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IoT app development

The Internet of Things (IoT) development has skyrocketed in popularity and usefulness. These seemingly small devices help companies and customers build new experiences, automate mundane work, and open up new possibilities. IoT software development has seen many changes over the years as more hardware is being introduced.

Applications for any business

Our services are not limited to just a couple of industries. We cover a wide spectrum of services and can even build a custom application in case of necessity. Whether it’s targeting customers or automating queries, we can develop a complex system that will easily adapt to complicated workflows and requirements.

From the health sector to finances to construction, we can build solutions for just about any industry. Our staff is more than happy to cover new and exciting markets and we are always on the lookout for new equipment. That’s right, from Raspberry Pi to Cubieboardm, we can program on just about anything. We want to be your IoT app development and IoT ecosystem center that is always ready to tackle your problems.

Find your dedicated partner

Having a dedicated IoT software development company by your side will not only help you gain competitiveness on the market but will allow you to demonstrate proficiency in the field through the end product. inVerita will help your business stay ahead of the curve. Our highly skilled team of software engineers will deliver a solution that will breed positive results and help you gain credibility in the eyes of customers. With us, you will be able to leverage the power of custom IoT devices to the max. We know everything about them, from communication modules to operational instruction in the CPU, we will be your gateway to a successful product launch.

We can automate anything

One of the greatest things about IoT devices is that they allow you to automate just about anything. IoT software development is about pushing your capabilities as a business to the next level. By using our custom IoT services, we will make sure that all your workplace devices communicate with one another and achieve great results. With us, you can easily:

Allow your electronic systems (in the office or at the worksite) to communicate with your smart device and help you save costs on electricity;

Allow for automatic data transfers between equipment and inventory systems for streamlining the ordering process;

Keep track of the health of the device through a mobile application or any other smart device;

Keep track of all your supplies via mobile app or website.

We optimize our designs to your requirements.

“ Why waste time checking how many items you have and what equipment is in need of a replacement? Those who opted to use our IoT software development services can easily build a service-based interactive interface or any other IoT application that will help them keep their work organized and efficient. “

IoT software development services

Analytics in IoT software development

You can rest assured knowing that our IoT software development services cover all aspects of data gathering. We will make sure that all your devices and systems deliver accurate and timely results. Here is what we specialize in:

Data aggregation

One of the most important aspects of business is data collection. By using our services, you can connect all your embedded devices to a single system that will store all your information. And in case you need it to be relayed in real-time to another device, we can do that as well. Regardless of the complexity, your business requires, our team of experts will find the best possible IoT solution or IoT ecosystem that surely addresses the issue at hand.

IoT software development services


Our team has been working with all major communication interfaces and network protocols to ensure that your devices deliver the information correctly and as intended. Whether its NFC, BLE, or WiFi, we will be able to connect them using reliable netcode. Your information will be delivered in time, and in case of emergency, backed up and re-delivered as soon as the issue is eliminated.

IoT software development services


No IoT development services are complete without reporting. However, unprocessed data or raw is only half the story. Hence why we always make sure that your information is readable and useable as soon as it gets out of the device. We will allow your business to view and use that information on just about any device or app.

IoT software development services

Other IoT development services we provide

We never stay in one place and we are constantly expanding our service list as more experts join our team. If you are looking for a reliable and highly professional team to develop a unique IoT software, IoT application, and hardware product, look no further than inVerita. Here is what you can do with our help:

Big Data integration
Device connectivity setup
AI development
API development
Event processing
Visual information processing
Pattern identification
Remote equipment management
Cloud services
B2B integration

“ Keep in mind, this isn’t the full-service list and in case you want a custom IoT software, we can deliver that as well. Be sure to contact us for more information “

Why partner up with inVerita?
We always deliver personalized customer service. It is our priority to provide you with the best possible service and product. With us, not only all your needs will be met but exceeded in expectations. Our team is always using top of the line, cutting-edge equipment, and software tools so that you can have the best possible version of the IoT solution, or any other software product or service. Going with inVerita, you can expect:
IoT software development services
A professional team that has years of experience
The best possible equipment for your IoT idea
Ability to integrate the device with legacy apps
Affordable prices
Time-tested and case-proven workflow
Timely delivery
A codebase to match the hardware
This is merely a fraction of what we can offer to our customers. We serve all kinds of businesses and we have built hundreds of IoT solutions for both entry-level and enterprise-level companies. From full-blown IoT platforms to smaller projects, we can do it all. With us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your idea or product will be in good hands.


inVerita is your one-stop place for all things IoT. We’ve been in the field for years now and we know what makes a good product. If you have any questions or maybe want to clarify something, be sure to leave us a message. Our specialist will contact you as soon as possible to answer all your questions.

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