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The technological innovation happening these days can do wonders for businesses around the world. It greatly reduces the costs from a long-term viewpoint, improves the efficiency of your operational teams and helps your business keep the competitive edge. So, why your company needs a dedicated development team?

Dedicated Software Development Teams

Swiftly scale your development teams;

Have full control over the development costs and processes;

Constant communication with the development department;

Eliminate extra office space costs;

Save time and money in the recruiting process;

Nullify operating overhead;

No need to worry about Recruitment and Human Resources departments;

Dramatically reduce hardware and training costs.


These days, there is an increasing demand for software development and adequate resources that can bring your ideas to life. Obviously, not every business has access to an in-house software development team or can afford to build one from scratch. inVerita helps your business assemble a dedicated software development team that brings your ideas to life. We offer additional services that benefit your business in the long run.

inVerita Dedicated Software Development

Our team helps you hire competent dedicated developers that bring your ideas to life. We have access to a network of tech talents that can’t wait to grow your business to new horizons. In addition to the development team, we provide you with an appropriate infrastructure based on your needs. You also get a consultation service to help you scale up your business to new levels. Our professional teams will help you with:

Access to Dedicated Tech Talents.

You get access to our dedicated tech talent that is growing with each passing day. Our Human Resource managers help you hire a dedicated developer team, interview them, and choose the best candidates for team enhancement.

Effortless Organization.

inVerita assembles all the work, from contracts to team setup. We also take care of employee retention, logistics, travel management, and payrolls. When you hire our dedicated developers, rest assured knowing that the organization of the software product development will stay top-notch.

Superb Infrastructure.

inVerita provides your business with a superb infrastructure, which is basically a dedicated development center well-equipped with modern IT facilities. When you hire our dedicated software engineers, you get a head start that does wonders for your product.

Talent Administration.

We help your business transfer the necessary software product knowledge to align the workflow of a dedicated team with your in-house team. This approach keeps the people on board the project motivated, which ensures personal growth and development.

Delivery Management.

inVerita calculates dedicated development team productivity metrics and monitors the quality of the custom software product. We do it to cover delivery management and support startups on their way to growth.

Consulting Services.

We offer consulting services to enhance and implement agile transformation practices to assess business analysis services and administer your custom software development lifecycle.

Types of Dedicated Application Development Teams

To help your in-house team with the software product development processes, we have a few dedicated team types for your business:

On-Demand Dedicated Development Team.

This team setup satisfies most ad-hoc demands with skilled resources and domain specialists. inVerita bestows enterprises with its experienced in-house teams and customary development methodologies, processes and tools.

Dedicated Software Development Teams
Dedicated Software Development Teams
Full-Service Development Team

With this team setup, we provide you with a full-time dedicated software developers team based on ready-to-use IT infrastructure. This dedicated team model handles the end-to-end delivery of your software. You have the flexibility to shift priorities in your project and can initiate staff change requests.

Dedicated Software Development Teams
Maintenance Team

This team setup provides you with the multi-level end-user support, which enhances the functionality of your team and development processes. We set up a maintenance team skilled at guiding your software products through a series of releases

Dedicated Development Team Setup and Application
Before you hire our dedicated developers, inVerita helps you with the setup and application of the dedicated software development team. We split this task into three processes:
Project Arrangement
Comprehensive Analysis of Requirements.

Before we even start looking for a dedicated software development team, we analyze how much resources you need to invest and acquire.

Define the Scope of the Project.

As soon as we estimate the resources to make your project a reality, we need to define what are the requirements of your product. These are mostly functions and features of the custom software. Afterward, you define what are the process requirements. You determine how your users will interact with your product and how your product will interact with other business processes. Then, you should identify stakeholders and establish transparency. Finally, you determine the limitations of the project. Document the things that are out of the project scope to let our dedicated teams focus on the project at hand.

Dedicated Software Development Teams
Finding Suitable Developers

Our recruitment specialists seek candidates from the company pool of available programmers and the job market. We tailor this process to your requirements.


Our HR and Recruiting managers select candidates that fit the individual requirements.

Project Launch
Dedicated Software Development Teams

We to communicate with you as smoothly and efficiently as possible. If you are from a different time zone, we can agree on overlapping hours when it is all right to communicate with developers via email, phone, Skype, online conference or some other way.

Process and Methodology Definition.

First, we define the processes of the projects that are measurable, deliver a specific result, have results that can be delivered to customers or stakeholders, and respond to specific events. Once we have defined the processes, we define the methodology that we will use for project management. The methodology greatly depends on the type, size, and nature of the project. SCRUM is best for a dedicated development team. It is a prime example of an agile methodology. SCRUM involves a team in developing a software product in 30-day intervals called sprints and monthly scrum sessions. This approach is explicit and applicable because of collaborative, dedicated teams that have no heavy constraints on time and material budget.

Environment, tools and infrastructure setup

You get access to our project management tools that help you with connecting everyone involved in the project at hand. We give you nice office space to optimize the output of the new dedicated software development team. You also get a decent technical infrastructure for your project and a system administration support service.


Now, you have a pool of developers and need to choose the best fits yourself. You are free to make a Skype or a phone call and interview the developers. Afterward, you decide who you hire for your projects. To make sure you like the work of a chosen developer, each of them has a trial period provided.

Project Operation
Maintaining Productivity.

Once you attain the maximum productivity of your team members, it is important to maintain that productivity for maximum efficiency.

Adjustment of the Team Size.

Depending on the productivity level, you may need to scale your team up or down. Always talk with your dedicated team to determine what is working and what isn’t. Sometimes, it is desirable to break up a bigger team in smaller teams for better effectiveness.


Most customers that hire our dedicated developers achieve their project goals and release exceptional products worthy of positive reviews.

Dedicated Software Development Teams

All staff that you hire, reports directly to you and follows your instructions and timetables. Our dedicated developers will adapt to project management tools that your company uses or we will provide you with access to our tools. It helps you attain the maximum transparency in development processes. There won’t be any unnecessary people and you’ll be able to track the effectiveness of every team member.

Knowledge Aggregation and Sharing

As more time is allocated in the project, the knowledge about the individual processes starts to accumulate. Once there is enough intelligence, the team members can share their gathered knowledge to simplify the work for the other team members and also to people out of the project scope.

Hire dedicated development at inVerita!

Our vast talent pool tailors to your business needs and you have full freedom to choose the right fit for your projects. inVerita gives you access to modern IT infrastructure to help make your project a success. We offer project management tools to make transparency better than ever as it is very important for project success. Of course, our consultants will keep in touch with you at all times, if any need arises.

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