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There’s more to Poland than the Witcher. Over the years Polish developers have built a name for themselves and received proper recognition in various rankings. Poland has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, the biggest Fintech market in the CEE sector equals approximately $856 mln, and a great number of highly skilled programmers.

Not surprisingly, many companies decide to outsource software development services to Poland.

Why Poland is One of the Best Places for IT Outsourcing

Nowadays Poland has become one of the most attractive outsourcing destinations in the software development industry. It has hit high ranks in multiple surveys for the last decade and there are multiple reasons for this. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things that make Poland such a competitive country in terms of outsourcing IT tasks.

1. Relatively Low Cost of Services

One of the obvious challenges for every business is to make revenue for the most optimal cost. And IT outsourcing to Poland ideally serves the purpose of spending your money wisely. Although outsourcing to Poland rates are not as low as in India or China, for example, software developers from Central or Eastern Europe have a great level of qualification which is a prerequisite for successful development.

The rates are 20–50% lower compared to those in the US and Western Europe. What is more, Poland offers very favorable tax conditions for businesses. For example, Krakow is one of the 14 economic zones that provide income tax exemptions to investors.

According to the latest reports published by PayScale, the average software developer salary in Poland is equal to PLN 100k per year, which is equivalent to USD 22k. So how does it compare to other countries?

average software developer salary

You might ask if the lower cost comes in pair with the lower quality of service provided. Not necessary. In the next parts of this article, we’ll try to explore what you can get for the money you pay.

2. Large Skilled Talent Workforce

According to Eurostat, there were 585 thousand IT specialists employed in the Polish market in 2021 and these numbers keep on growing since there are approximately 30 thousand additional vacancies fulfilled each year if we are looking at historical data. Poland is known for its strong technical education, there are 20 public technology high schools and 40 state-owned universities with a technical profile. Worth to mention that 19 of those universities can be found within the 2022 QS World University Rankings, which again proves the high level of the Polish education system.

Technical skills are not the only advantage of Polish specialists, as reported by EF, Poles are in 16th place in the global ranking of countries and regions by English Skills, which means that you won’t experience any significant communication barriers when choosing Polish companies for outsourcing.

professional software developers in Poland

3. Great Compatibility with Most European Countries

Poland is located in the heart of Europe having many neighbors, some of which are major European financial centers which means that people who live there are used to dealing with other cultures and mentalities. Also, the geographical location allows to work not only with countries in the European region, but also gives some business hours overlap with both the Americas and Asia. The EU membership of Poland and stable political and economic situations significantly contribute to the popularity of outsourcing to Poland in the same line with serious data protection standards.

4. High Coding Expertise

Selecting Poland as your software development outsourcing destination means that you’ll have access to a pool of very proficient resources. For a few years in a row, Poland is placed very high in Topcoder and HackerRank rankings, constantly being near the top 5 or even higher.

According to Statista report, Polish software developers have expertise in a wide variety of programming languages, which covers languages like Java, Java Script, Python, Typescript, PHP, C#, C, C++, Kotlin, Swift, and Ruby.

Polish ICT education

5. Big Companies Outsourcing in Poland

Considering all the above pros of Polish tech companies, it’s obvious that they attract many customers across the world. If you look at portfolios of different software development companies, you can easily find such big names as Microsoft, Dell, Vodafone, Jabra, Metro Markets, Siemens, Credit Agricole, Atlassian, Samsung, Generali, Scania, and many others.

The above list proves that there is no industry where Polish engineers can’t deliver a great solution — Tech, Heavy Machinery, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, and Wholesale is only a small part of industries that are not afraid to outsource their software development needs to Poland.

6. Ideal for Both Offshoring and Nearshoring

One of the most significant reasons for offshoring and nearshoring to Poland is the availability of a large talent pool of skilled IT professionals. While in some countries there is an alarming shortage of software developers, Polish software development companies can boast of having a number of employees equal to the population of small European countries like Monaco.

Poland has an ideal time zone for all the European countries and price rates are almost three times lower than in Western European countries. What is more, Polish software developers have a strong command of English which is proven by taking 11th place in the English Proficiency Index which eliminates any possibility of the language barrier.

7. Strong Protection of Intellectual Property

When it comes to software development outsourcing, one of the biggest fears and risks are data breaches and weak security measures taken by outsourcing companies. Outsourcing to Poland eliminates such risks. Poland is a member of the European Union and is obliged to comply with GDPR, being abode by the same data protection legislation as Western European countries. A big share of Polish software companies reaches global levels of development because of their high security standards and proficiency, as they are also familiar with the US or Canadian data protection requirements.

8. Stable Economical and Political Situation

Last but not the least, when you opt for software development outsourcing in another country, you must consider the economical situation in that country. Within 30 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, from one of the poorest members of the block, Poland has become one of the best countries to invest and do business with. Poland’s GDP is continuously rising with an average growth rate between 4 and 5% per year.

IT Outsourcing in Poland vs Other Countries — Comparison

outsourcing in Poland

Poland vs Ukraine

One of the largest pools of IT developers in the CEE region is in Ukraine which also has the biggest number of IT, service providers, in Eastern Europe — more than 800, while in Poland — over 900. HackerRank gives Ukraine 11th place with an overall score of 88,7 out of 100 in the list of the best 50 countries with the most professional software developers. According to the TopCoder ratings, Ukraine takes 6th place.

Poland vs Romania

Romania enters the top three countries in Eastern Europe with the biggest number of software engineers — more than 119k, employed by 300+ Romanian software vendors. The main expertise of Romanian engineers includes such industries as banking and healthcare. According to the A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index, it’s ranked 28th in the list of the most attractive offshore destinations.

Poland vs Hungary

Software development in Hungary presents around 6% of the economy. According to Clutch, there are more than 50 Hungarian software providers, though only three of them employ more than 250 employees and there are no companies with more than 1k people. The most common industries are finance, travel and tourism, and media.

Main Industries Served in Poland

An extremely wide range of businesses from various industries has chosen outsourcing to Poland. Among them are such household names as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Motorola, Skrill, and more. Many tech giants have established large R&D centers in Poland which boosts the growth of the Polish tech landscape and industry expertise.

main industries outsourced in Poland

Top Software Development Services among Polish IT Companies

Gratefully to a large tech talent pool and a big number of software providers, outsourcing to Poland offers a wide range of software services. Here are some of the primary services delivered by Polish software vendors:

top software services in Poland

Challenges of Outsourcing to Poland

Poland has the ideal time zone for most European countries. However, it’s not the best time difference with the US.

Big Time Difference with the US

The time difference between Poland and the US ranges from 5 to 9 hours which may cause some difficulties in communication. However, with proper management, it’s easy to find “the window” when to hold regular meetings with your outsourcing partner. At our software development company, we practice daily meetings for a brief update but our customers can also opt for longer calls once a week.

How to Choose the Best IT Outsourcing Company in Poland

Outsourcing to Poland gives a plethora of advantages and there are a lot of options due to a large number of software developers and outsourcing companies. Here are some of the tips on how to choose the right software development company for your project:

  1. Clearly define the scope of your project.
  2. Look at customer reviews on independent platforms such as Clutch, GoodFirms, etc.
  3. Research IT outsourcing company’s website: technology stack, industries, services, and case studies.
  4. What about the software development company’s culture? Do they have high retention rates?
  5. Ensure using the latest security technologies and compliance with data security standards.
  6. Feel free to ask for the CV of any developer who is going to work on your project.
  7. Compare the rates and services with other IT outsourcing companies.

IT Outsourcing to Poland — Summary

Outsourcing to Poland has been rapidly gaining momentum over the last decade. It’s a country with a big talent pool and versatile expertise which makes it a reliable software vendor for businesses from all over the world. What is more, Poland has a stable and rapidly growing economy in which IT takes 8% of the country’s GDP which makes the country a popular choice for international R&D centers.

If you choose IT outsourcing in Poland, inVerita has a software development center in Krakow as well as in Ukraine and the US. Currently, we employ more than 130 employees with experience in multiple industries and technologies.

If you have any questions about outsourcing software development to Poland, just drop us a line.

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