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You’ve probably heard a lot about outsourcing already and now it is a moment to make a pivotal decision. You know you want to outsource your project to Ukraine. But what should the company selection process look like? What criteria should you pay attention to?

Start with your goal

First, create a written proposal that summarizes your goals and requirements, projects you want to outsource, what issues you want to be solved, what outcome you expect to be delivered – essentially anything related to the project. Understanding your goals and a mission statement will help you to identify a software development company that has relevant expertise.

When you find several companies you’d like to work with you’ll be able to find the right fit for you by comparing the previous experience of the company with your written summary.


When you have an initial plan, you can start reaching out to Ukrainian development companies with the proper software development services you are looking for. For your research use such platforms as Clutch or GoodFirms that provide a huge list of software development companies along with the ability to filter vendors according to the country they are in, expertise in industry, technologies and services. Create a list.

Consider the following criteria to narrow your search:

  1. Communication and language skills.
  2. Relevant industry expertise.
  3. Required technological expertise.
  4. Cost-effectiveness.
  5. Clients and feedback.


Сommunication is a two-way street between you and your Ukrainian partner with you at one end and your vendor at another. Maintaining smooth and continuous information exchange is your mutual responsibility. The decision to outsource your project implies that you want your business goals, software, timeline, and budget objectives to be met. At the same time, your partner wants to achieve their objectives and deliver a project you will be satisfied with.

What are the signs of a team that communicates effectively?

A team that ensures regular live meetings, invests in messaging technologies that improve collaboration, sets up communication guidelines, and is ready to track success by objectives deserves trust. A company that is ready to clearly explain the collaboration process and create constant reports will more likely deliver great software than those that lack transparency and communication.

To assess their communication level, ask about their pricing model, software development services, what methodology they use during the development process and how they train the talent. After the first interaction you will be able to discern if the company is enthusiastic about your project or has no interest.

Technology Expertise

Another important matter is technology expertise. If you already know what technology you need, you have to narrow your search to the companies that have particular experience. For example, if you want your app in Flutter, look for a company that specializes in Flutter. Visit technologies or blog sections on the vendor’s website to see if the company is an expert in the technology you need.

Another scenario is if you don’t know what technology to choose for a project. Check out if the company has delivered similar projects before. Their portfolio may include software developed for different industries, not necessarily your sector, but you have to look for the examples having similar functionality, you want your software to possess. If you find samples from your industry, that’s amazing!


Working with “the cheapest” will cost you a fortune. All the money saved you’ll later spend on fixing the mistakes. Partnering with an offshore software development company that has average or higher rates will save you from getting poorly-written code and documentation.

Clients and feedback

Read feedback and ask for recommendations to receive more insights about the offshore development companies in Ukraine. Choose companies that have at least 5 positive reviews on Clutch or GoodFirms, it shows maturity.

After you find a company that you think might be your partner, contact them and ask for recommendations from their previous clients. Company that is transparent and has everything it takes to deliver a high quality project will willingly share it with you.

Final thoughts

Cooperating with a software development company in Ukraine is a great opportunity to bring your business to the next level. Along with all of the tips you’ve already read, remember, you are going to work with people. Pay your attention to companies that value relationships more than money and have a healthy corporate culture.

If you haven’t decided yet, go through inVerita’s website — maybe we meet all of the requirements in your perfect software development company checklist.

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