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E-learning app development for any business
E-learning software is now a strong tool to promote education and to make it available for anyone around the globe. We are a development company that tackles the challenges and builds e-learning solutions for businesses of any size and purpose.

Online learning has never been simpler

Software development expertise allows us to create platforms for boosting learning potential. We’re competent in solving multiple problems of the education industry.

For Edu Startups

We can help smaller teams and startups with their product. Learning management is key in this case. We’re focusing on a smooth way for students and teachers to interact. A system that is simple to use and support - is our primary goal.

We are skilled in covering the whole dev process. We can take an idea to the design phase. And from there, to release. Our development services will suit even those clients, who don’t know how exactly the system should work.

We’ll guide the customer through every process and find the most effective ways to complete the milestones. We share your goal - e-learning services for everyone.

For Businesses and Communities

For Businesses and Communities
We can find common ground with companies that work with e-learning for a living. We offer e-learning software development that helps them to achieve their goals.

We love to make education as digital as possible. Not only it will help to make it smooth and comfy, but also to allow people from distant regions to learn. We believe that one management system can allow thousands and thousands of people to increase their knowledge.

We are ready and skilled to help built custom e-learning solutions and bring their benefits to millions of people.

For Enterprises

We are thrilled by challenges while building e-learning apps for large businesses. Such custom software is mostly used for internal use. Companies are interested in making their workers more skilled. And we love to build learning management systems to help them.

A platform to test employees. Management systems to see their learning progress. Apps to make them even more skilled. Anything, anytime. Let’s build some neat education software.

E-learning solution tackles the most important issues

Each e-learning app and website solves some critical problems of today`s education. And we’re buzzing to build more, according to your blueprints.

Offering mobility

E-learning solution
Only a few decades ago, one had to go thousands of miles from home to learn. Or even more- travel to another country. E-learning industry made this trend obsolete. People can access knowledge from any place in the world.

Custom e-learning services can offer a whole bunch of courses or expertise of one renowned professional. To anyone, anywhere.

Freedom to learn

There is no need to follow a curriculum. Students are free to progress at any pace. Courses with indefinite time to complete or personal coaching with strict deadlines - customers shape their own learning process, not vice versa.

We’re proud to be an e-learning app development company that gives such a chance to people across the world.

Personal attention

E-learning solution
The majority of students feel like normal classes lack personal attention. Teachers have to provide the same expertise for 10,20,30 students at once. The quality of such services is rather low, no matter the skill of the teacher.

Learning solutions help each student to feel valued and special. Teachers have all the means to focus on each separate case. Custom e-learning is what the people want. And it is what we can build for your business.

Contact between students and teachers

We offer e-learning software development services to eliminate the lack of dialogue between the parties. A simple mobile app can connect people scattered through the globe. Add meaning to it (desire to study and learn) - and you’ll get a healthy community where people discuss common issues and seek help from experts.

Educational software benefits from the ability to talk. Whether it be the collective effort to solve the issue or simple networking

Hire dedicated e-learning software development company

Our set of skills allows us to build anything you want. We provide e-learning development services to fit your business 100%
  • E-learning app development.
    Go mobile to help your students learn anytime. Using the device they feel the most comfortable.
  • Learning management system.
    Communication, progress tracking, and rewards. Or anything else you think is important.
  • E-learning website.
    We can build a place for thousands of online courses. Or a safe haven for students that think alike.
  • Cross-platform e-learning development.
    Help people use your service on PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and many more platforms.
Challenge us with tasks that do not fit the list above. Let’s build something that nobody has ever seen before.

Message us and let’s talk! Give us your concept and ideas. Or trust us to design everything from scratch.

Find us at  contactus@inveritasoft.com. Because education matters.

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