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There is no sphere of life where innovation is more important than education.

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Software and technology

From the perspective of researchers predictions, educational technologies spendings will run up to $250bn by 2020. Greatest part of that money will be used for development of educational technologies, software and e-learning projects that provide opportunity to completely transform education into a more agile and cost-effective mechanism, adapted to specific needs of everyone. InVerita is committed to develop the very best software solutions for education, because we recognize its importance.
There is no sphere of life where innovation is more important than education. It is the foundation of scientific research, industry and every other aspect of the global economy, as it plants the seeds of knowledge in the minds of those that will carry the torch of society onward. Moreover, modern adult education allows us to go further, create more, and advance our careers in ways that were previously impossible. It expands our horizons and makes us more competitive in the modern corporate world.
At inVerita, we strive to keep you on the cutting edge of virtual and online innovative education.
Educational technologies as much important as books for schools in brand-new world. They can be used in different social spheres and for this very reason they are eminently important presently.

Team Creating Educational Software Applications

Inverita is a trustworthy partner in the development of educational software apps. Our extended development team will help you considerably improve the quality of learning programs. Our engineers provide different e-learning projects and web-based management solutions. We create learning solutions of any complexity and extent that discover the power of digital learning and create new models of teaching.

Software Solutions

We develop educational and e-learning software applications for general use and corporate education and render learning software development services for a variety of industries.
We offer software solutions for:
Mobile and online learning
The dissemination of mobile devices is changing many aspects of our lives, from how we work and communicate to how we learn. There is plentiful empirical evidence that mobile applications support quality e-learning experiences, revealing a vast number of mobile learning benefits. Inverita will help you to discover all advantages of mobile and online learning.

School administration and student information systems
Inverita supplies both school administration and students with a learning technologies ready to undertake today`s challenges and tomorrow`s opportunities

Gamification in education
Get ready to learn the fun way! We appreciate the idea of gamification and ready to turn into reality any of your visions with the help of educational software applications.
Educational technologies and software solutions by inVerita
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