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We engineer custom healthcare software solutions that include scalable health information exchange systems, cloud-based telehealth software, patient engagement solutions, EHR & EMR software, and support any kind of clinical software development specifically tailored to the requirements of your organization.


The amount of global healthcare data is increasing year by year, making it almost impossible to qualitatively monitor and manage it without digital solutions. The healthcare sector is facing growing demand for information transparency, flawless patient-doctor communication, and error-free diagnosis. Healthcare software development offers a plethora of solutions in response to the evolving healthcare industry needs. EHRs, for instance, are used for secure and easily accessible electronic storage of patient information, PMS and HMS streamline the workflow of a clinic or hospital, manage appointments and billing, and get accurate documentation. Billing software, in turn, provides flawless accounting of medical bills and manages insurance claims. Through the implementation of the abovementioned healthcare software development services, organizations become able to manage entire systems without the risk of documentation loss or wrong diagnostics.



Healthcare software

EHR & EMR Software

We are a medical software development company that builds robust EHR & EMR systems that go beyond basic functionalities such as storing clinical documentation and notes. Our cloud-based solutions can be safely integrated with hospital and practice management software to streamline the workflow by interfacing with other providers. By implementing these fully functional solutions, you’ll get the ability to receive lab results, X-ray images, warnings about drug interactions, assistance in the diagnosis, and access to e-prescribing technology in one unified application.

Healthcare software

Custom Healthcare Software Development

We create HIPAA-compliant custom software solutions to facilitate interoperability, streamline workflows, and enhance patient-provider interaction. Powered by ML and Big Data, our software automates manual and paper-based procedures, encompasses scheduling, diagnostics, treatment prescription, billing, and more. Depending on your vision and business requirements, our dedicated team will choose the best technology stack and set of features for the product.

Healthcare software

Telemedicine Software Development

By helping healthcare organizations build sturdy custom telemedicine software we aim at transforming the way patients and medical providers interact. Integrated with the latest technologies, our telemedicine software reduces waiting time for patients, simplifies patient-doctor communication, and allows secure healthcare storage and real-time video consultations.
Healthcare software

Hospital and Clinic Management Software

Hospital and clinic management software improves medical treatment efficiency by managing every aspect of hospital administration and handling patient and medical staff information. An HMS/HCS allows to significantly reduce time spent on administrative tasks and avoid inaccuracy by registering patients’ data online, providing digital drug prescription and billing, tracking the availability of beds, and receiving laboratory results.

Our Approach to Custom Healthcare Software Development


Telemedicine Platform

inVerita developed a solution for the largest company in the Nordic region that delivers system support for cohesive digital care chains. The solution helped our Customer to grow from a startup into an industry leader with almost 3,5m live sessions being streamed through the platform daily and having 30% of Sweden's healthcare regions using the software.

“They have exceptional company culture and provide excellent code quality, always delivering on time”

CEO, Healthcare Company

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Why Partner with Us?

Compliance with Healthcare Industry Standards

Our software solutions are fully compliant with globally established standards and undergo a number of automated and manual tests before production. Through the usage of blockchain technology and data tokenization, your healthcare data is organized and stored in such a way that completely eliminates the possibility of loss and leakage. We carefully test and update custom software for medical devices, and ensure data wiping, two-factor authentication, regular backups, and storage encryption so that your application is fully compliant with HIPAA and GDPR regulations.

Vast Experience in Full-Fledged Healthcare Software Development

We engineer a variety of custom cloud-based medical software for practitioners, healthcare institutions, and hospitals. Creating a multilevel customer-centered healthcare ecosystem helped our customers to bring innovative solutions to the market and made their applications leading in the industry, ensuring that the users get uninterrupted personalized care at any place and any time.

Custom Dedicated Development Services

Our software developers design end-to-end healthcare software solutions that facilitate contactless treatment, give access to securely-stored health records, allow paying bills and booking appointments online, and much more. Beginning with deep business analysis and risk assessment, a dedicated development team will make sure your application holds all the required functionality to provide enhanced and secure care at a lower cost.
Types of Healthcare Apps We Develop
We are a healthcare software development company with focus on the latest technologies and industry standards. Our teams have extensive experience of working with patients, healthcare organizations, doctors, and delivery systems to ensure that our solutions are scalable, secure, and user-friendly. We build different types of healthcare software development solutions:
Apps for Patients
Appointment Scheduling Applications, Fitness and Wellness Apps, Mental Health Apps, Telemedicine Applications.
Apps for Medical Professionals:
Hospital Management Apps, Remote Patient Monitoring Applications, EHR/EMR Data Aggregation and Analysis Apps
Apps for Healthcare Providers:
Billing Apps, Scheduling Apps, EHR/EMR Systems, Medicine Inventory Tracking Applications
What Our Clients Say About Us
The team was transparent and communicative, and they did a great job managing their tasks and meeting expectations. Additionally, their resources were personable and nice to work with, and they were invested in the project.
Asaf Cohen
Co-Founder & COO, Pick a Pier
inVerita offers a strong and reliable development team that is highly capable. They are well-trained in Agile development and are professional and integrate seamlessly into the team.
Frederic Azera
CEO, ICCO Systems
The solution is still being tested, but all of its features are functioning properly. inVerita is a very punctual partner — they've never missed any deadlines. Communication between both parties has been fluid and frequent via Jira and video calls.
Simonas Grybauskas
Owner, S'OS Orthognatic Surgery
inVerita created simultaneously robust and user-friendly deliverables. Since the app launched, combined downloads have reached 4,500 times between iOS and Android. An established, structured, and professional team, their strategic processes and expertise rapidly yield the optimum ROI.
Matthew Von Trapp
Owner, BTE Global
The apps met all expectations for quality and have increased business efficiencies. Accessible and highly skilled, inVeritasoft’s team worked quickly and delivered on time.
Roman Zablotovskyy
Operation Manager
inVeritaSoft met all development requirements within their project estimates. Efficient and proactive communication helped them understand the project and produce an app that impressed internal team members and improved marketing efforts.
Jason Duncan
CEO Energy Lighting Services
Internal stakeholders are impressed with inVerita’s consistent performance, which has inspired a long-term partnership. The team is professional and talented, always meeting quality standards. Customers can expect a successful engagement.
Adam Lehde
Co-Founder, Happen Technologies
inVerita delivers exceptional project management processes and leadership. Their efficiency, focus, and management ensure that any code change or issue is quickly remedied. With a team of project-specific experts, they provide guidance for an evolving software development lifecycle.
Brian Cooper
Technologies We Leverage
Developing your custom healthcare solution with inVerita, you will receive the assistance of a dedicated team of developers and business analysts with strong expertise in the field, secure electronic access to health data in compliance with HIPAA and GDPR regulations, efficient patient-doctor communication, decision support, and ability to manage all results and reports electronically. We’ll help you to capture, store, and share patient data securely and efficiently to provide them with the best care.


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Frequently Asked Questions
What is healthcare software development?
Software development services for healthcare include creating, testing, and maintaining specific applications that can be used for a wide range of purposes such as managing patient records, scheduling appointments, tracking medical billing and insurance claims, analyzing medical data, as well as telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, and other functions.
What is included in custom software development services?
Custom healthcare software development services usually include requirement gathering to define functional and non-functional requirements for healthcare software products, design and prototyping stage, healthcare app development, software deployment, its maintenance and support.
How much does it cost to develop medical software?
The cost for custom medical software development services depends on the complexity of the software, its features and functionalities, the platform, and the size of the development team. It’s also important to include the cost of compliance and regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, FDA, etc. The cost for development of a simple mobile or web application may start at $50k and a complex software such as a hospital management system can cost more than $500,000.
How much time do you need to deploy your team and start a project for us?
Usually, it takes us up to 30 days to ramp-up a team of healthcare software developers but we can give the actual time frame only after discussing the scope of the healthcare software development project and its requirements.
How does inVerita ensure security?
We are a healthcare software development agency with a special focus on data security and privacy standards for healthcare companies. Our HIPAA compliant systems undergo a number of automated and manual testings before production. Our healthcare software developers also use blockchain technology and data tokenization, to ensure that your healthcare data is organized and stored in such a way that completely eliminates the possibility of loss and leakage.
Do you develop or maintain interoperable medical data management software?
Yes, our healthcare solution development services include interoperable medical data management software that enables the exchange of electronic health records and other medical information between different healthcare providers, such as hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, regardless of the technology platforms or vendors they use.

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