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Project description

We helped our Customer to develop solutions for efficient digi-physical patient pathways. These tools can be easily adapted to suit any particular organization and include solutions for automatic medical history presentation and triage, digital healthcare consultations, scheduling for physical visits, and preventive healthcare. The product offers reduced administration through automation of manual steps, proven to free up time and save resources for patients and care providers. Automatic triage always applies the medical guidelines consistently and never misses or skips a sensitive question. The patient is quickly and safely guided to the right digital or physical care as well as to automated self-care advice, according to organizational structure and capabilities.

Service provided


Telemedicine Software
Client background

The Customer is the largest company in the Nordic region that develops system support for cohesive digital care chains. They assist patients in directing them to the right care unit and ensure they receive a proper cure. The company integrates two healthcare areas: a digital integrated caregiver and a health platform available for a range of providers.

Business challenge

The customer aimed at building a multifunctional AWS-based telemedicine platform and a patient web application for healthcare providers. The software was to ensure better safety of electronic health records, automate and streamline healthcare processes, and bridge the communication gap between patients and healthcare organizations, hospitals, laboratories, etc.

Value Delivered

Our Customer received a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform complemented by a web application. The software securely shares information among healthcare providers and patients, helps automate manual tasks and assists patients in all healthcare procedures. The solution we delivered helped the Customer to grow from a startup into an industry leader with almost 3,5m live sessions being streamed through the platform daily and having 30% of Sweden's healthcare regions using the software.

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