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Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking input/output model, which makes it very efficient. It is being used by large companies such as eBay, Yahoo, and Twitter. Node.js development services grow in popularity day by day. Get in touch with our Node.js development company today and receive a free Node.js consultation.
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Node.js development services

Node.js is an extremely powerful, popular open-source, server-side platform. It grows in popularity every day, being used by large companies such as eBay, Yahoo, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Node.js application development uses an event-driven, non-blocking input/output model, which makes it fast and very efficient. Also, npm, the Node.js package ecosystem, is the largest collection of open source libraries in the world. When you compare Node.js with PHP, you will see that they do similar jobs, but in completely different ways, as both are server-side scripting languages. Node.js can be used to create a website, but not by itself, in the same way, that PHP requires the use of HTML, CSS, etc. within the PHP code to create a website.
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Our developers work quickly and efficiently, creating real, cost-effective solutions for your server-side needs in Node.js.

Node.js application development advantages
Node.js allows just one server to handle exponentially more clients than a server running other “traditional” server technologies and languages. This makes Node.js very attractive with its high level of scalability.
Node.js is JavaScript
Node.js is based on JavaScript, one of the most powerful and popular up-and-coming languages today. This allows developers to use JavaScript on both the client- and server-sides. This means that entire web applications can be written in one language, making code more efficient and delivery times shorter.
More bang for your buck
Node.js just makes sense! If your development times are short and less hardware is needed to run the software, it keeps costs down and improves your profit margin!
Node.js is becoming more and more popular, which translates into broader support and more libraries and resources.

Blazingly fast

We live in a “fast-food society”. Everyone wants everything five minutes ago or yesterday, no excuses. This is quite a task if millions of users are logging onto the same application at the same time. However, this is where Node.js excels. Node.js is fast, even when bogged down with many different users at a time.

Hire Node.js developers
Our Node.js development company will be more than happy to guide you through the app development journey and provide you with the desired solution. Ask for a free Node.js consulting or hire Node.js developers today!
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