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If you are looking for ways to hire remote developers, you are not alone. A lot of tech companies including Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook extended their work-from-home policies due to the pandemic.

What’s more, being limited by hiring people who live in certain cities or who are willing to move there, cuts out professionals who live in different communities, with different backgrounds, and perspectives.

How can you hire remote developers in 2023? What does the process of managing remote developers look like? What tools do you need to set up collaborations with remote teams?

You may choose one of the three ways to hire a remote development team in 2023:

  1. Work with freelancers.
  2. Partner with an outstaffing service provider and work with a dedicated team.
  3. Find an outsourcing company that will handle your project.

How do you know what option is best for you?

To get an answer to this question you must clearly specify the requirements of your project.

  • How big is your project?
  • What technologies do you want to be used here?
  • How many people should be engaged in project development?
  • What experts exactly are you looking for?

For example, if you have a minor issue with your product and it can be solved within several hours or days, you can opt for a freelancer. A small project like a WordPress website can be delivered to an independent contractor.

Larger projects that take months or even years to be completed and maintained can be delegated to a dedicated team or completely outsourced.

Where you can find freelancers

  1. Your social network. To find a trustworthy freelancer, ask around — your partners and colleagues may have someone in their network who is a qualified developer. You can also share your offer in a network of professionals like LinkedIn or Twitter if you have many followers.
  2. Platforms. Another place to find potential candidates is freelancer platforms.
  3. Upwork. It’s the most popular source for freelancers these days. The process is very simple. You post the description of your project and you can receive dozens of candidates bidding on it just in a few hours.
  4. Freelancer. Freelancer has a similar algorithm that of Upwork, however, their database of specialists is smaller.
  5. Toptal. It’s a marketplace that has only top developers due to its screening system.
  6. Remote. Through this platform, you can easily hire a remote developer while covering all legal requirements. You have three options out there browsing developer profiles to choose someone, posting a job and waiting for applications, or allowing the AI algorithm to choose the best candidate for you.
  7. Less popular platforms for freelancers are Guru and PeoplePerHour.

Where you can find an outstaffing service provider or outsourcing company

Outsourcing software development has become a common practice today, because of cost-efficiency and flexibility. By turning to third-party vendors to deliver projects businesses can alleviate pressure on in-house staff.

The most popular IT outsourcing destinations are North America, the UK, India, and Ukraine.

Ukrainian programmers frequently get hired by businesses from Canada, the US, Western Europe, and the UK.

To find a vendor, check out B2B directories like Clutch, freelance websites like UpworkPeople Per Hour and Guru, GitHub, read some tech blogs, and don’t forget about design communities like Dribble and Behance.

What should you take into consideration when deciding on the development team?

  1. Technology expertise. Choose candidates with the most suitable core technology stack.
  2. Success stories. By reviewing the company’s or freelancer’s previous projects you can understand what technologies they operate best, what industries they’ve worked with, and what size of the projects they were entrusted with.
  3. Recognitions. Such companies as Clutch and GoodFirms provide rewards for companies that have been successful and have positive feedback.
  4. Cooperation. Different projects and budgets require different ways of cooperation. Familiarizing yourself with this aspect will also help you along the way.

What’s next?

After you complete all these steps, pick a few companies or independent contractors and contact them. Having a conversation with them will help you to narrow down your list and finally come up with a decision.

inVerita has been delivering software projects to different clients all over the world for years, and we will be more than happy to help you as well. Please, contact us, to receive a free consultation.

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