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Sales Process Gamification
Sales Process Gamification
Two interconnected applications that simplify retail orders and reduce costs
Project description
A gamification project based on an SW application. Every day, users get a JS+HTML page, which is generated by servers on our side, delivered to their android phone, with info and ranking of that user among all other sales agents. Their position on the leaderboard depends upon their sales amounts. If they are on top, they get a reward. On the web client, supervisors can track the progress of their sales agents and manage their sales teams.
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Fabric Crashlytics
Sales Process Gamification
Client background
Our client is a financial company founded by technology-addicted professionals with the goal to create interactive service that would provide the ability to track and reward the progress of the sales team.
Sales Process Gamification
Business challenage
The client aimed to create intuitive and interactive service that would empower salesperson to boost sales and bring new experience. The focus was on developing a product with integration between the Android application, the desktop application, and servers on the our side to provide management with an interactive way to track the progress of their sales teams.
Sales Process Gamification
Value Delivered
The solution developed by inVerita significantly increased the number of sales by elevating the competition and experience of the salesperson. Using the new product, managing specialists could conduct a comprehensive comparison of different, simple and valuable digital experience. User benefits included but were not limited to:
- Interactive design and data visualization;
- Single data entry;
- Smooth user experience;
- Multi-format inputs processing;
- And wide functionality usage (including drag and drop and comparing actions for different data formats).
Sales Process Gamification
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