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Dedicated Software Development Team

Transparent and effective, the inVerita dedicated software development team has become a reliable vendor of both growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. While your in-house team is left to work on business-oriented tasks, we take responsibility for business analysis, design, development, testing, and maintenance of your product, helping you to significantly lower labor and operational costs.

Dedicated Development Team that is Eager to Deliver the Best Technology Solutions and Value

With the highest skilled engineering talent, inVerita provides the infrastructure to support flawless communication, deep business analysis, and maintain data security standards at the highest level. Depending on the specifications of the required software, dedicated team members leverage the newest on-demand technologies and development approaches to deliver the best version of your product.
Dedicated Software Development Teams
Dedicated development teams

Reduced Costs

A dedicated development team model allows significantly lower labor and operations costs associated with wages, vacations, recruitment, and equipment. inVerita dedicated software development team is a fully-equipped, well-trained, and professional unit with years of experience in handling the business needs of companies of all sizes and domains.
Dedicated development teams

Full Transparency

At inVerita, we’ve built our own framework of best practices for cooperation with a dedicated development team that ensures full transparency and openness for our customers. With a unique company culture, our team members manage to guarantee full compliance and sustainability that result in maintaining our customer rate of over 90%.
Dedicated development teams

Access to Top Experts on Demand

Hire a dedicated development team with strong expertise in most on-demand technologies and innovative approaches to software development. Eliminating the need of handling a hiring process on your own, we compile an experienced dedicated team that fits your project requirements the best.
Dedicated development teams


Achieve faster time to market without endless searches for qualified talent, side technology consulting, and self-conducted market research. Our dedicated software development teams help you build a comprehensive project roadmap and deliver your vision from design to product maintenance.
Dedicated development teams

Team Scalability

Expand your business and increase revenue without interrupting your core activities and overspending. We take responsibility for deep application performance analysis, immediate improvements, and developing long-term project goals to increase the reliability and service capacity of your software.
dedicated team model
What Is a Dedicated Team Model?
A dedicated development team is a collaboration model with a team of professionals chosen specifically to meet your business needs. Same as an in-house team, a dedicated team assists you within the entire project and is totally controlled by the customer. However, inVerita takes all the administrative, tax, equipment, and social benefits expenses.
When a Dedicated Team Model Is a Good Choice?
A dedicated team model allows startups to build a professional team quickly, save time and money on recruitment and training, and access the market faster.
Long-Term Projects
Complex projects with the potential to expand receive a reliable partnership in constant product testing, improvement, and maintenance.
Projects with Unclear Requirements
A dedicated development team helps you to build a feature-rich and on-demand solution based on a deep analysis of current market trends and users’ demands.
Who You Can Hire
Software Developers
Software Developers
A continuously growing team of 100+ qualified developers specialized in most on-demand programming technologies, helps inVerita meet the demands of clients from various industries. With a balance of hard and soft skills, our dedicated development team has gained an excellent reputation in the IT arena.
QA Experts
QA Experts
Independent analysis helps us identify the issues and their root causes to find new opportunities, and determine spheres that need to be enhanced. The stakeholders receive a comprehensive and detailed plan of development stages and technology implementation.
Business Analysts
Business Analysts
Our business analysts bridge the gap between business and IT teams. Using data-driven insights, we accurately analyze business domains, strengths, and weaknesses of the future product and its potential business value to implement new strategies and initiatives.
Project Managers
Project Managers
Every aspect of the project is thoroughly analyzed, planned, and executed while operating within the restraints of budget and deadlines. inVerita project managers continuously validate the changes to ensure that the interests of all parties are satisfied.
UI/UX Designers
UI/UX Designers
We rigorously address every stage of product design to create flawless experiences with your digital product. An extensive range of UI/UX services is combined to receive a perfect blend of your genuine idea and our design vision.
Product Managers
Product Managers
Our product managers set the vision, prioritize requirements, and build the business trajectory of your product. They help you understand main user needs in the industry, translate them into the design, and lead the engineering team to develop a product that meets those needs.
dedicated development team

Technologies & Frameworks We Are Skilled in

The inVerita team has broad experience in a dedicated partnership with customers from various industries and countries. Depending on the scope of the project, market research, deadlines, and budget, we offer the most beneficial model of cooperation and technology stack suitable for your project. Hire a dedicated development team today to get the best fit in terms of exceptional talent and optimal cost.
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