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We provide full-cycle development of educational platforms, LMS, virtual classrooms, and learning apps, featured with leading technologies and lean design. Cooperation with our team comprises deep business analysis, fast development, and design supervision from scratch to release, ensuring the protection of your data and compliance with global security regulations.


Custom E-learning software is specifically designed to meet the needs of both employees and organizations. It integrates a diverse range of learning activities complemented by multimedia elements and assessments to facilitate knowledge retention among employees and bring them more personalized training experiences. It has been estimated that online resources reduce the time of professional training up to 40%. Employers, in turn, become able to significantly improve the performance of their teams, eliminate additional costs, and track the educational progress of employees.

At inVerita we leverage our experience and domain expertise to enhance learning, training, and knowledge sharing processes to help our clients take a step towards a highly efficient and interactive way of online education. We engineer custom E-learning solutions that are easy to navigate and available for your learners anytime and anywhere.

E-learning Application Development

Unlock interactive learning experience building a high-end application with a multi-device solution. Whether your users opt for phones, tablets, or computers - our developers can make one solution for easy access to all devices. Expertise in educational application development allows us to blend leading technologies and aesthetic design to produce applications of any difficulty and purpose. We convert traditional material into digital learning that keeps your target audience attentive, interested in the learning process, and eliminates all the geographical barriers..

Learning Management System

Not only do educational institutions benefit from E-learning development. The majority of Fortune 500 companies actively utilize education software solutions. Enterprise LMS solutions enable your business to manage the records, hold employee onboarding, track their retention and development. You can train the newcomers through educational guides, games, tests, etc, keep your workers up-to-date with the latest trends in your business field using personalized notifications, and evaluate their progress.

E-learning and Education Platforms
E-learning and Education Platforms
Achieve more with web-based scalable learning and training systems that enable to store all the learning materials in one place, facilitate and control the education process, assess students’ or employees’ progress, and provide quick access to information from multiple platforms and devices. We engineer fully automated, tailor-made, cloud-based, or on-premise E-learning development services that streamline learning and training processes.
School Management and Student Information Software
School Management and Student Information Software
Our dedicated development teams design custom school management and administration software with personalized student information systems that include built-in functions for full visibility and control over scheduling, attendance, and academic results. This solution allows users to organize the records without paper filling, automate billing, and incorporates mobile alert system integrations.


inVerita helped IntelliBoard develop a GDPR and NDA-compliant platform that securely shares data among E-learning providers and learners. The software offers AI-assisted requests, real-time monitoring, flawless integration with E-learning websites, and automated notifications. It allows education providers to swiftly generate intuitive visualizations with the help of the latest technologies to ensure a deeper understanding of the processes and more informed decision-making.

"inVerita's team is always ready to improve for the benefit of their customers."

Anatoliy Kochnev,
CEO, IntelliBoard

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Deep Technical Expertise
We develop desktop, web, and mobile applications with a balance of technical and deep industry expertise. With a focus on full security and a high-quality outcome, we maintain all levels of custom software development and provide full post-development support. We guarantee that your product will perform exactly as it should even under load.
Compliance with Industry-Wide Standards
inVerita follows all data privacy regulations and fast-changing laws in the E-learning industry to ensure that our software solutions can be easily distributed worldwide. We meet all major E-learning standards and guarantee the protection of all your ideas by NDA and GDPR.
Focus on Security
Through the usage of blockchain technology and data tokenization, your E-learning information is organized and stored in such a way that completely eliminates the possibility of loss and leakage. We ensure the protection of every bit of your code.
Technologies We Leverage
The power of rapid authoring tools enables our dedicated development team to bring your E-learning project into action even under a tight time constraint. We offer project management supervision from scratch to release, giving our customers an opportunity to keep an eye on every stage of product development. We delve into your idea and transform it into a cost-effective plan, then analyze, design, implement, and test. Once both sides ensure the product runs smoothly, we integrate it into the market, maintaining and enhancing it on a regular basis with the main focus on security.


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