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Drone Streaming Solution
Drone Streaming Solution
Live stream your drone and embed your team into the operations
Project description
Drone streaming platform that allows a user of the drone to stream drone-captured video directly from the iOS-based device to .NET based server for further live re-streaming for media and customers in many other domains.
Service provided
Backend Development
.NET core
Drone Streaming Solution
Client background
Our client, a US-based technology company that discovered the benefits of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAV/UAS) while serving in the U.S. Army, wants to highlight and implement the positive benefits of drone technology into society. The client provides a platform that is optimized for quality video streaming and communication. Simply download the app, login, and begin streaming.
Business challenage
Drones are unique and powerful tools that can be fully optimized with this platform. From security to entertainment, sports to tourism, allow being the streaming solution to help people live safely.
Drone Streaming Solution
Drone Streaming Solution
Drone Streaming Solution
Value Delivered
We designed and created an all-in-one drone collaboration service for public safety teams. As the fastest platform on the market, delivering near real-time performance, it gives the ability to privately live-stream your drone feed to your team almost instantly.
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