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Being a newbie in the cross-platform development world, Flutter has already won a holy grail of software and is considered to be one of the most fast-growing mobile development tools. In today’s article, we will discuss the benefits of Flutter and if is it justifiable, advise you to switch from your current platform to this.

7 Reasons why Flutter is a Development Trend of 2022:

1. Same UI and business logic in all platforms

The first advantage of Flutter technology that comes to mind is its common UI patterns extracted out to reusable widgets. A cross-platform UI framework eliminates the need to individually set UI properties such as colors, styling, etc. We can adjust UI and business logic globally by editing the code for both iOS and Android Flutter apps.

2. Saves your time

Owing to Flutter’s hot reload feature, there is no need to spend time on deployment like in regular programming. You can apply all the changes instantly without losing the current application state. Fixing bugs, building UI, and adding new features with no need to compromise on speed and development which to the big amount reduces the Quality Assessment efforts and is one more reason why to choose Flutter.

3. Cross-platform app performance is similar to native

Flutter apps are written in a language called Dart, which eliminates the JavaScript bridge, hence it is compiled to native machine code. Flutter framework allows compiling and releasing an application much faster than you would do it with React Native, for example. Additionally, you can also develop a Flutter desktop app.

4. Custom, animated UI of any complexity available

Combining various widgets, you can create a complex UI that looks the same on different versions of operating systems. With a large library of handy animations, that can be easily implemented with Flutter’s animation support, your application will look polished and smooth. And everything you can see on the screen can be customized!

5. Perfect for an MVP

A Minimal Viable Product is one of the most efficient approaches to validating a business idea. It gives you a hand in preventing business failures, as you can easily get feedback and the needs of your customers. As to its high speed, ease of integration, and flexible UI, Flutter has become a perfect choice to create a mobile MVP.

6. Hot reloading feature that facilitates designer-developer cooperation

Apart from being a smile of fortune for developers, hot reload is extremely beneficial for designer-developer cooperation. Just imagine: a developer suggests implementing some changes on UI, and as soon as the designer does them, they both can immediately see if those changes fit or not.

7. High app responsiveness

Apps built with Flutter software can be run on any present platform functioning properly with no changes to Dart code and preservation of outstanding design on the platforms. Flutter app development has already moved forward from mobile and opened new opportunities for web and desktop that are already in active use today.

Flutter, like other frameworks, has its pros and cons. Limitations in library access are a factor to consider when using Flutter. If a specific functionality is not available, developers must build it themselves. Additionally, Flutter requires ongoing maintenance and scripting support, as it isn't supported by Jenkins on a large scale. It's also important to note that Flutter is limited to mobile development and isn't supported by web browsers.

Summing up

Is Flutter trend the future of mobile development? Altogether, we can undoubtedly say that Flutter app development is a game-changer in the cross-platform development world. Possession of these 7 distinctive features makes Flutter development competitive for the place of the best in the class among other mobile app development tools. From a single codebase, it is possible to develop cross-platform apps. In case you are considering Flutter to build your product and need a team — feel free to contact inVerita directly.

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