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Make learning processes more efficient by incorporating educational and e-learning innovative software solutions. inVerita provides full-cycle development of educational platforms that will allow your company to organize learning systems and resources.
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Our main services

Our expertise includes everything from education application development, multi-level analytic tools to building e-learning portals. The power of rapid authoring tools enables our dedicated development team to bring your project into action even under a tight time constraint.

The future of the education industry
Shaping the future of the education industry through technology is a 21-century reality. Modern students are not into turning pages anymore, they want a learning process to be flexible, interesting, and digital. So do the educational institutions. Repository of ingenious learning resources available for teachers and students has become accessible through boundless connectivity and speedy IT development. Game-changing technology opens new horizons for teamwork, classroom and individual education, workplace training, and sharing knowledge and ideas worldwide.
We at inVerita leverage our experience and domain expertise to bring e-learning software development to the new level. Offering education software solutions that enhance learning, training, and knowledge sharing process, we help our clients to take a step towards a highly-efficient and interactive way of online education. We engineer custom e-learning solutions easy to navigate and available for your learners anytime and anywhere.

“ We offer project management supervision from a scratch to a release, giving our clients an opportunity to keep an eye on every stage of product development. We delve into your idea and transform it into a cost-effective plan, then analyze, design, implement, and test. Once both sides ensure the product runs smoothly, we integrate it into the market, maintaining and enhancing on a regular basis. Your security is our main priority. We take care of every bit of code and piece of data protection. “


Education Software Development Services

E-learning application development
Unlock an interactive learning experience by building a high-end application with a multi-device solution. Whether your users opt for phones, tablets, or computers — our developers can make one solution for easy access to all devices. Expertise in educational application development allows us to blend top-notch technology and aesthetic design to produce applications of any difficulty and for any purpose. We convert traditional material into digital learning that keeps your target audience attentive, interested in the learning process, and eliminates all the geographical barriers.
Learning management system
Not only educational institutions benefit from e-learning development. The majority of Fortune 500 companies actively utilize education software solutions. Enterprise LMS solutions enable your business to manage the records, hold employee onboarding, track their retention and development. You can train the newcomers through educational guides, games, tests, etc, keep your workers up-to-date with the latest trends in your business field using personalized notifications.
E-learning websites
Achieve more with web-based scalable learning and training systems that enable to store all the learning materials in one place, facilitate and control the education process, assess s tudents’ or employees’ progress and provides quick access to information from multiple platforms and devices.

Why opt for e-learning software development services from inVerita?

We are eager to speed up the e-learning software development of your product at a competitive price. Hiring best skilled and experienced developers we ensure that our clients receive best-in-class end-product. We offer:

Profound technical expertise
We develop desktop, web, and mobile applications with a balance of technical and deep industry expertise. With a focus on full security and a high-quality outcome, we maintain all levels of custom software development and provide full post-development support. We guarantee that your product will perform exactly as it should even under load.
Customer support
Providing full customer support with quality business analysis, risk assessment, and resolution, strong expertise in release management, and dynamic approach you get a final product that follows all your initial requirements and is competitive in the market.
Constant communication
We understand the value communication brings to the successful release of the end-product. Having dozens of satisfied clients around the globe, we know how to deal with the time zone difference. Our software dedicated team gives daily insights on the scope of your project, keeps you updated about all the challenges.

Let’s build something that nobody has ever seen before

If you got interested in partnership with us, request a free consultation on e-learning development, and our experts will provide you with all the details within the shortest time period.



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