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Time and Material (T&M), also called pay-as-you-go, works best if you want to start the implementation of complex and long-term projects immediately. This model recommends insufficient insight into the end product for forward-thinking projects projected to expand and grow. The significant advantage of the T&M model is adaptability and flexibility, as you can customize your demands and still pay just for the amount of time a development team puts into work on the project. The workflow is divided into sprints and after each of them, you can evaluate the progress and modify the initial project assumptions. With this contract, the invoice is based on pre-set hourly rates of each team member. The total project price is defined by your product's time and resources (hardware, dedicated licenses, etc). When it comes to management, you will be involved in iterations and constantly engaged in the entire process. Therefore the appropriate knowledge to verify the quality of the sprints and their results is required.


To enhance the original concept, you can modify it along the process.

Quick launch of the project:

The customer does not need extensive pre-planning to evaluate all the hazards, modifications, timeframes, and challenges.

Greater control of the development workflow:

The customer could easily step in to determine how the developers are handling the process or propose a change.

time and material model
The Dedicated Team model is the best option when the project’s scope could not be strictly defined and the requirements can vary during the development process. Most frequently the dedicated team is hired to compensate for the lack of the necessary expertise and will perfectly function as your own. The customer may manage the team which has been composed according to their requirements for experience and skill set, assign their own project manager or hire from a vendor. This model has a very simple and transparent pricing system: monthly payment depends on the team size and fees of the service provider.
Fully predictable product expenses:
You have an opportunity to completely control your budget, growing or decreasing your project when it’s necessary, and adjusting conditions through an agile approach.
Fast-paced Development Cycle:
As a rule, a dedicated development team works exclusively on your project with a deep understanding of your business domain, competition and technologies. It significantly enhances performance, speed, and overall product strategy.
High transparency of all working activities:
The customer has full control over the project delivery and teamwork, every day communication and negotiation. Customers can select a team or apply any staff changes.
dedicated development team
A Fixed Price contract is built on a fixed evaluation of the work, price, and timeline, providing customers with the utmost security concerning budget and schedule. Once your requirements are described clearly and in reasonable detail, we review the size and difficulty of the project, determine team members most qualified for the challenge, present a project timeline, and evaluate the cost of the entire end-to-end development of the unit for your acceptance. You pay the mutually negotiated fixed cost of the implementation. Further modifications that arise (new functions of the product, new additions, or other services not pre-agreed upon) will result in pricing and timing adjustments. Additional agreements are then signed in this scenario. Therefore, it is essential to talk about all the parts at the very outset and assess the project's value as precisely in advance as possible.
Less financial stress:
You understand the development price beforehand as the price in the contract is fixed.
Transparency and predictability:
Both Parties receive a predictable scenario that offers stability during the lengths of the contract.
No ongoing administration:
You delegate the project workload at the outset and can concentrate more on other lines of business objectives as long as the assignment is underway.
fixed price model


Tell us about your project and timeline and we'll offer the best suitable cooperation model to meet your requirements and budget.

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