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A web ERP cloud solution
Project description
We cooperated with SoftServe, another local software development company, to create an information management tool for QAD’s internal staff and for their end-client, Dell Europe. The new ERP software solution is a web application based on Cloud Services. Its main functions are simple: retrieve error messages stored in several different databases and allow the user to search for, filter, move, track, and change the status of errors.
Service provided
Angular JS 1.4.8
Java 7
Spring MVC
React JS
Visual Studio Code
Rest API
Client background
QAD has almost 40 years of experience as a software development company, providing enterprise resource planning open-source (ERP) software to clients in manufacturing. They now serve over 100 different companies in countries around the world, with their principal products being QAD Enterprise Applications, an enterprise resource planning suite, and QAD Cloud ERP, which uses cloud computing.
Business challenage
The complex and difficult task of managing resources at an enterprise level can become even more convoluted when searching for an ERP system that fits your company’s needs. Not every ERP software suite is fit to handle an immense load of planning resources at such a scale, which is why QAD is focused on providing specific, well-defined, and flexible ERP software solutions for their partners and clients.
Value Delivered
We provided an open source ERP software solution that allowed users to customize their reports, entities, forms, and views with a friendly, new interface. This included an internal solution for QAD, which allows them to track error and status reports from multiple, huge databases, which collect data from their main, cloud-based enterprise solutions.
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