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Rapid tech infrastructure development, multiple opportunities for tech education, and a very active tech community make Ukraine the favorite outsourcing destination of global companies. Besides these reasons, Ukrainian engineers are found among the world’s best, which leaves no doubts about the global recognition of Ukraine in the information technology industry. On top of that, there are around 1600 software development companies in Ukraine, providing software engineering services for any industry, and using the latest technological advances.

Despite the war started by russia, Ukrainian IT companies continue working, winning customers, hiring new employees, and delivering high-quality services. 

Why Outsource Software Development to Ukraine?

Ukraine stands as a significant hub for tech expertise in Europe, boasting an extensive pool of talent that has consistently drawn international attention. Prior to the war, esteemed publications highlighted Kyiv, Lviv, and Kharkiv as potential counterparts to Silicon Valley in terms of innovation and technological progress.

software development in Ukraine

Acknowledged for its professionals' substantial contributions to technological advancements, Ukraine has been a magnet for foreign investment, housing numerous research and development centers for global tech giants like Microsoft, Oracle, Siemens, and others. The United States retains its primary role as Ukraine's foremost partner for outsourcing software development, followed closely by the European Union and Israel.

Within this landscape, a vibrant startup ecosystem has given rise to internationally recognized enterprises, including Grammarly, Ajax Systems, GitLab, and more.

software development in Ukraine

Ukraine's appeal for software development thrives on competitive rates, robust technological competence, favorable tax structures, and an abundant talent pool that transcends geographical boundaries and industries.

In Eastern Europe, Ukraine boasts the largest reservoir of tech talent. The year 2021 witnessed the IT industry contributing 4% to the nation's GDP, exporting services worth $6.8 billion annually. What sets Ukrainian software developers apart as some of the most sought-after professionals in the tech sector?

Key factors include:

  • An exceptional literacy rate, with 99.97% topping all featured countries.
  • A substantial share of STEM and computer science graduates in Europe, accounting for about 10%.
  • A current enrollment of over 1.5 million students pursuing higher education in Ukrainian universities.
  • A thriving community of more than 250,000 IT professionals, proficient in an array of tech skills spanning various technologies and programming languages.

After browsing the list of top 10 software development companies in Ukraine, we believe, you’ll find your perfect vendor without being lost in the whirl of options.

Best Software Development Companies in Ukraine

# Intellias


Intellias has been on the market since 2002 and has evolved into a 1,600-person-strong supplier of software development services. With engineering centers in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, and Saudi Arabia the company offers business solutions for multiple industries, including Fintech, Automotive, Retail, Energy, Healthcare, and IoT. Intellias’ services include digital consulting, advanced technology (AI/ML, Big Data, and IoT), software engineering, development teams, and solution orientation. 

Technologies Intellias Works on: Objective C, Swift, Kotlin, Java, React, Realm, Firebase, Angular, HTML5, Vue.JS, PHP, Python, NodeJS.

Industries Intellias Serves: Healthcare, Retail, Telecom, Agriculture, Transport, FinTech, Insurance, Real Estate, Education, Automotive.



ELEKS is one of the most renowned Ukrainian software development companies. The vendor has been on the market for more than 25 years. ELEKS provides full-cycle custom software development, product design, PoC development, and feasibility study, blockchain solutions, security advisory services, capacity services, and smart dedicated development teams. Top 100 Global Outsourcing company has an extensive expertise in working with multiple industries including retail, logistics, finance, healthcare, agriculture, and government.  

Technologies ELEKS Works on: Angular, ReactJS, Vue.JS, Node.JS, .NET, SQL, MongoDB, Java, Kotlin, HTML, CSS, AI, AWS.

Industries ELEKS Serves: Automotive, Agriculture, FinTech, Healthcare, Insurance, Logistics, Media & Entertainment, Retail.

# inVerita


inVerita, headquartered in Ukraine provides software solutions for companies of any scale: from startups to Fortune 500 clients. The company specializes in building web and mobile solutions, IoT software development, quality assessment, testing, cloud, and DevOps services. The company caters to different industries with a special focus on healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and medicine. 

In 8 years of successful work, the company has built a strong reputation in the global arena and has been included in the most recent rating of the best staff augmentation vendors presented by Clutch, in which only 1% of the companies presented in the catalog were included. 

The company also has an office in Krakow, Poland, and permanent representation in the US.

Technologies inVerita Works on: JavaScript, Java, Node.JS, Python, .NET, Flutter, Vue.JS, iOS, Android, SQL, HTML, IoT, AI, AWS, Azure.

Industries inVerita Serves: Healthcare, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics, Fintech, Education, Media & Entertainment, and Retail.

# AltexSoft


AltexSoft is a travel and hospitality technology consulting company. They build custom software for online travel agencies, travel management solution providers, and travel tech startups.

Headquartered in Kharkiv, Ukraine, the company specializes in mobile app development, web development, and IT strategy. It is present in Ukraine and the US and has delivery centers in Lviv and Kremenchuk (Ukraine). The company’s core industry competencies are software engineering, UX/UI consulting, data science, and technology consulting.   

Technologies AltexSoft Works on: Python, Java, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, iOS, Android.

Industries AltexSoft Serves: Travel & Hospitality.

# Yalantis


The company develops high-quality software for iOS, Android, and wearables. While their expertise also includes solutions for web, TV, and IoT, Yalantis team’s core competency is mobile app design and development. They provide solutions related to logistics, health, the marketplace, and social to small businesses as well as enterprises throughout the US, Europe, and the Middle East.   

Technologies Yalantis Works on: JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Angular, Vue.js, iOS, Android, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Node JS, React Native.

Industries Yalantis Serves: FinTech, Healthcare, Transportation & Mobility.

# Infopulse


Infopulse is present in 10 countries with headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine. The company covers software engineering, cloud solutions, Big Data, AI, RPA, Microsoft, and SAP services and consulting. It has a diverse portfolio of software solutions for banking and finance, automotive, insurance, telecommunications, and manufacturing industries. Moreover, the company offers quality and security management models to ensure customer satisfaction.    

Technologies Infopulse Works on: Java, C#, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Angular, React, Vue.js, AWS, Azure, iOS, and Android.

Industries Infopulse Serves: Energy, Oil, and Gas, FinTech, Manufacturing, Telecom.

# Ciklum


Ciklum is a global software engineering and technology consulting company that works with a wide range of technologies across various domains.

With development centers in Ukraine, Poland, Pakistan, and Spain, the company has more than 3,500 software engineers who develop solutions in digital commerce, RPA, cybersecurity, application development, data and analytics, DevOps, quality engineering, and testing. Ciklum works with finance, gambling, gaming, health tech, retail, and high-tech industries.

Technologies Ciklum Works on: Java, C#, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Angular, React, Vue.js, AWS, and Azure.

Industries Ciklum Serves: Finance, Healthcare, E-commerce, Retail, Telecommunications, Energy and Utilities, Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, Travel and Hospitality, Automotive, and Logistics.

# SoftServe


Founded in Lviv, Ukraine, SoftServe has more than 6000 specialists who provide consulting and development services for healthcare, life sciences, financial services, retail, high tech, energy, oil, and gas. 

The company covers the following services but is not limited to engineering, cloud and DevOps, Big Data, analytics, AI, ML, IoT, cybersecurity, and XR. Besides solid technological expertise, the company created a corporate learning hub, called SoftServe University, to help associates with in-demand leadership competencies and IT skills. 

Thanks to a huge number of candidates the company constantly grows and has qualified professionals on board.

Technologies SoftServe Works on: AI, IoT, Java, C#, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Angular, React, Vue.js, AWS, Azure, iOS, and Android.

Industries SoftServe Serves: Automotive, Retail, FinTech, Healthcare, Agriculture, Energy, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing.

# Jelvix


Jelvix is a global tech service provider with more than 10 years of experience in web and mobile development, quality assurance, UI/UX design, and cloud.

The company serves midmarket clients in the financial services, healthcare, medical, and IT industries. Jelvix boasts a skilled team of 150+ experts capable of navigating a wide array of technologies, including web and mobile applications, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT. 

Technologies Jelvix Works on: Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, iOS, and Android.

Industries Jelvix Serves: Healthcare, Real Estate, FinTech, and Investment Companies.

# N-ix


Operating from delivery centers in four different countries, N-iX serves as a professional home to over 1000 full-time experienced professionals and collaborates with 30 enterprise companies. Their wide-ranging proficiency covers a diverse array of IT services: ranging from constructing cloud-native solutions, and web, and mobile applications, to handling Big Data, Blockchain, VR/AR solutions, and more. Benefiting from a substantial cohort of cloud specialists within their ranks, N-ix has achieved the prestigious titles of an AWS Consulting Partner, a Microsoft Gold Partner, and a Google Cloud Partner.

Technologies N-ix Works on: Java, Python, C++, Scala, PHP, Ruby on Rails, .NET, NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJS, ReactNative, AWS.

Industries N-ix Serves: Healthcare, FinTech, Retail, Logistica, Telecom, AgriTech, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Game Development & VR.

How to Choose the Best Software Development Company in Ukraine

So, what should the company selection process look like? What criteria should you pay attention to?

Start with Your Goal

First, create a written proposal that summarizes your goals and requirements, projects you want to outsource, what issues you want to be solved, and what outcome you expect to be delivered – essentially anything related to the project. Understanding your goals and a mission statement will help you to identify a software development company that has relevant expertise.

When you find several companies you’d like to work with you’ll be able to find the right fit for you by comparing the previous experience of the company with your written summary.


When you have an initial plan, you can start reaching out to Ukrainian development companies with the proper software development services you are looking for. For your research use such platforms as Clutch or GoodFirms that provide a huge list of software development companies along with the ability to filter vendors according to the country they are in, expertise in industry, technologies, and services. Create a list.

Consider the following criteria to narrow your search:

  1. Communication and language skills.
  2. Relevant industry expertise.
  3. Required technological expertise.
  4. Cost-effectiveness.
  5. Clients and feedback.


Сommunication is a two-way street between you and your Ukrainian partner with you at one end and your vendor at another. Maintaining smooth and continuous information exchange is your mutual responsibility. The decision to outsource your project implies that you want your business goals, software, timeline, and budget objectives to be met. At the same time, your partner wants to achieve their objectives and deliver a project you will be satisfied with.

What are the signs of a team that communicates effectively?

A team that ensures regular live meetings invests in messaging technologies that improve collaboration, sets up communication guidelines, and is ready to track success by objectives deserves trust. A company that is ready to clearly explain the collaboration process and create constant reports will more likely deliver great software than those that lack transparency and communication.

To assess their communication level, ask about their pricing model, software development services, what methodology they use during the development process, and how they train the talent. After the first interaction, you can discern if the company is enthusiastic about your project or has no interest.

Technology Expertise

Another important matter is technology expertise. If you already know what technology you need, you have to narrow your search to the companies that have particular experience. For example, if you want your app in Flutter, look for a company that specializes in Flutter. Visit technologies or blog sections on the vendor’s website to see if the company is an expert in the technology you need.

Another scenario is if you don’t know what technology to choose for a project. Check out if the company has delivered similar projects before. Their portfolio may include software developed for different industries, not necessarily your sector, but you have to look for the examples having similar functionality, you want your software to possess. If you find samples from your industry, that’s amazing!


Working with “the cheapest” will cost you a fortune. All the money saved you’ll later spend on fixing the mistakes. Partnering with an offshore software development company that has average or higher rates will save you from getting poorly written code and documentation.

Clients and Feedback

Read feedback and ask for recommendations to receive more insights about offshore development companies in Ukraine. Choose companies that have at least 5 positive reviews on Clutch or GoodFirms, it shows maturity.

After you find a company that you think might be your partner, contact them and ask for recommendations from their previous clients. A company that is transparent and has everything it takes to deliver a high-quality project will willingly share it with you.

Final Thoughts

Cooperating with a software development company in Ukraine is a great opportunity to bring your business operations to the next level. Along with all of the tips you’ve already read, remember, you are going to work with people. Pay attention to companies that value relationships more than money and have a healthy corporate culture.

Now that you have a list of the best software development companies in Ukraine, how can you select the best fit?

Consider if the company can show you its success stories. Is their experience relevant to your business? What do their relationships with previous clients look like?

Answering these questions will help you to realize whether or not you should continue the negotiations with the vendor. Of course, these are just basic factors and to make a final decision you must take some time for discussions and discovery.

We hope you’ll find your partner among the companies we included in the list and they will bring your idea to life!

If you haven’t decided yet, go through inVerita’s website — maybe we meet all of the requirements in your perfect software development company checklist.

Frequently asked questions
How many software development companies are in Ukraine?
Ukraine has the biggest talent pool in Europe. Major cities like Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, and Dnipro have emerged as IT hubs with numerous software development companies. Currently, there are approximately 1600 software development companies in Ukraine.
What is the cost of hiring a software development company in Ukraine?
Ukrainian software development companies deliver high-quality services at much lower rates compared to the US or Western Europe. The rates typically range from around $25 to $60 or more per hour, depending on factors like the technology stack, the complexity of the project, and the experience of the developers. For larger projects, companies might offer fixed project rates.
Which is the largest software company in Ukraine?
EPAM Systems is one of the largest software development companies in Ukraine. The company employs around 14k people in Ukraine. The company provides a comprehensive range of services including software engineering, consulting, experience design, data and analytics, cloud and DevOps, quality assurance, IoT solutions, AI and machine learning integration, digital platform services, enterprise application development, product innovation, and cybersecurity.
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