and pave the way for backend development. Then, our developers have fun with the front end segment of the web application. That includes HTML and CSS slicing and coding in JavaScript. The last step involves system engineering.

Custom web application development
Software testing

Our Quality Engineers perform testing at the time of delivery of each milestone. inVerita provides clients with stable versions of the web apps for testing. Then, the clients can determine what features they like and what needs improvement. First, we test individual units of the source code. Then, we test the system to see if it complies to the given requirements. Before handing out the stable version to our client, we check if all the software integrations are working as designed. After the clients’ examination of the stable version, we perform the final security checks.

Custom web application development
Delivery of the custom product

This is the final phase of our custom web application development process. When delivering web apps to our clients, we usually provide them with a one week testing period. Before that, we set up the live server and environment of the software product. We migrate the code and database to the environment. Our Quality Engineers do the final testing of the application before transferring the documentation to our clients and provide training to the employees. The software product is ready for release now.

Custom web application development
Software product maintenance.

We create a dedicated team to take care of your project continuingly. This essentially becomes your software development office. The maintenance process includes support and troubleshooting, updates for the overall design and functionalities, server maintenance and third-party updates for delivered web apps.


We have a team of experts who work collaboratively and close together to deliver the web software that our clients truly desire. Our web software development team includes:

Project manager.

The project management is the heart of every custom software development project. Our project manager sets up the pace for all team members.

Web designer.

Our web designer keeps future users in mind when in the creative process. He/She knows how to grasp user attention with dazzling app design and motivate users to spend time in your app.

HTML/CSS coder.

Our HTML/CSS coders bring the design concept to life and decide on the final look of the web application.

System engineer.

Our system engineer provides clients with a convenient environment for their applications during development. They also take care of website infrastructure after the delivery phase.

Quality control expert.

Our QC track down bugs and other malicious data that may appear in the code during the web applications development process.

Backend developer.

Our backend developers stay behind the scenes with their extensive coding knowledge and make your application functional to users.

Software architect.

If the manager is the heart of our every project, then the software architect is the brain. Our software architect estimates the scale of the project and setups a roadmap for the development phase. System architect keeps in mind all the elements and their interconnection in the application.

Frontend developer.

Frontend developers add effects to your application and make sure that all user interface elements work perfectly so that your users can interact with them effectively.

Talented in-house team;
No outsourcing of our tasks;
Multiple years of experience;
Development in a structured framework;
We refer to Coding Guidelines and Standards;
We provide clean code and APIs;
We create user-friendly interfaces;
We stay up to date with the latest technology.
Custom web application development

Our web app development company provides value to our clients thanks to our business approach. During the whole development process, we are transparent with our clients and value their opinion. We ensure that our applications are of world-class quality!


We at inVerita care about our clients and put extra effort to provide the best possible custom web application development solutions for their businesses. You can entrust the web application development process to our professional web development team and will go to extra lengths to solve all the problems for you.

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