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As a most loved C# runtime, the .NET Framework is used by 75% of all .NET engineers around the world. This is what has become the main catalyst for third-party development tools to appear on the market. As a software development company that specializes in .NET technology in particular, we decided to share our experience.

In this blog, we have listed 10 must-have tools for .NET developers as well as mentioned the resources where you can download each tool or get more information about their features and functionality.

Stackify Prefix

Prefix- is a code profiler tool from Stackify that runs on a server, once a .net programmer executes his apps. The prefix is intended for developers who work with the .NET language on Windows, macOS, and Linux regularly. In total it supports 6 programming languages. It is the tool of choice for experienced developers who want to ensure optimal application performance. Even the most experienced engineers can use Prefix's profiling and tracing to uncover sluggish SQL queries, hidden errors, and other issues. Developers also have access to the power of APM thanks to it. Prefix users push better code to test, receive fewer support requests from the output, and have nicer development supervisors by verifying the execution of code as it is produced.

Some of the striking Stackify Prefix features include:

  1. Recognize slow SQL queries, ORM-generated queries, and previously detected bottlenecks. You can keep a record of every SQL call parameter, impacted record, and load time. Prefixing additionally makes it simple to spot bad N+1 sequences.
  2. Logging is structured and request logs can be seen. It helps to bring all of your logs together to quickly identify problems. Additionally, it allows exploring the context of suspicious logs right inside the query and going from a log to a trace for quick debugging.
  3. Web-based services, services for caching, services provided by other parties, and a slew of additional dependencies are available. Traces make it easier to spot dependencies that aren't operating well. When working with ancient code, framework parts, and hidden exceptions, this is extremely beneficial.

For an exhausting list of Stackify Prefix, features check out the Stackify Prefix website.


NDepend is a static code analyzer that is easily integrated with Visual Studio. The tool allows measuring code quality with the help of various metrics and to visualize its design. It also gives a 10,000-foot view of the application and code organization. NDepend provides a custom querying language to check out the application’s coupling, as well as gives a possibility to analyze how well code adheres to standards.

In addition, the application examines snapshots of the code base, visuals, and quality standards. User-defined rules may be created using LINQ queries. Such functionality is known as CQLinq. In addition, the tool comes with a large number of pre-programmed CQLinq code rules. Code standards can be checked automatically or during continuous integration in Visual Studio. NDepend was last updated in 2021.

You can read further information on NDepend and download it here.

Read more and download NDepend here.


NCrunch is an automated concurrent testing tool for Visual Studio. It collects code coverage while tests are executed, shows code performance metrics, runs several tests simultaneously, and prioritizes recent changes in the code. 

That helps us to identify where your coverage is good and where it isn't. NCrunch is utilized by.NET core development departments because of its intelligent test execution and inline exemption information. NCrunch has been developed out of a desire to work on huge, complex projects. Improving and extending the NCrunch system to meet the needs of real-world systems including millions of lines of code and thousands of tests. NCrunch is used by many of the world's most talented.NET developers to generate findings rapidly and accurately.

Other NCrunch features include:

- The distributed processing feature creates grids to run tests that can be shared between developers or even scaled into the cloud allowing development teams to pool their resources.

- Small memory footprint tunes NCrunch's CPU and memory consumption to fit the specific needs of developers.

- Smart multiprocessor support controls the use of CPU preventing negative coding experience in Visual Studio.

- Easy debugging allows using a single context menu command or shortcut key to break the lines of code.

If you want to start using NCrunch, you can download it here.


For those who don’t enjoy querying old-fashioned SQL language, LINQPad is the best option to query databases using a modern programming language called LINQ (you can use SQL as well). LINQPad provides an opportunity to try out code lines and test snippets or programs. You can also take advantage of output formatting, optional autocompletion, and integrated debugging. 

Its extensive output formatting, built-in debugging, optional auto-completion, and prototyping with immediate results have made it popular. It is made feasible by the functionality. Internet programmers can use any language to write and automate. .NET programming languages include Visual Basic, F# and  C#. LINQPad was originally developed particularly for the.NET framework, although it also supports a wide range of frameworks, objects, and XML.

LINQPad is a completely free tool. Check out the official website to download LINQPad.

SQL Complete

SQL Complete is a top-notch tool for SQL database development, management, and administration. It completes Visual Studio by providing features necessary for effective and quick SQL code writing. 

SQL Complete helps assist you in writing high-quality SQL server management studio code using very important and practical developer tools available. SQL Complete is indeed an SSMS add-in that lets you expedite query development, structure SQL queries, rename tables, columns, procedures, and functions, and retrieve data.

Companies may use all of the upgraded features and become next-level SQL developers with the support of.NET developers and the community.

Available features:

- SQL query formatting;

- Code refactoring;

- Code standards maintenance;

- Easy data retrieval;

- Easy snippets modification and management.

Read more about SQL Complete functionality, and start using this tool today.

Entity Developer

Entity Developer is a code generation and modeling ORM tool. ORM stands for Object Relational Mapping which means that the tool is used for mapping data between incompatible data stores.

Entity Developer facilitates the development process by allowing users to design their data access layer visually, via drag-n-drop, and then generate code automatically. There are code generation templates that help to avoid mistakes in the code and enhance productivity. As Entity Developer does not currently allow integration with Visual Studio in 2022, EF Core 6 models are only supported in the standalone and console editions for the time being. Uri has been added to the list of supported types in the new 6.12 version to the Other Types section. For EF Core 3, EF Core 5, and EF Core 6 models, the Uri type is available. That type is commonly mapped to a string data type in a database by EF Core providers that support it varchar, text, etc.

Other Entity Developer features:

- Wide mapping support. Entity Developer includes visual editors for classes, properties, complex types, enums and supports various kinds of inheritances which makes mapping easier.

- Database-first approach support. Allows quickly generating a model from a database and modifying it.

- Optimized work with large models. Entity Developer is optimized to allow convenient and effective work with large models, containing thousands of entities.

Download Entity Developer.


ReSharper is the Visual Studio extension for .NET Developers. It’s a great tool for beginners as well as experienced developers because it has many code editing helpers to transform and rearrange code and speed-up project delivery. 

Developers may utilize Resharper to provide unrivalled assistance for all technological languages, including XAML, C#,  C++, CSS, JavaScript, JSON,   XML, TypeScript, ASP.NET MVC, HTML, NAnt, Protobuf, MSBuild scripts, as well as extensive cross-language capability. 

Resharper is a code productivity tool whose primary function is to optimize code efficiency through effectiveness. It aids developers in keeping track of accounts in order to prevent memory leaks. It's a decompiler that gets free on its own, a unit runner. DotCover (a.NET unit test runner and code coverage tool) is included with the Resharper Ultimate membership, as are dotMemory, dotPeek, dotTrace.

The tool:

- Helps to analyze code quality on the fly;

- Provides a lot of quick-fixes to solve code issues automatically;

- Allows changing the codebase without any damage;

- Allows navigating through the solution easily and aligns the code according to special formatting.

Try ReSharper for free during the 30-day trial.


Chocolatey is a free package manager for Windows. Chocolatey allows creating a software package and deploying it with the help of the tools you’ve already familiar with. This software management solution works with a wide range of Windows operating systems and cloud environments like Azure, and Amazon AWS.

Chocolatey is empowered by NuGet and PowerShell technology. Created by Microsoft, NuGet is a framework developed for the purposes of bundling code into “packages.” Besides NuGet Chocolatey uses PowerShell (a cross-platform task automation and configuration management framework) to add some functionality that helps to install and update packages. Almost every developer prefers to deal with Microsoft Installer's MSI database records, which are strongly advisable for Windows installation. Chocolatey provides automatic software solutions for businesses using sophisticated PowerShell.

Download a package manager here.


Postman, the collaboration platform for API development, is an HTTP client used for creating APIs faster. Postman comes with wide support for all APIs and Schemas, including the possibility to make REST, SOAP, or plain HTTP calls. Collaboration platform allows inspecting even the largest responses. Developers can also easily run API tests there. The tool has a free version and a Team, Business, or Enterprise editions.

Other Postman features include API client for testing GraphQL APIs, automated testing, easy generation of API documentation, and API monitoring.

Check out Postman here.

## Novi Builder

Novi Builder is a visual content HTML editor that allows altering texts, images, links, backgrounds, and other elements effortlessly.

Novi Builder allows:

- Managing the script settings;

- changing visual data;

- publishing a website on a server and export it;

- creating presets;

- Editing HTML, CSS and JS code.

What’s more, Novi Builder has 200 plus elements and multiple plugins that allow creating new pages. Download HTML editor here.

Summing up

These tools are must-haves if you want to be set free from monotonous tasks and optimize your performance. Indeed, you don’t have to install all these tools at once, you can adjust them according to your project needs.

If you need any help with .NET development, don’t hesitate to contact inVerita. Our experienced .NET engineers will solve any issue you may have with project development.

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The article was updated on January 31, 2022

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