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Two interconnected applications that simply retail orders and reduce costs
Project description
Our clients’ representatives used to constantly visit multiple sales outlets, offering them products upon request. A new application was created to make that process much more cost-efficient, allowing representatives to offer outlets and stores a way to order goods themselves without the additional involvement of our clients’ employees or the need for constant visits from sales representatives. An additional web application for our clients’ call centers was created for their call centers that serve Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.
Service provided
.NET core
Angular 5
Client background
Our clients are two international corporations that cooperate together in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. They are two of the oldest multinational companies in the world with products that are available in over 180 countries. These are extremely large companies that have headquarters in London, England, and Leuven, Belgium.
Business challenage
There were several business challenges for the Telesales project. Our clients needed to find a solution to reduce human resources costs while still ensuring maximum business efficiency. Having a huge network of trading points all over the world, they also wanted to find the most efficient way for their business information to be managed quickly, securely, and safely.
Value Delivered
Our developers created a new web platform, including all of the backend architecture behind it. This includes a well-designed web application that allows end-users to optimize their purchases, calculate order sums, and monitor additional information about the outlet for which the order was made. With all data already saved in the application, the client can easily make a call to any specific outlet. They can also organize work assignments for call center workers.
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