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Well, if you’ve already clicked on the link, there's no need to tell you what Flutter is and why the hype around this framework is skyrocketing. Yet, if you lack knowledge or want to reassure yourself that you've made no mistake by choosing Flutter for your business, you can read why Flutter is a trend of 2024.  

Today, more and more companies continue adopting this new technology and offering Flutter development services, so we've compiled a list of top Flutter app development companies based on Clutch ratings that can help you find your potential business partner.

Flutter App Development Companies Within $25 - $49 per Hour

# TechAhead

"Although they could improve their continued focus on efficiency, TechAhead had impressive mobile app skills and responsiveness. They also quickly debugged the platform as soon as their problems arose. In the end, they made an app where users can enter data with videos and graphics." CEO, Health Bytes, Inc.| Sidharth Anand, MD, MBA

tech ahead

# Appinventive

“The app developed by Appinventiv achieved over 1,000 downloads within the first month of launching, and it now has an average rating of 4.4 stars. The team was responsive and communicative, and they exceeded the client’s expectations. Additionally, they were very technically skilled.” Technical Lead, Seniority Pvt. Ltd.| Radhika Khandhar



The company helps businesses to develop various software solutions including Flutter mobile applications. They strongly believe that Flutter is becoming the prime choice for cross-platform app development. With offices and engineering centers in India, the US, UAE, and Australia Appinventiv offers its services to Healthcare, Wellness, Sports, Finance, Travel, and on-demand industries. The company has served such behemoths as IKEA, Dominos, and PizzaHut.

# Simform

“Simform provides excellent service, releasing new products and features and achieving a 100% success rate in fixing issues. Responsive and communicative, the team excels at planning and delivering on time and within budget”. CEO, Equilo | Jessica Menon                    


Simform is one of the top Flutter app development companies in India. The company has a strong expertise in custom app development, cloud computing services, blockchain technology, BI and data engineering.

Among customers of Simform are such big names as Hilton, Marriott, and Sony music. In 2022, Simform received a Great Place to Work certification.

Flutter App Development Companies Within $50 — $99 per Hour

# inVerita


“inVerita is preparing for a soft launch. They have been good to work with so far with consistent communication and commendable progress. Furthermore, they’ve shown a desire to get the job done correctly and in a timely manner.” President, Schraft’s | Adam Hait                    


Founded in 2015, inVerita is a values-based custom software company based in Lviv. The company has a strong focus on building web (.NET/Node.js/JavaScript), mobile solutions (Flutter, Native, React-native), QA, and providing customers with team extension services.

Being one of the pioneers in Flutter in Europe, now the company is among those who offer top Flutter app development services.

Above all, inVerita was chosen as one of the top B2B software companies. In 2021, the company took second place in the list of the best IT employers in Lvivamong 1391 companies that took part in the competition.

# Droids On Roids


“ I can’t praise them enough when it comes to project management. It was excellent. Their Scrum process is exceptionally well-thought-out. We have standing meetings, a refinement meeting, and a backlog planning meeting. They make my life easy.” Co-Founder & CPO, HoneyBee | Max Zschoch                    

droids on roids

Launched in 2011 in Poland the company offers full-stack mobile, web, and backend services. A portfolio containing more than 130 projects shows the company’s expertise and competence. The company offers Flutter (cross-platform) along with native development services. The company’s success stories include projects in Lifestyle, Mobile Commerce, Fintech, Healthcare, Energy, and other industries. Agile methodology is the company’s main practice.

# Chili Labs


“Chili Labs has successfully created and launched a mobile app. As a result, the download volume has increased by over 50 thousand users. The team’s expertise and knowledge in the industry are critical to the project’s success. They are flexible to any changes and adjustments in the workflow.” Product Owner, Bondora AS |Aleksandra Purina                    

chilli labs

Chili Labs is a company with a main focus on mobile app development. The company has been extremely active in app development in 2018.

Founded in Riga, Latvia, Chili Labs helps companies make a global impact via technological solutions like custom software and mobile applications. The company covers the following services but is not limited to UI.UX design, Android and iOS native development and Flutter development. The company has rather narrow expertise which is great for those businesses who are looking for professionals who really know their stuff.


 “KitRUM’s MVP enabled the company to close some funding and attract partnerships from well-known financial institutions. The team collaborated flexibly and responsively on every milestone, streamlining a systematic approach to track deadlines and budgets. Overall, they were highly considerate.” Co-Founder & Chief Legal Officer, Investment Pro | Thomas Rosenfeld                   


Throughout its existence, the company has grown its development team up to 250+ developers and worked with healthcare, financial organizations, automotive, aerospace, real estate, gaming industry, education, and tourism. From design to coding, KITRUM provides full-cycle mobile development including Flutter development services.

# itCraft


itCraft has met the client’s expectations. Their new Android versions have measured against their legacy app, as well. The client was also able to plan with the entire external team to confirm the scope of each sprint. Overall, their quality and speed were impressive. “ Senior Product Owner, 4Com Technologies Limited| Simon Robinson                    

it craft

Headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, an award-winning IT company provides a full range of mobile & web app development services Healthcare, IoT, Logistics, Media, Telecommunication, and other businesses. Flutter is one of the main technologies itCraft specializes in. To assure client satisfaction and the ability to adjust requirements or replace some features in the app, the company uses Agile Scrum methodology.

# Better Software Group


“The client’s partnership with Better Software Group has resulted in a modern application with a user-friendly design. The team’s development process has been smooth, with a balance of using new trends and trusted solutions. Furthermore, their communication skills have been highly effective.” Senior Product Owner, ELEVEN SPORTS HQ| Neil Giese                    

better software group

This Polish software development company primarily specializes in mobile web and backend solutions for the Broadcasting, Telecommunication, and Media industries. Both, small and large businesses looking for a cross-platform (Flutter) app development for the media and TV world can trust the smart approaches offered by this company.

# Binary Studio


With Binary Studio, there was a significant improvement in the site’s UX for both the internal team and external users. This allowed the client to easily implement a few cutting-edge features that further improved the platform. Binary Studio’s responsiveness made them stand out.” CTO, Catalyst GEM| Ryan Southgate                    

binary studio

With 14 years old history and vast development experience, Binary Studio has many clients and partners around the world. The company provides Flutter development services along with other cross-platform and native development services. Developers also have strong skills and expertise in the Front End, .NET, PHP, Java, ML, and AI.

# Miquido


“Miquido’s development capabilities have exceeded expectations. In fact, their apps have earned 6 million users. The team is transparent, flexible, and diligent in their work, making them a reliable and trustworthy partner. They’ve kept their communication open, straightforward, and up to date.” IT Project Manager, P4 Sp. z .o.o. (Play)| Maciej Matenko                    


Based in Krakow, Poland, Miquido is a Google certified Flutter app development company that mainly specializes in app development for insurance, banking, and e-commerce. So far, the development company has completed around 100 various projects among which you can find those built with Flutter.

Flutter App Development Companies Within $100 — $199 per Hour

# Designli


“Designli dedicates a professional team that provides valuable services that exceed expectations. They offer innovative ideas to encourage project improvements. Following thorough processes, the team transparently executes initiatives. Their notable attentiveness ensures ongoing collaboration”. Director of Operations, Grappos | Jill Kunisawa                    


Designli is a Flutter app development company in the USA. The company specializes in mobile app development, UX/UI design, and web development for startups. Designli has already developed 16 apps for different industries, including cross-platform Flutter applications. The company’s specialization also includes Angular and Node.js along with infrastructure built on industry-leading Amazon Web Services.

# NetSells Group


“Netsells Group was able to deliver all the requirements, functionalities, and system designs that the client needed. The team’s communication was effective. They provided regular updates and opportunities to give feedback using various project management tools”. COO, Artists Ahead | Ed Pugh                    


NetSells is a UK-based digital product consultancy working across web and mobile. The company has more than 10 years of experience working with household brand names and startups. Their core expertise includes web app development (.NET, PHP, Symphony), mobile app development (iOS, Android, Flutter), technology consulting, and digital transformation services.

# Red Hawk Technologies


“The company’s team members have reduced their time spent on administrative tasks by 50%, thanks to the internal mobile app built by Red Hawk Technologies. Their customer-facing app is also performing well. The team is responsive and hands-on with their tasks, committing fully to the partnership”. CEO, Best Upon Request | Bill Mills                    

red hawk technologies

Red Hawk Technologies is a Flutter app development company that offers a service and delivery model designed especially for mid-market companies. They sell dedicated development teams and staff augmentation services with a fixed monthly fee. Their services include mobile & web app development and system integration.

Wrap Up

We believe that sooner or later the demand for Flutter development providers will grow and more software development companies will start offering this particular service. For now, one of these best Flutter app development companies can become your trusted partner on the app development journey. Contact your vendor today!


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