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Our Hospital Management Solutions

Since 2015, inVerita has been designing digital solutions for various industries to help startups and Fortune500 enterprises to take the top spot in their markets. We are inspired by the impact technologies have on the health industry and want our customers to get the best hospital management solutions available today.
How We Ensure Your HMS Security
To ensure confidentiality of sensitive patient data, our dedicated teams approach hospital management system development with the help of storage encryption, two-factor authentication, and data wiping. We carefully test and update the healthcare software to eliminate any possibility of data loss or leakage. We run a hospital management software development process in strict compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, HITECH privacy standards so that our Customers can be sure that every bit of clinical data and patient information is kept safe.

Our Hospital Software Development Services

Healthcare ERPs
Healthcare ERPs
A centralized ERP is an essential part of hospital management system development that integrates data from different departments such as hospital staff, medical billing, supplies, inventory, etc., to automate a range of operational activities, increase the agility of your organization, and offer key analytics into budgeting. Classify and manage different types of data from across the hospital to make evidence-based decisions.
Healthcare CRMs
Healthcare CRMs
Increase patient satisfaction, improve acquisition strategy, service and patient engagement, automate marketing and sales with industry-specific CRM. We build our solutions around your practice’s unique needs to deliver personalized medical services, attract new customers, facilitate internal and outbound seamless communication, and provide comprehensive outlook on current leads, existing and referred patients.
Transform the way your doctors interact with patients with a feature-rich telemedicine software that allows real-time video consultations, e-prescription, patient health record, appointment management, EHR integration, and more. Depending on your technological readiness, our business analysts will build a roadmap on how to adopt a custom telemedicine solution with strong data security features in your healthcare facility.
Cloud-based EHR and EMR systems go far beyond basic functionalities like storing medical records. By integrating with hospital management software solutions, they allow receiving lab results, assistance in the diagnosis, access to e-prescribing, online patient registration, sending appointment reminders, and gathering customer feedback to optimize revenue management.
What Our Clients Say About Us
The team was transparent and communicative, and they did a great job managing their tasks and meeting expectations. Additionally, their resources were personable and nice to work with, and they were invested in the project.
Asaf Cohen
Co-Founder & COO, Pick a Pier
inVerita offers a strong and reliable development team that is highly capable. They are well-trained in Agile development and are professional and integrate seamlessly into the team.
Frederic Azera
CEO, ICCO Systems
The solution is still being tested, but all of its features are functioning properly. inVerita is a very punctual partner — they've never missed any deadlines. Communication between both parties has been fluid and frequent via Jira and video calls.
Simonas Grybauskas
Owner, S'OS Orthognatic Surgery
inVerita created simultaneously robust and user-friendly deliverables. Since the app launched, combined downloads have reached 4,500 times between iOS and Android. An established, structured, and professional team, their strategic processes and expertise rapidly yield the optimum ROI.
Matthew Von Trapp
Owner, BTE Global
The apps met all expectations for quality and have increased business efficiencies. Accessible and highly skilled, inVeritasoft’s team worked quickly and delivered on time.
Roman Zablotovskyy
Operation Manager, Patriot Transport
inVerita met all development requirements within their project estimates. Efficient and proactive communication helped them understand the project and produce an app that impressed internal team members and improved marketing efforts.
Jason Duncan
CEO Energy Lighting Services

Doktor 24

inVerita developed a solution for the largest company in the Nordic region that delivers system support for cohesive digital care chains. The solution helped our Customer to grow from a startup into an industry leader with almost 3,5m live sessions being streamed through the platform daily and 30% of Sweden's healthcare regions using the software.

“They have exceptional company culture and provide excellent code quality, always delivering on time”

CEO, Healthcare Company

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Hospital Management Software Benefits

Healthcare Data Security
Healthcare Data Security
All data is stored on a server or cloud, keeping every bit of hospital information secure from unauthorized access with help of blockchain technology and data tokenization. What is more, you completely avoid compliance issues and lawsuits as HMS tracks all compliance changes in the industry.
Improved Finance and Operations
Improved Finance and Operations
Gain a single view on financial health data with swift and accurate transaction reports and detailed profitability analytics to plan more effectively, reduce operational costs, and improve responsiveness of hospital resources and supply chain. Integrate e-payment and insurance providers’ platforms for better patient experience.
Error-free Workflow
Error-free Workflow
Contrary to manual systems, hospital management software development ensures 100% accurate processing of medical information by managing all types of healthcare data, lab results, inventory management, analyzing patient records and doctors schedules, billing management, etc., and automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks in medical facilities.
Robust Employee and Patient Management
Robust Employee and Patient Management
Custom hospital management software development services tailored as per your business requirements can schedule hourly employees, track time and attendance, plan patient appointments, optimize workflows among healthcare professionals, and centralize the communication between employees and patients, manage payrolls, and more.
Benefit from automated paperless workflow and get a comprehensive view of your patients' data gathered in one place and securely delivered. Drop us a line to create hospital management software tailored to your needs.

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