“Our developers are experts in Objective-C, Swift, and the development of iOS applications.”

iOS Application Development

iOS and the devices associated with it changed the way that we think about smartphones and how we interact with the digital world. Before Apple came out with the iPhone in 2007, most people were used to using a stylus rather than their fingers, buttons instead of a touchscreen, and using separate devices for entertainment and business communication.

Despite having a smaller market share overall than Android phones, the iPhone is still the most popular smartphone as of 2019, and the iOS line of devices is still considered by many as the premium mobile devices available today.

Why Choosing Custom iOS App Development

  • A Better Quality Experience
    Apple requires adherence to a very high set of standards for an application to be included in the App Store. This forces iOS developers to create high-quality apps for iOS devices and ensures a more unified user experience along with greater stability. These superior specifications for quality are one of the most important reasons why businesses choose iOS over Android.
  • Enhance the Way You Do Business
    Having an iOS application allows workers much quicker access to important information than was ever possible on a traditional computer. With this new technology, employees are able to perform tasks, make key decisions on the field, and serve customers much faster, having everything they need literally at their fingertips.
  • Connect with Your Clients
    Clients now expect major businesses to have mobile applications. Having an iOS application today is what having a website was 10 years ago, and, if you don’t have one, your business can be considered by clients as second-class. However, investing in a quality mobile application allows your clients to connect with you wherever they are, regardless of whether they are near a computer.

iOS Application Developers

Our iOS developers are experts in Objective-C, Swift, and the development of iOS applications. Whether you have an existing application based on another mobile operating system and need a port or if you want to creat a native app for either iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or all of the above, we have you covered.

Some benefits of choosing inVerita for your offshore iOS app development:

  • inVerita’s extension working model allows us to recruit a development team of any size.
  • Our company offers application development of any complexity and size. We have only professional iPhone app developers who have Masters degree in Computer Science and more than 5 years of experience.
  • We offer competitive rates for custom application development due to offshore location of our offices.
  • Our developers have great experience in iPhone/iPad game development.

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