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Project description

We decided to use .NET Core to implement this project in order to guarantee functionality on Linux servers. This enables a fast and scalable solution that is compatible with the existing client infrastructure. The integration with cryptocurrency exchanges requires the use of various protocols such as REST, WebSockets, and FIX with special attention given to each service. Flexibility is key so that the software will have high bandwidth with minimal processing time when working with many different exchanges at the same time.

Service provided
Web development
Market Data Operations
FIX Protocol


.NET core
Trading Platform
Client background

Our client is a global principal trading firm (PTF) focused on risk management, market development, and alpha generation. They have a plethora of experience in building elite trading teams in the derivatives industry.

Trading Platform
Business challenge

This client’s key business goal was to provide its customers with a safe and secure trading platform that supports a variety of different cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency market has undergone significant growth, which is why our client wants to expand their platform to support trading cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, darkcoin, and nextcoin.

Value Delivered

Our team developed an adapter protocol that functions as a communications bridge between different cryptocurrency exchanges. This is a web service that communicates with many exchanges on different data transfer protocols and converts the received data into a single format, passing it on to the client application. Our service is cross-platform and, if necessary, can be flexibly scaled, distributing the load by broadcasting stock data between servers.

Trading Platform

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