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Benefits of Custom Remote Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring systems allow to observe and track patients’ vitals outside conventional clinical settings. Such methods of monitoring are highly efficient for patients who can’t attend in-person consultations regularly. For example, patients with chronic conditions, the elderly, or those recovering from surgery who require consistent monitoring of vital signs which can be challenging without a well-organized remote healthcare system. The RPM interface automatically analyzes real-time patient data, enabling healthcare providers to prescribe the appropriate diagnoses or treatments.

Remote Patient Monitoring Software Solutions We Offer

Remote Monitoring Apps

Remote Monitoring Apps

We build mobile applications designed to track and collect health vitals in real time. Remote patient monitoring apps frequently connect with wearable devices to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, sleep patterns, and physical activity. The collected data is then transmitted to healthcare organizations or stored in the cloud for analysis, enabling patients to manage chronic conditions from the comfort of their homes, and facilitating regular checkups with healthcare professionals without the need for in-person visits.
Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Disease Management

As a remote patient monitoring software development company, inVerita offers effective care for patients with chronic conditions, including IoT technology, to track real-time data like blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and weight. Our systems also can monitor heart rate, providing early detection of concerns. Physicians receive regular updates and emergency notifications, enhancing patient care and management of chronic illnesses.
AI-Powered Monitoring

AI-Powered Monitoring

By integrating AI into remote patient monitoring systems, healthcare providers can gain valuable insights from continuous data streams, enabling early detection of anomalies and trends in patients' health. With our customized remote healthcare monitoring system, physicians can act swiftly without delays, enhancing patient care and enabling real-time health analytics from remote locations through home health monitoring.
Data Analytics Tools

Data Analytics Tools

Accurate analysis of collected patient data is crucial for timely medical interventions. Systems developed by our remote patient monitoring company, bridge the gap between data collection and analysis. Our cloud-based solutions and monitoring devices ensure error-free data processing, enabling physicians to assess real-time patient data promptly.

How Remote Patient Monitoring Software Works?

Remote patient monitoring software companies design software that utilizes wireless health monitoring devices to measure patients' real-time vitals remotely. These devices transmit patient data to distant locations through wireless connections. This way, healthcare professionals can remotely monitor patients and perform predictive analysis using advanced monitoring systems, eliminating the need for physical presence. Such systems feature interfaces that automatically analyze real-time patient data, simplifying the monitoring process.

Remote Patient Monitoring Development Services

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

We deliver custom remote patient monitoring services that facilitate interoperability, streamline workflows, and enhance patient-provider interaction. Our solutions adhere to healthcare industry standards and use the best security practices such as data wiping, two-factor authentication, regular backups, and robust storage encryption.
Software Modernization

Software Modernization

The inVerita team can help healthcare providers to reengineer their existing RPM solutions. Adopt new technologies, enhance data security, ensure compatibility with the latest devices and communication protocols, and improve user experience so that RPM software solutions are more efficient, user-friendly, and capable of handling larger volumes of real-time patient data.
Third-Party Integrations

Third-Party Integrations

Software integrations are essential for creating comprehensive and effective remote patient monitoring software solutions. Our expert team ensures the smooth interoperability of RPM platforms with various external applications, wearable devices, electronic health records systems, and data analytics tools.
Digitalization and Optimization

Digitalization and Optimization

Our remote patient monitoring software development company helps healthcare providers to transform their RPM systems into sophisticated, user-friendly platforms, allowing for more accurate data collection, analysis, and timely interventions, ultimately improving patient outcomes and the overall healthcare experience.

Remote Patient Monitoring Integrations We Implement

Software integrations are essential for creating comprehensive and effective remote patient monitoring software solutions. inVerita has been working in the health tech vertical, helping medical organizations to achieve a high level of data exchange and interoperability by utilizing the most relevant industry standards and security regulations.



We have designed and developed a tablet application to display and interpret critical data from high-end mechanical ventilators. The app incorporates evidence-based practices to track different parameters on the ventilatory needs of patients. By providing the calculation of several parameters (oxygen, heart rate, PEEP/CPAP, etc.), the software enables constant monitoring of the patient’s conditions and adjusting the settings remotely.
When the war started, I was expecting a break in the roadmap with a significant delay in the product release, however, I saw the opposite - all weekly and monthly objectives were accomplished. I know they are deeply concerned about their family members and friends who are suffering from war, but they are professionals and continue working for the sake of their clients.

Simonas Grybauskas, Founder, PatientTree
inVerita completed the project in sprints and successfully launched the product. The team was highly communicative, and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with the vendor's dedication to success despite the overwhelming odds they were faced with.
James Xu-Johnson
Director, Wishu Labs
When the war started, I was expecting a break in the roadmap with a significant delay in the product release, however, I saw the opposite - all weekly and monthly objectives were accomplished. I know they are deeply concerned about their family members and friends who are suffering from war, but they are professionals and continue working for the sake of their clients.
Simonas Grybauskas
Founder, PatientTree
Since 2019, inVerita has been instrumental in enabling successful launches of multiple projects for our key strategic customers. Methodics by Perforce has been experiencing double-digit growth every year, and its success is in no small part thanks to the reliability of our Ukraine-based inVerita team.
Vadim Iofis
Senior Director of Engineering, Perforce
inVerita is preparing for a soft launch. They have been good to work with so far with consistent communication and commendable progress. Furthermore, they've shown a desire to get the job done correctly and in a timely manner.
Adam Hait
President, Schraft's
Currently, in a beta stage, the software inVerita is developing has progressed smoothly along with established timelines and budgets. The vendor has displayed standout technical skills and offered an effective price point. Customers will find a partner that develops a strong understanding of their goals.
Victoria Khavulya
COO, Schraft’s 2.0

Why You Should Choose inVerita

Focus on Data Security

To ensure the confidentiality of sensitive patient data, our dedicated teams approach remote patient monitoring software development with the help of storage encryption, two-factor authentication, and data wiping. We carefully test and update the healthcare software to eliminate any possibility of data loss or leakage.

Compliance with Healthcare Regulations

We run a remote patient monitoring software development process in strict compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, and HITECH privacy standards so that our Customers can be sure that every bit of clinical data and patient information is kept safe.

Technology Expertise

inVerita designs a wide range of custom remote patient monitoring software solutions for medical practitioners, institutions, and hospitals. Our focus on building a customer-centric healthcare ecosystem at multiple levels has enabled our clients to introduce innovative services to the market, positioning their applications as industry leaders.
Developing your custom healthcare solution with inVerita, you will receive the assistance of a dedicated team of developers and business analysts with strong expertise in the field, secure electronic access to health data in compliance with HIPAA and GDPR regulations, efficient patient-doctor communication, decision support, and ability to manage all results and reports electronically. We’ll help you to capture, store, and share patient data securely and efficiently to provide them with the best care.


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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to build remote patient monitoring software?

The cost for remote patient monitoring software development services significantly vary depending on various factors such as platform compatibility, complexity of features, integrations with other systems, and the expertise and location of the development team. 

For example, Ukrainian developers may have rates ranging from $45 to $65 per hour, depending on their experience and expertise. In comparison, developers from countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, or Western European countries often have higher hourly rates, ranging from $100 to $150 or more.

What are the examples of remote patient monitoring devices?
Remote patient monitoring devices include blood pressure monitors, glucose monitors for diabetes management, wearable fitness trackers like Fitbit and Apple Watch that track vital signs and physical activity, ECG monitors for heart activity recording, pulse oximeters measuring oxygen levels, smart weight scales and spirometers for lung function assessment.
What does remote patient monitoring include?
It includes various medical devices, wearables, and sensors that collect data like blood pressure, heart rate, glucose levels, and physical activity. This data is securely transmitted to healthcare providers in real-time, allowing for proactive interventions and personalized care. RPM solution is instrumental in managing chronic illnesses and post-surgical care, ensuring patients' well-being through continuous monitoring and timely medical support.
What is the difference between telehealth and remote patient monitoring?
Telemedicine software enables patients to access healthcare remotely while remote patient monitoring focuses on continuous monitoring of patients' health metrics using specialized medical devices. RPM solution collects real-time data and allows healthcare providers to track patients' conditions remotely, enhancing proactive virtual care.

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