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Technology evolves fast. And front-end development is not an exception. 10 years ago a simple website was enough to attract visitors and convey information. Nowadays we strive for apps with video calls, chat interfaces, dashboards, etc. A front-end developer has evolved into a “magician” who combines the design craft with the science of programming.

As of January 2021, Indeed lists 19K open front-end job positions, while on LinkedIn there are more than 65K of the following. Google’s search has indicated a steady interest in front end developers position for the last few years, which means that the demand for front end programmers continues to grow.

Such a growing need for high-quality, agile, and user-centric web applications has put a beginning to war for tech talent in many countries. And while not every American startup, for instance, can afford to pay around $75K annually to a local developer, front end outsourcing can come in handy.

Outsourcing isn’t restricted to geographical or time differences. If there is a lack of professionals in your city, or you can’t afford their rate, no problem — open the map and look for offshore software development company.

While not so long ago, India was the main outsourcing destination to companies from the US and Europe, nowadays Eastern Europe has been slowly taking its position. 254K of software developers in Poland, 192K in Ukraine, 118K in Romania, and 100K in the Czech Republic, in total with other countries from the region, make more than one million software developers. Talking exclusively about front-end expertise, Ukraine is home to the biggest number of developers — 28K, followed by Poland — 23K, according to LinkedIn. The mixture of skills, a Western-oriented mindset, and a stable IT industry growth, has turned the region into one of the most wanted destinations for IT outsourcing.

A recent report by IBM states that more than 27% of companies outsource to reduce costs. Not surprisingly, in order to save more, companies usually outsource the cheapest vendor which is unfortunately not the best option. If the price is your main driver, we suggest calculating the approximate final cost beforehand. What does it include? The formula is quite simple: take the average rate of the front-end programmer in the region you have chosen (you can check it at, multiple by the number of team members you need to hire, including the tech stack, and the project length. Bravo! Without hiring the cheapest company with doubtful expertise, you will still save a lot of money, time, and nerves choosing to outsource over the in-house model. The only difference is that you’ll get the product with advanced functionality, in time, and with all the rights being reserved.

The success of the project completely depends on the provider of outsource software development services that has been chosen. Carefully examine the vendor’s portfolio to ensure that their previous experience meets the expectations in the matter of quality and style. Pay special attention to security policies, technical safeguards, and procedures to eliminate the possibility of data leaks.

Checking such platforms as Clutch and AppFuture might be very helpful to learn more about other entrepreneurs’ outsourcing experience, as all the reviews are verified there.

Where to find the vendor? Ask colleagues for personal recommendations, visit developers’ forums/conferences, search ClutchGoodFirms, and AppFutura.

  1. More than 192K tech experts in Ukraine make the country the second-biggest talent pool in Eastern Europe. 80% of them speak English.
  2. The statistical analysis held by HackerRank gave Ukrainian developers an average score of 88,7% for all HackerRank challenges, also including Ukraine to the top countries in respect of security.
  3. Ukraine demonstrates a steady growth of software engineering with 11–26% annually, and more than 1,6K currently operating IT companies.
  4. The time difference with Ukraine is more than convenient — 1 hour with Europe, and around 7 hours with the USA.
  5. Ukrainian IT product and outsourcing companies win global industry awards such as GSA UK Awards, IT Europa Awards, Global Outsourcing 100, etc. Over 100 representatives of the Fortune 500 list of the most influential companies are customers of Ukrainian outsourcing companies.   

inVerita is a Ukrainian company that has been delivering front-end solutions for more than 5 years. Success stories of our clients have given us an impeccable reputation in the IT sphere. We have been included in the most latest Clutch rating of the best b2b companies which comprised only 1% of the companies listed in the catalog.

If you are looking for a front-end vendor with hands-on experience, compatible price, and professional developers, contact us here. 

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