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Amazon launched its web services with an S3 storage system and EC2 in distant 2006, giving a start for cloud computing. Since that time, Amazon Web Services has won the leadership amidst other cloud computing platforms with customers located in almost every country around the world. Gartner reports that in 2015, Amazon customers had deployed ten times more infrastructure on AWS compared to the adoption of other 14 providers combined.

Here are 5 interesting facts about AWS that you might not know about:

  • AWS Data Centers are located in 190 countries;
  • Around 1/3 of websites we daily visit are built upon AWS;
  • AWS is used by than 1 million people worldwide, containing around 2K government agencies, 5K schools, and over 17,5K nonprofit organizations;
  • AWS offers more than 100 services for storage, security, and managing data;
  • More than two dozen global enterprises decided to move to AWS solely, closing their data centers.

If you’re currently thinking about using AWS for your business, we prepared a list of the top 10 AWS companies.


“inVerita always finds the simplest and most economical approach to benefit the client”. Owner, BTE Global | Matthew Von Trapp

Founded: 2015 | Company size: 100+ | Country: Ukraine

inVerita is a Ukraine-based company that provides software solutions for companies of any scale: from startups to Fortune 500 clients. The company specializes in building web and mobile solutions, IoT software development, quality assessment, and testing, cloud, and DevOps services and has its own separate product design division — QU’ARTE. In 5 years of successful work, the company has built a strong reputation in the global arena and has been included in the most recent rating of the best b2b companies presented by Clutch, in which only 1% of the companies presented in the catalog were included.       


“They were flexible with us, worked quickly, and provided good feedback”. CTO, Appcast | Dzmitry Nikitsin

Founded: 1989 | Company size: 500+ | Country: USA

ScienceSoft is a US-based company with more than 500 IT professionals located in different countries. The company builds partnerships with middle-market and enterprise-level companies such as eBay, Nestle, IBM, and other companies from 37 countries around the world. They have expertise in building web and mobile solutions, data storage, cloud databases, Big Data, and DevOps services. In 2020 the company received AWS Select Tier Consulting Partner status.


“With their help, we managed to achieve a great distributed delivery partnership”. CEO, Motivforce | David Cox

Founded: 2012 | Company size: 500+ | Country: Bulgaria

Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, Scalefocus offers its services starting from 2012. Consultancy services and the development of software platforms for IT and digital business transformation are the company’s main specialization. Scalefocus has offered tailor-made solutions for various market-leading companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, SAP, IBM, Alibaba Cloud, and more. The vast majority of the company’s services are offered in the cloud consulting & SI area, however, they possess strong custom software development and IT staff augmentation capabilities.

unity group

“The engagement from Unity Group’s side was very good and they were open to discussing ideas”. PMO Manager, Forte | Marcin Jesiotr

Founded: 1997 | Company size: 250+ | Country: Poland

With more than 20 years of experience, a Polish company has been providing the delivery of IT services and technology solutions for medium and large-sized companies. Their clients include such worldwide known companies as IKEA, Volkswagen, and Hyundai. Unity Group specializes in digital transformation, custom software development, mainly for the e-commerce industry.


“The team at N-iX is full of true creatives, they are inspired by and excited about their projects”. CEO, Trese Brother Games | Andrew Trese

Founded: 2002 | Company size: 1000+ | Country: Ukraine

With delivery centers in four countries, N-iX has been a workplace for more than 1000 full-time experts and a partner for 30 enterprise companies. The company’s expertise encompasses almost any kind of IT services: they build cloud-native solutions, web, and mobile applications, Big Data, Blockchain, VR/AR solutions, etc. Gratefully to a big number of cloud experts on board, N-iX has become AWS Consulting Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, and Google Cloud Partner.


“They were easy to get along with and were always available to answer anything we needed”. Vice President, Enterprise Data — AARP | Bill Gale

Founded: 2001| Company size: 200+| Country: USA

Caserta is a strategic consulting company focused on data and analytics. They specialize in cloud migration, data and analytics consulting, GDPR compliance, and alternative data assessment. Caserta is mainly focused on implementation for insurance, finance, healthcare, media, and entertainment industries. The New York Times is one of the company’s renowned clients.           

pattern match

“Pattern Match is a flexible, communicative, and reliable partner”. Co-founder, Evojam | Michal Nowak

Founded: 2018| Company size: 50+| Country: Poland

A relatively small company with 10 years of successful experience focusing on developing and maintaining serverless architecture on AWS and DevOps services. Pattern Match provides software consulting and development services in e-commerce, logistics, public transportation, travel, and hospitality industries. The company has received 15 AWS and Scrum certificates and belongs to the top cloud computing services companies according to GoodFirms.

miracle mill

“Their level of structure and technical competence are impressive”. CEO, Fleet Trading | Jonathan Liden

Founded: 2012| Company size: 50+| Country: Switzerland

Miracle Mill AG is a Swiss-based company that offers advisory, design, and custom software development services to its clients, mainly focusing on using agile methodologies and cloud solutions. Starting from 2012, Miracle Mill has built a wide portfolio of clients not only in Europe but in the USA as well, providing their services mostly to the small businesses and mid market segment. Miracle Mill specialists are experienced in various technologies, such as JavaScript, React.js, AngularJS, Node.js, along with native and cross-platform iOS and Android development. The Company is recognized as a Gold Microsoft Partner and an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner.  


“They always find cutting-edge solutions, and they help bring our ideas to life”. Vice President of Global Data Products, Power Systems Research | Jim Downey

Founded: 1991| Company size: 1500+| Country: Ukraine

ELEKS is a Ukrainian award-winning company with over 1500 experts and 12 offices around the world. They provide software development, consulting, and quality control services. In almost 20 years of cooperation with clients from all over the world, ELEKS has received strong expertise in applying Blockchain, IoT, Data Science, DevOps, VR/AR/MR solutions in almost every industry.


“When bugs inevitably occur, Geeks Lts works tirelessly to ensure that customers remain loyal to us”. Director, Synthesised Virtual Presence | David Brooks

Founded: 2007| Company size: 250+| Country: United Kingdom

A British company that provides solutions for product development, business automation, database and workflow solutions, e-commerce, and content management. The Council of Europe, Houses of Parliament, and Easyjet can be named among their clients. They were honored with the Queen’s Awards which is the highest official UK award for British business.

Cloud migration is a prerequisite for the successful operation of any business and secure storage of data. We hope that our list of top AWS partners will come in handy when you decide to future-proof your company. Are there any companies you would add to this list?     

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