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Fit Gift
Fit Gift (B2B Activity Tracking Solution)
Lead your employees toward healthier habits
Project description
A lot of people fail to get recommended amounts of physical activities, which insanely lowers job productivity. Fit Gift’s goal is to help employees make the first steps toward a more driven healthy and inspired lifestyle. They can pick stretching, yoga, strength training, pilates, cardiovascular workouts, swimming or running activities, or simply count their steps — anything they like — to stay fit. A company provides gifts and bonuses for reaching the goals set by employees, which helps them build life-changing habits and start discovering what type of workouts are best for them.
Service provided
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Fit Gift (B2B Activity Tracking Solution)
Client background
A startup team from Dubai contracted inVerita to shape an idea of an application that can motivate employees to take better care of their health.
Fit Gift (B2B Activity Tracking Solution)
Business challenage
There were several business challenges for the Fit Gift project. Our client needed a solution to get employees motivated to boost physical activity via a mobile application with convenient user experience and attractive user design. They also wanted to illustrate the bonus system feature that would showcase goals, activities, and the reward that each employee will receive at the end of the month.
Fit Gift (B2B Activity Tracking Solution)
Value Delivered
We’ve staffed a complete team for a client to meet our client’s goals in developing a B2B activity tracking solution. Our experts have conducted a discovery phase (this stage included creating wireframes and prototypes, choosing technology stack, identifying time and budget), come up with a design and user stories. We’ve also created an MVP with the necessary features to test the product’s viability in the market.
Fit Gift (B2B Activity Tracking Solution)
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