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We build sturdy and reliable software solutions to consolidate your warehousing, manufacturing, and logistics for automated, fast, and cost-effective management. Our engineers with profound expertise in logistics software development design custom solutions that streamline the company's processes and prevent potential losses and extra expenses.


As the business grows, the number of operations gets a lot bigger. It includes the scale of goods production, usage of various types of cargo, accommodating parcels of different sizes and weights, and much more. At this point, manual management starts to demand resources that may not be at the company’s disposal. Supply chain management software development aims at solving these problems by operating all the manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and accounting processes under one software roof. Optimization of delivery schedules, truck loading management, and automatic route planning are just some of the features embedded into our logistics software solutions. As a result, enhancing your business with supply chain application development significantly minimizes human errors, prevents data leaks, increases efficiency of vehicle fleets, and reduces expenses..




Fleet Management Software

We have solid experience in the development of GPS fleet tracking software to manage fleet efficiency through collecting real-time data on locations, traffic density,

engine conditions, and weather updates. By monitoring

and analyzing data from active sensors, our customers become able to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption, improve driving performance, get regular traffic updates, and establish predictable ETAs. Specific software designed for ELDs allows to ensure better on-the-road safety and helps fleets to comply with global regulations.


Warehouse Management Software

inVerita develops warehouse management software that uses IoT and sturdy data analytics to provide valuable insights into inventory collection and storage, packing and shipping procedures, labor management, and routine tasks automation. Our software offers barcode scanners, radio frequency identification (RFI), and automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) to facilitate inventory tracking and optimize warehouse operations. With the help of the WMS custom application, you also receive the ability to monitor and accelerate workflow, manage billing, and drastically reduce waste across warehouse systems.

Trucking Accounting Software

Our custom integrated trucking software is able to keep records electronically and manage daily operations, eliminating the risk of human error and the need for outdated documentation. Software engineers in inVerita build transportation management software that handles invoices, manages income and expenses transactions, monitors truck maintenance and driver payment records. Through the delivery of timely-mannered financial reports, our customers become able to determine the profitability

of their products and services to increase operational efficiency and performance.

Transportation Dispatch Software

We build logistics software that trails each truck en route via built-in GPS devices to help companies cut down on fuel costs and provide flawless communication between drivers and dispatchers to facilitate tracking assets, ensure timely and accurate reporting, and manage routing. As soon as drivers are assigned a dispatch, they start receiving notifications, can e-sign Bills of Landing (BOLs), and calculate route miles. When a vehicle enters or exits a particular location, the software automatically adds check calls, sending notifications to customers or brokers.



inVerita helped Patriot Transport to control all stages of delivery and field service operations by building a full-cycle application for logistics and transportation management. The solution allows to create and import orders with their detailed description, monitor real-time delivery process, plan the route to eliminate delays, and cut down fuel costs. As a result of TMS implementation, Patriot Transport reduced supply chain costs by 16% and exceeded delivery time by eliminating wasted time between stops.
The apps met all expectations for quality and have increased business efficiencies. Accessible and highly skilled, inVerita’s team worked quickly and delivered on time.

Roman Zabolotovskyy,

Operations Manager, Patriot Transport

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Why Partner with Us?

Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated Development Team

For years, our dedicated development teams build robust logistics solutions for companies of any scale: from startups to Fortune 500 clients. We assist our customers at every stage of logistics management software development: from conducting business analysis to post-development maintenance.
Strong Technological Expertise

Strong Technological Expertise

The development of sturdy and innovative logistics and supply chain solutions frequently requires leveraging various technologies and languages in the scope of one project. We provide profound expertise in multiple coding languages and help our customers choose the best technology stack for their software.
Fleet Operations Safety

Focused on Fleet Operations Safety

Our software developers create stable and secure legislation-compliant logistics and supply chain solutions. We aim at facilitating your business processes with novel technologies and no security compromises.
Technologies We Leverage

Our Technology Ecosystem for Logistics Software Development


Connectivity & IoT

IoT technology enables logistic companies to get accurate insights into cargo tracking, vehicle condition monitoring, maintenance and performance of logistics equipment and provides strong connectivity which is essential for an asset-intensive industry.
Cloud & DevOps

Cloud & DevOps

We implement the best cloud-based software and storage solutions, continuous integration and deployment for logistic companies to access and share real-time data and streamline the development and deployment of logistics-related software.
Big Data & Data Science

Big Data & Data Science

Harness the power of big data and data science to improve your operations and drive growth. Whether it’s a custom data analytics platform, predictive model development, or integrating data from various sources, our logistics management software development company has the expertise for it.


By leveraging blockchain technology in the form of decentralized public ledger systems and smart contracts we arm companies with real-time data to streamline planning routes, increase transparency and profits, and eliminate costly errors.
Location-Based Services

Location-Based Services

As a transportation software development company, we ensure complete control over your fleet of vehicles through robust GPS tracking software. Monitor speed, routes, engine start-up and shut down to plan effectively drivers’ tasks and manage expenses.
Embedded Development

Embedded Development

By implementing smart sensor technology in vehicles, logistics companies can constantly monitor and collect data on a wide range of vehicle parameters, including engine temperature, tire pressure, and fuel consumption, and increase road safety.

Logistics Software and App Development Process We Follow

Our Main Development Services for Logistics

Digital Consulting

Digital Consulting

Get professional tech advice on how to build the right strategy for innovative transportation software development, what features and technologies to implement, and how to achieve the highest accuracy of inventory operations.
Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Our tech teams build all ranges of transportation software development services with strong expertise in multiple coding languages and technologies. We help you choose the tech stack and functionality that is essential for innovative transport solutions.
Legacy Software Modernization

Legacy Software Modernization

We help to update or replace outdated transportation logistics software solutions with modern technology to improve the performance, scalability, and security of the software, while also reducing maintenance costs and increasing flexibility.
Software Integration Services

Software Integration Services

Connect different software systems such as warehousing, transportation, finances, and inventory management with the help of APIs or middleware software to ensure infrastructure enhancement and streamlining operations.
The implementation of a powerful custom logistics software application allows companies to perform numerous logistics management tasks simultaneously. Frequently, the basic asset of features is not enough to cater to huge clients’ demands, solve issues connected with transport management and internal cooperation, and ensure flawless order processing and inventory management. Logistics custom software development services aim at the creation of a single, unified application to manage all the logistics and supply chain processes within your company with the least amount of time and expenditure.


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Frequently Asked Questions
Can you list the key advantages of custom logistics software development?
Custom software development for logistics improves efficiency and automates logistics operations, enhances data tracking and reporting capabilities, strengthens security, ensures compliance with industry regulations, allows taking data-driven instant inventory decisions, and brings customer service to a higher level.
What kinds of logistics and transportation software solutions do you specialize in creating?
As a logistics software development company, we can build all ranges of logistics and supply chain solutions such as fleet management software, warehouse management software, asset tracking software, transportation dispatch software, trucking accounting software, etc.
How long does it typically take to develop logistics software for a transportation company?
The size of the development team and the complexity of the project dictates how much time the transportation software development company will need. Usually, such projects take from several months to over a year. More complex projects that involve integration with multiple systems, customization to fit specific business needs, or the development of new features and functionality take more time.
What is the approximate cost of creating custom logistics software?
The cost of logistics software development services varies greatly depending on a number of factors such as the complexity of the project, the team size, and the technology and resources required.
Do you work with existing transportation and logistics software or do you only create new solutions from the ground up?
Our logistics software development services include both building logistics management software solutions from scratch and optimizing the existing ones.

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