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The entire world has gone mobile. Looking at the speed at which financial companies and institutions are adopting digital solutions, it probably won’t be a mistake to assume that in the nearest future we will live in a completely cashless world. 

Fintech apps have played a game-changing role in this revolution. They made payments easier, transactions more secure, and lendings attainable at our fingertips. They’ve put the whole range of financial and banking services directly in our pockets. 

FinTech Industry Size in 2024 - Let’s Look at The Statistics

  • In 2023, the global fintech market is worth approximately $165.17 billion;
  • The fintech industry is predicted to grow to $324 billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 25.18%;
  • Digital Payments became the largest Fintech segment in 2022 with a total transaction value of $7,860,739;
  • The number of users of Digital Payment is expected to reach 4,929,55 million users by 2025;
  • Robo-advisors are managed $2.8 trillion in assets in 2023.

Types of Fintech Apps

Fintech applications are usually divided into 5 main categories:

  • Digital banking;
  • Investments;
  • Personal finance;
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency;
  • RegTech.

16 Best Fintech Apps to Pay Attention



MoneyLion is a mobile app that was rolled out back in 2013 and designed to take care of multiple users’ financial needs by offering a broad variety of financial services in a single place for a flat fee. This app allows users to invest, build credit, manage day-to-day banking and benefit from cash advances. Despite being targeted mostly to younger audiences, every smartphone user can use it, enjoying the vast majority of traditional financial services offered by traditional physical banks or credit unions.

Key features of MoneyLion:

  • Mobile Banking; 
  • Cash advance up to 250$ with no fees for 2 days; 
  • Credit Builder Loans; 
  • Automated investing; 
  • Financial tracking and various cashback rewards.



Chime is another financial technology company that can be an alternative to traditional banking and offers a simple to understand package consisting of one checking account, one savings account, and one secured credit card that can be managed via an attractive app. Spending account offers a few nice benefits like up to 200$ fee-free overdraft or acceleration of your regular direct deposits by 2 days. A savings account offers a market-competitive rate and there is no minimally required balance – even if you have one penny on your account, you’ll earn interest.

Key features of Chime:

  • Early receipt of deposit payments;
  • Competitive savings interest rate;
  • Automated savings tools.



Robinhood is a brokerage company that became popular mostly thanks to their easy-to-use trading app that can make investing appear very simple to some users and low fees compared to Robinhood’s peers. Fair to say that the last benefit is now neutralized by the brokerage industry since competitors started to actively reduce or even eliminate commissions for trading stocks, options, other securities, and cryptocurrency. Robinhood positions itself to be an ideal place for younger investors who have little or no investing experience allowing them to invest even in a fraction of a share.  

Key features of Robinhood:

  • Mobile application that is extremely easy to use; 
  • No fee for trading stocks, cryptocurrency, and ETFs (exchange-traded funds);
  • Attractive cash management offers and no-fee in 75.00+ ATMs in their network.



Nubank is the biggest online bank in the world and one of the largest fintech companies in Latin America, providing its services to more than 40 million customers in Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia.

They entered the Brazilian market with their first product – credit card – back in 2014, offering a credit card with zero fees that could be delivered to the customer in only two days. Credit cards are not the only product offered by Nubank, their customers can also enjoy free business and personal accounts along with free instant money transfers.  

Key features of Nubank:

  • Free business and personal account;
  • Attractive rates for your savings; 
  • A fancy metal credit card that offers some useful benefits like VIP airport lounge access, baggage insurance, etc.;
  • Convenient mobile app and competitive loan rates.



Prism is a bill management app that allows users to see and pay all bills in a single place. You can add your electricity, internet, water, gas bills, etc., and multiple payment accounts/credit cards. Once your application is configured, Prism will monitor all your bills and send you push notifications on your phone, informing you that you must schedule a bill payment. You can pay your bill immediately or review it before payment to adjust the amount, payment method, and even date.

Key features of Prism:

  • No service fee;
  •  Push notifications when a new bill is discovered;
  •  Payments flexibility, instant payments, secure application.

# Revolut


Revolut offers banking and payment applications with a lot of features and offers a prepaid debit card that is possible to be used for purchases and ATM withdrawals anywhere in the world. With Revolut, you can easily receive payments, exchange currency, and do your day-to-day banking.

Top Features of Revolut App:

  • Account usage abroad without any fee;
  • Usage of different currencies simultaneously;
  • Gold and crypto trading;
  • Perks feature that offers discounts and cashback when using Revolut cards;
  • Split the bill and pay with friends;
  • Insurance offerings;
  • Freeze card and set spending limits.

# Mint


Mint is among the most popular budgeting applications available today with more than 25 million users. It’s a free app that allows users to keep all their financial accounts in one place, track spending and savings, set budget goals, monthly bills, and much more. Over time, users can analyze their spending habits and identify ways to improve their finances.

Top Features of Mint App:

  • Free credit monitoring through TransUnion;
  • Synchronization of the bank, investment, retirement, and money management accounts;
  • Splitting up transactions into different categories like “groceries”, “beauty”, etc;
  • Customized notifications and alerts.

# Coinbase


Coinbase is one of the best Fintech apps for buying, storing, and trading cryptocurrency with more than 68 million users. The app is very easy to use for cryptocurrency beginners and supports 100+ currencies for trading. More advanced users can get the Pro version with additional features. Though Coinbase fees are significantly higher than other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Top Features of Coinbase App:

  • Cryptocurrency is insured in case the website is hacked;
  • Low minimum to fund account;
  • Videos and exams to educate users about cryptocurrency trading 

# Acorns


Acorns is one the best Fintech apps for investors-beginners with a robo-advisor platform, checking account, and tax-advantaged IRAs for retirement. The app invests spare change from your everyday purchases into the market. The checking account has multiple features of traditional bank accounts such as a debit card, direct deposit, mobile check deposit, etc.

Top Features of Acorns App:

  • Automatically invests spare change;
  • Gives cashback to a wide range of retailers;
  • Provides educational content.

# Finch


Finch is a hybrid banking and investing application that lets users earn investment returns by automatically investing their checking balance. This means that all your funds are continuously working for you while you have instant access to your budget whenever you need it, even to the invested part. Finch doesn’t have any account minimums or hidden fees, it offers direct deposits and free ACH payments.

Top Features of Finch App:

  • Personalized investment recommendations;
  • Entire balance automatically invested;
  • Integrated checking and investment;
  • Instant access to your balance with a debit card.

# N26


N26 is a budgeting tool that has a wide range of features to organize your personal finances. With over 7 million customers online, N26 offers free day-to-day banking without monthly or annual maintenance fees and 3 free ATM withdrawals a month, and no foreign exchange fees. The app also offers access to retailer discounts and awards and savings Round-ups feature however the second is only available in the premium version.

Top Features of N26 App:

  • Sub-accounts to easily budget and save money;
  • Intelligent spending statistics;
  • Shared spaces with rules to budget with other people;
  • Setting spending limits.

# Emma


Emma is among the top Fintech apps that helps to track your spendings, breaks down your total spending, shows your active and inactive subscriptions, sets cashback accounts, and more.

The Pro version allows some extra features such as unlimited budgeting, manual accounts, earning 2x cashback, etc. Emma also allows users to link to their cryptocurrency which is quite rare in personal banking accounts.

Top Features of Emma App:

  • All accounts in one place, including even cryptocurrencies and pensions;
  • Transaction analysis that results in a list of recurring payments across the accounts;
  • Automatic tracking and categorization of the expenses;
  • Avoids overdrafts and finds wasteful subscriptions.

# Cuvva


Cuvva is an application used by more than a half-million drivers to buy insurance. The insurance price is based on the way the users drive and gives good drivers an opportunity to save up to ⅓. The factors AI analyzes are speed, braking, focusing, corners, and accelerating.

Top Features of Cuvva App:

  • Monthly payment;
  • Free cancellation;
  • Reward for good drivers;
  • 24/7 support that replies within 1 minute.

# Tellus


Tellus is a Fintech application that offers a wide range of services such as cash management, home equity loans, and real estate investing. Having a Tellus Boost account, users can earn a daily interest at a 3% annual percentage yield.

Tellus Manage enables users to manage rental remotely and contact-free with a mobile property management assistant.

Top Features of Tellus App:

  • Tracking investments and income, allocate funds between different accounts;
  • Rental listing from 16 top property listing sites;
  • Daily and extended boosts;
  • Unlimited cloud storage.

# Earnin


Earnin is a revolutionary application that helps people to achieve better financial confidence and independence by providing users with access to their paychecks whenever they need it. The application is free of charge however it asks the users for donations (up to $14) instead of asking them to pay.

Top Features of Earnin App:

  • Access to the paycheck up to 2 days sooner, plus, more of the pay when needed;
  • Balance shield;
  • Lightning speed program;
  • 256-bit encryption.

Wrapping Up

The fintech industry is prospering right now along with great digitization in our lives, broad blockchain adoption, and rising customer expectations. Therefore the demand for top-notch IT solutions in the industry is extremely high.

Now it’s the perfect time for users to enjoy all the benefits that banking and financial services bring online and for entrepreneurs to start a successful business in the sector or turn the existing one into digital. The abovementioned apps can serve as a great example.

inVerita is a fintech software development company with experience in building all kinds of fintech solutions from banking apps to trading platforms. If you're looking for a vendor to build or scale up your solution, don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation with us.
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