Why Is Vue.js a Front-End Trend of 2020?

Why Is Vue.js a Front-End Trend of 2020?

March 26, 2020
by Svitlana Luts

Vue.js: Definition, Advantages, and Why Watch Out for It in 2020

For those who’ve been keen on the JS framework industry trends, you undoubtedly know that React.js and Angular are popular. Factually, a recent study by Stack Overflow confirmed this by revealing that React.js comes on top, holding a 31.3% popularity among all respondents while Angular comes second, scoring 30.7%.

Despite rating highly on the popularity index, the React and Angular frameworks still couldn’t steal the show from a new contender – Vue.js with 15.2% popularity and the sixth position in the above-referenced report’s ranking. That said, let us now take a more detailed look at this little-known framework with a 229 percent growth rate.

What Is Vue.js?

Vue.js is a progressive open-source Model–View–ViewModel (MVVM) framework for JavaScript used to create web interfaces and single-page apps. It was developed back in 2014 by Evan You, who, together with other collaborators, continue its maintenance.

Besides website interfaces, developers use Vue.js for app development, either for desktop or mobile. Also, Vue.js has since become a preferred front-end tool for many due to the HTML extension and the JS base. Among the notable brands using this framework are 9 Gag, Grammarly, Buzzfeed, Nintendo, Alibaba, Gitlab, and Xiaomi.

Looking forward, Vue.js is projected to become a worthy challenger to both Angular and React.js and is relied upon to surpass them in market popularity. The most likely explanation for this forecast is the impressive benefits that this framework provides.

Advantages of Vue.js

Why is this framework becoming increasingly popular? Here are some of the Vue.js advantages that make it a favorite among users.

Small Size

The success of a JS framework will heavily rely on its size. If it is small enough, then it will be used by many. Vue.js is gaining users by the day thanks to its incredibly small size of between eighteen and twenty-four KB. As such, this framework is quick to download, install, and use. And keep in mind that the small size does not compromise the frameworks’ speed. Rather, it performs way better than the larger React and Angular frameworks when it comes to speed.

Understandable and Usable

Understanding Vue.js is pretty straightforward. Furthermore, including this framework to your web project is seamless because Vue.js has a simple structure. This framework keeps delivering some more by the development of both small- and large-scale templates, thereby saving precious time. If an issue arises, you can quickly identify the blocks with problems.

Easy Integration

Integrating Vue.js with other apps is easy. The reason for this is that it is a JS framework so it can sync with other apps created on JS. Due to this capability, Vue.js becomes invaluable in creating new web apps and modifying existing ones. Note, integrating this framework with other apps is straightforward because it has all components.

Comprehensive Documentation

Vue.js offers in-depth documentation. As such, it makes it for users with an idea of JS and HTML to develop their apps or web pages.


Vue.js is quite flexible, allowing users to draft templates in HTML file, JavaScript file, and pure JavaScript file by utilizing virtual nodes.

Two-Way Communication

Due to the fact that Vue.js has an MVVM architecture, it allows for two-way communication. This way, it speeds up the handling of HTML blocks. In this aspect, Vue.js functions like Angular, which also hastens up HTML blocks. Moreover, it supports a single-way flow for working with different components.

Why Vue.js Is a Front-End Development Trend in 2020?

Vue.js is a front-end trend of 2020 to watch out for. Already, this framework has attracted over 40 million downloads, and only 4 direct issues have emerged. Nonetheless, each of them has since been addressed.

So, exactly why is Vue.js among the top front-end development trends in 2020? Let’s now find out:

  • It enables users to store component logic and layouts together with stylesheets in a single file;

  • Vue.js is way straightforward and less restrictive;

  • Users don’t have to study JavaScript again;

  • Vue.js offers excellent workflow;

  • It’s ideal for creating enterprise-level applications.

Summing Up

As a front-end developer in 2020, opting for Vue.js is the sensible thing to do. Apart from enjoying a smooth integration with other applications, Virtual DOM, among other features, this framework makes work more comfortable. After all, you do not have to revisit your JS knowledge or waste precious time downloading bulky frameworks for your front-end development in 2020. All that said, do you still need help with the Vue.js framework? Contact inVerita if you require help with front-end development!

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