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inVerita equips businesses of all sizes with vehicle management software to automate, optimize routes, get real-time data to track and manage vehicles, provide companies’ customers with clear ETAs, and ensure compliance with industry standards and specific geographic regulations such as emissions zones or restricted areas.
Frequently, the basic asset of features is not enough to cater to growing clients’ demands, solve issues connected with transport management and internal cooperation, and ensure drivers’ safety and optimized fuel consumption. Fleet management app development aims at the creation of a single, unified application to manage all the fleet processes within your company with the least amount of time and expenditure.
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Our Fleet Management Software Development Services

GPS Tracking and Telematics

GPS Tracking and Telematics

A fleet management application goes beyond providing real-time information about vehicles’ status and location. The real-time data it gives helps to save money and time by optimizing the routes so that drivers can avoid traffic jams and take the shortest route.
Route Planning and Optimization

Route Planning and Optimization

Our vehicle management solutions dynamically adjust to real-time changes, adapting and recalculating the best alternative route on the basis of current traffic, weather conditions, road closures, etc., so that your customers always receive on-time and greener service.
Driver Management and Safety

Driver Management and Safety

By evaluating a wide range of parameters such as speed, idle times, vehicle diagnostics, braking efficiency, and cornering behavior, businesses can monitor the performance of each operator on the fleet to improve their driving standards and ensure adherence to safety protocols.
Fuel Monitoring and Fuel Economy

Fuel Monitoring and Fuel Economy

Vehicle management system software not only tracks fuel levels but also helps companies to optimize fuel consumption. It guarantees the reasonable use of every gallon by identifying the most fuel-efficient routes and closely observing driving tendencies.
Fleet Analytics and Reporting

Fleet Analytics and Reporting

Get a panoramic perspective of the performance, cost-effectiveness, and areas for improvement of your fleet. Our fleet management applications offer well-structured reports based on smart data analytics so companies can make informed business decisions.
ELD Solutions and Сompliance

ELD Solutions and Сompliance

Ensure compliance with regulatory standards and enhance overall operational efficiency by adhering to ELD mandates. Besides accuracy and transparency in tracking drivers’ working hours, ELD solutions also contribute to safer roads and improved fleet management practices.
Technology Ecosystem for Fleet Management Application Development
Applications & Integrations
Our transportation fleet management software stays connected with the most popular services and platforms for flawless and uninterrupted data exchange.
Connectivity & IoT
Connectivity and IoT in fleet management solutions play a crucial role in the real-time tracking of various vehicle parameters, enhancing drivers’ safety, and industry compliance.
Cloud & DevSecOps
Cloud and DevSecOps create a resilient and secure environment for fleet operations, fostering efficiency and innovation in the transportation sector.
Embedded Development
Monitor and manage truck routes, and emissions, improve road safety, and advance sustainability by installing smart sensors in the heart of trucks and containers.
Big Data & Data Science
Big Data handles large datasets generated by fleet operations, extracting valuable insights for decision-making. Data Science techniques analyze patterns, predict maintenance needs, and optimize routes.
Edge Processing
With the help of edge processing, a vehicle management app gets access to real-time analysis of vehicle data, enabling quicker response to events, such as maintenance issues or route deviations.
fleet management software development
Fleet Management Solutions We Deliver
Digital Consulting
Get expert tech guidance on how to create the best plan for developing a cutting-edge company vehicle management system, what features and technologies to include, and how to maximize the efficiency of your fleet.
Software Engineering
With strong expertise in multiple coding languages and technologies, our dedicated teams build all ranges of transportation software development services. We assist you in choosing the tech stack and functionality that works best for your business.
Legacy Software Modernization
Update or replace outdated logistics software solutions with modern technology to ensure compliance with industry standards, and enhance performance and scalability while also reducing maintenance costs and increasing security.
Software Integration Services
Unite warehousing, transportation, finances, and inventory management with the help of APIs or middleware software to ensure infrastructure enhancement and streamlined operations.

Customized Fleet Management Integrations

For small fleet management service providers, enterprises, and government fleets, we integrate GPS tracking and telematics, fleet cards and fuelling systems, mapping, and navigation tools so that our customers have 24/7 access to robust data analytics.


inVerita helped Patriot Transport to control all stages of delivery and field service operations by building a full-cycle application for logistics and transportation management. The solution allows to create and import orders with their detailed description, monitor real-time delivery process, plan the route to eliminate delays, and cut down fuel costs. As a result of TMS implementation, Patriot Transport reduced supply chain costs by 16% and exceeded delivery time by eliminating wasted time between stops.
The apps met all expectations for quality and have increased business efficiencies. Accessible and highly skilled, inVerita’s team worked quickly and delivered on time.

Roman Zabolotovskyy,

Operations Manager, Patriot Transport

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With our extensive knowledge, we can effectively control the efficiency of your fleet by developing GPS fleet tracking software that gathers real-time data on locations, traffic density, engine status, and weather updates. Our customers can optimize driving performance, cut down on wasteful fuel usage, receive regular traffic updates, and set predictable arrival times by monitoring and analyzing data from active sensors. Fleets can comply with international requirements and improve on-road safety by using software specifically made for ELDs.


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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does fleet management software cost?
The cost of a fleet management application varies depending on the features and functionalities you want to include, the complexity of the software architecture, and the development team's hourly rates. We advise you to consult with software development professionals to get a more accurate estimate based on your specific requirements.
What are the types of fleet management software?
The most common types of fleet management software solutions include vehicle tracking software, maintenance management software, fuel management software, route planning and optimization, reporting and analytics, compliance and safety, and driver and inventory management software.

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