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In today's reality, we frequently face the feeling of living in one big village. Things and services we want to get don’t seem so distant as they used to be a decade ago. We can easily order apparel we like from another country online and in a few weeks pick it up in the nearest delivery office. Business owners are not limited anymore by borders and can hire employees from the best talent pools situated even on different continents. In the sphere of IT, this notion got a special name - offshore software development.

What is Offshore Outsourcing?

Offshore outsourcing services mean working with a team of professionals that is geographically located far away from your country, in most cases in a different time zone. According to the survey held by Gartner, the deficiency of tech talent is a major obstacle that hinders companies from achieving their goals. Therefore, companies like Google, Alibaba, WhatsApp, and dozens of other household names opted for outsourcing offshore to fulfill their needs for employees with technical skills. Apart from access to a big talent pool, offshore outsourcing opens a range of different benefits such as сost-efficiency, access to specific tech expertise, and faster recruitment process.
advantages of offshore development

How to Choose a Reliable IT Offshore Outsourcing Vendor?

#1 Choose the Right Location

Opting for offshore outsourcing services why should one consider location? Despite the fact that any country you choose is located far away from your home country, IT outsourcing destinations significantly differ in rates and salary, technical expertise, and have different levels of cultural compatibility. The most popular destinations for outsourcing IT services for companies from the USA and UK, for instance, are Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. These regions have vast talent pools of software engineers with different expertise and lower rates compared to other regions. Though while choosing one of them as an outsourcing destination, it’s vital to check security policies a country follows, price-to-quality ratio, and mentality peculiarities.

#2 Select a Cooperation Model

IT outsourcing vendors offer different cooperation models with different pricing. Usually, you can choose one of three main pricing models that fits your business requirements the most:

  1. A dedicated development team is the most frequently chosen model of cooperation due to its cost-effectiveness. You hire a team of experts that work exclusively for your project for a set period of time and regularly update you about project progress. This cooperation model is significantly cheaper compared to the two others, as you get a wider range of services for a longer period of time.
  2. Fixed Price is suitable for smaller and shorter-term projects. As you sign a contract with your vendor, you define a scope of work to be done, a fixed price, and a period of time for project delivery. When the time is up, the development team no longer makes any changes to the product.
  3. Time and Material is a good option if it's hard to estimate the amount of work to be done, services you need, and the amount of time required to complete the task. You just discuss quota for different types of services and pay for the amount of work that is done.

#3 List a Number of Companies that Fit Your Criteria

As soon as you’ve chosen the location and cooperation model, you have to make a list of top companies in the region. Such independent platforms as Clutch, GoodFirms, etc., are reliable resources to start searching. There you can find verified reviews from companies' customers and learn more about their expertise and story. No need to mention a website and social media that will tell you more about the company’s employer brand.   

#4 Interview the Candidates

After having done preliminary research and created a list of potential candidates, it’s high time to reach the companies you’re interested in. You can fill in a contact form on a website and they will contact you, or send them a list of questions beforehand. The main things you should consider while writing: legal issues. timelines, recruitment process, project management, and pricing.

Wrapping Up

The advantages of IT offshore outsourcing are rather vivid, actually, that’s the reason why companies like Amazon, Google, and WhatsApp have trusted this approach for years. Compared to hiring in-house developers or nearshore outsourcing, outsourcing offshore brings enterprises better flexibility, access to a bigger talent pool, and diversified skill-set, and what's most important - is much more cost and time-saving. 

In inVerita we’ve been building a trusted partnership with companies from different parts of the world always delivering in time and with the best quality. If you’re currently looking for an outsourcing vendor, check our clients’ reviews on Clutch, or you can directly contact us.

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