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Rapid tech infrastructure development, multiple opportunities for tech education, and a very active tech community make Ukraine the most favorite outsourcing destination of global companies. Besides these reasons, Ukrainian engineers are found among the world’s best, which leaves no doubts about the global recognition of Ukraine in the information technology industry. On top of that, there are around 4 000 software development companies in Ukraine, providing software engineering services for any industry, and using the latest technological advances.

After browsing the list of top 10 software development companies in Ukraine, we believe, you’ll find your perfect vendor without being lost in the whirl of options.


“We’re very pleased with Intellias in terms of quality, responsiveness, communication, and flexibility.” Co-Founder, CTO & R&D Director, Snappy Gifts | Dvir Cohen

Founded: 2002 | Company size: 1,500+ | Country: Ukraine

Intellias has been on the market since 2002 and has evolved into a 1,500-person-strong supplier of software development services. With engineering centers in Ukraine, Poland, and Germany, it offers custom software engineering services in Fintech, Automotive, Retail, Energy, Healthcare, and IoT. Intellias’ services include digital consulting, advanced technology (AI/ML, Big Data, and IoT), software engineering, development teams, and solution orientation.                    


“They always find cutting-edge solutions, and they help bring our ideas to life.” Vice President of Global Data Products, Power Systems Research | Jim Downey

Founded: 1991 | Company size: 1,500+ | Country: Ukraine

The company has been on the market for more than 25 years. ELEKS provides full-cycle custom software and application development, product design, PoC development, and feasibility study, blockchain solutions, security advisory services, capacity services, and smart teams. Top 100 Global Outsourcing company has broad expertise in working with multiple industries including retail, logistics, finance, healthcare, agriculture, and government.      


“For whatever problem we have, they can always come up with a resolution.” Operations Manager, Patriot Transport | Roman Zabolotovskyy

Founded: 2015 | Company size: 100+ | Country: Ukraine

Founded in 2015, inVerita is a custom software development company based in Lviv. The company has a strong focus on building web (.NET/Node.js/JavaScript), mobile solutions (Flutter, Native, React-native), QA, and providing customers with team extension services. Above all, inVerita values relationships with employees and customers and has clients staying with them for years. Here’s what Eric Eitel, one of their first clients says: “Their company culture is healthy and well-defined and their people have character and integrity.” inVerita provides services for various industries including retail, education, fintech, healthcare, logistics, and others.                    


“They used their time wisely, so we have minimum conversations with maximum impact.” R&D Director, Cronus Cyber Technologies | Alexander Arshavski

Founded: 2007 | Company size: 200+ | Country: Ukraine

Headquartered in Kharkiv, Ukraine, the company specializes in software development, mobile app development, web development, and IT strategy. It is present in Ukraine and US and has delivery centers in Lviv and Kremenchuk (Ukraine). The company’s core industry competencies are software engineering, UX/UI consulting, data science, and technology consulting.             


“They were easy to work with, and we had a very good relationship with them. Co-Founder, Re-Turnz LLC | Brandon La Lanne

Founded: 2008 | Company size: 200+ | Country: Ukraine

With 11 years on the market, the company develops high-quality software for iOS, Android, and wearables. While their expertise also includes solutions for web, TV, and IoT, Yalantis team’s core competency is the mobile app design and development. They provide solutions related to logistics, health, the marketplace, and social to small businesses as well as enterprises throughout the US, Europe, and the Middle East.                    


“I appreciate the software quality they produce and I love working with them.” Consultant, Lindner Software & Consulting GmbH | Reinhard Lindner

Founded: 1991 | Company size: 1000+ | Country: Ukraine

The company is present in 10 countries with headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine. The company covers software engineering, cloud services, Big Data, AI, RPA, Microsoft and SAP services and consulting. It has a diverse portfolio of software solutions for banking and finance, automotive, insurance, telecommunications, and manufacturing industries. Moreover, the company offers quality and security management models to ensure customer satisfaction.    


“They were fast and responsive, perfectly meeting our project management expectations.” CTO, Moebelscout GmbH | Remo Girard

Founded: 2002 | Company size: 3500+ | Country: Ukraine

With development centers in Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Pakistan, and Spain, the company has more than 3500 software engineers who develop solutions in digital commerce, RPA, cybersecurity, application development, data and analytics, DevOps, quality engineering and testing. Ciklum works with finance, gambling, gaming, health tech, retail, and high tech industries.


“SoftServe’s passion for the work transcended the standard consulting experience.” EVP & CMBDO, Software Solutions Provider

Founded: 1993 | Company size: 6500+ | Country: Ukraine

Founded in Lviv, Ukraine, SoftServe has more than 6000 specialists who provide consulting and development services for healthcare, life sciences, financial services, retail, high tech, energy, Oil, and Gas. The company covers the following services but is not limited to engineering, cloud and DevOps, Big Data, analytics, AI, ML, IoT, cybersecurity, and XR. Besides solid technological expertise, the company created a corporate learning hub, called SoftServe University, to help associates with in-demand leadership competencies and IT skills. Thanks to a huge number of candidates the company constantly grows and has qualified professionals on board.


“At every stage and level, they’ve been great and quick to deliver.” CEO, Websun Solutions UG | Eric Couchellou

Founded: 2011 | Company size: 250+ | Country: Ukraine

Jelvix services include mobile app development, web development and IT staff augmentation. The company serves midmarket clients in financial services, the healthcare and medical, and IT industries. They also have experience in working with digital transformation, data science, MI, AI, big data, blockchain, IoT, and AR/VR.


“We….were very impressed with Exadel’s presentation, team, and ability to communicate.” Director of Program Growth and Innovation, Education Nonprofit

Founded: 1998 | Company size: 250+ | Country: Ukraine

The company develops custom software solutions for Fortune 500 clients for more than 20 years. The company specializes in Big Data and analytics, AI, ML, product engineering, mobile development, UI/UX, QA, DevOps services, and even digital marketing. Exadel works with media, finance, retail, healthcare, transportation, and high tech.

Now that you have a list of top Ukrainian software development companies, how can you select the best fit?

Consider if the company can show you its success stories. Is their experience relevant to your business? What do their relationships with previous clients look like?

Answering these questions will help you to realize whether or not you should continue the negotiations with the vendor. Of course, these are just basic factors and to make a final decision you must take some time for discussions and discovery.

We hope you’ll find your partner among the companies we included in the list and they will bring your idea to life!                    

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