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The reasons developers love React.js technology are countless. As long as React holds top positions among front-end frameworks, businesses will actively be using it in web application development.

If you already decided to use React and looking for a reliable partner to help you with this, here are the top 10 development companies that can bring your project to the next level.


"I highly recommend them as a trustworthy software development partner." CTO, Guidle AG | Drazen Nikolic

Founded: 2005 | Company size: 230+ | Country: Poland

Launched in 2005 the company has evolved into a 230+ team of world-class developers, designers, and managers who provide software development services. With engineering centers in Bielsko-Bala, Poland, it offers custom software engineering services in Ecommerce, E-learning, Event Management, Healthcare, Hotel Management, Inventory Management, etc. Their services include UI/UX design and consulting, custom software and web development (React.js/Node.js/Ruby in Rails), DevOps and Cloud consulting, and others.              


"They were always willing to go above and beyond." Director of Brand and Creative, Flight Internet Company | Neal Roberts

Founded: 1998 | Company size: 1000+ | Country: US

The company provides a complete range of services that will help you to launch a product namely, digital transformation, design, development, and digital marketing. Spire Digital provides team augmentation services according to the client’s needs. Spire helps Adtech and Martech, Automotive, Aviation, Education, Healthcare, Insurance, Natural Resources, and other industries to succeed with the help of software development services.         


“For whatever problem we have, they can always come up with a resolution.” Operations Manager, Patriot Transport | Roman Zabolotovskyy

Founded: 2015 | Company size: 100+ | Country: Ukraine

Founded in 2015, inVerita is a values-based custom software company based in Lviv. The company has a strong focus on building web (.NET/Node.js/JavaScript/React.js), mobile solutions (Flutter, Native, React-native), QA, and providing customers with team extension services. Above all, inVerita values relationships with employees and customers and has clients staying with them for years. Here’s what Eric Eitel, one of their first clients says: “Their company culture is healthy and well-defined and their people have character and integrity.” inVerita provides services for various industries including retail, education, fintech, healthcare, logistics, and others.            

cheesecake labs
"They developed an understanding of the energy sector and applied that to the product." R&D & Innovation Coordinator, AES Tiete | Julia Rodrigues

Founded: 2013 | Company size: 250+ | Country: US

With 7 years on the market, Сheesecake Labs handles full-stack engineering, UI/UX Design, mobile app development (iOS, Android and React-Native), web development (React), backend engineering (Python and Node.js), quality assurance & testing project management. They provide solutions related to Education, Media & Television, Sports, and others. The company helps other businesses get quality talents and leverage agile teams for development projects.                    


"We're impressed by the Miquido attention to detail and their transparency in everything they do." Chief Commercial Officer, Nextbank Software Inc. | James Allan To

Founded: 2011 | Company size: 250+ | Country: Poland

Based in Krakow, Poland, Miquido is a Google certified software house that mainly specializes in app development for insurance, banking, and e-commerce. So far, the development company has completed around 100 various projects among which you can find those built with React.                    

unified infotech

"They have been very vocal, sharing detailed updates throughout the timeline." Founder, Events Company | Miesha Robinson

Founded: 2010 | Company size: 250+ | Country: India

Founded in India, Unified Infotech provides talented engineering experts that will work accordingly with businesses’ goals. The company specializes in the following services: enterprise and startup consulting, web app, and mobile app development, and design.


"Their technical team is very good at understanding business problems and translating them into digital solutions." CTO, GoUpendo | Stanley Patela

Founded: 2010 | Company size: 150+ | Country: India

With 150+ experts on board QSS Technosoft is a software development company that creates enterprise-level web and mobile app products. Software development services QSS Technosoft provides include Product Engineering, Web and Mobile App Development, UI/UX, Software Development, QA, DevOps Services, Maintenance & Support. Their scope of Node.js development services includes Customized Node.js Web Development, Backend Web API Development, Personalized portal development, E-commerce website development, Migration and upgrading services, and Migration and upgrading services.

"The most impressive is their perfect communication skills as well as the high quality work standards." Account Manager & Project Manager, Talent Alpha | Arletta Grosicka

Founded: 2014 | Company size: 150+ | Country: Ukraine

S-PRO is an innovative software development company that works mainly with Fintech, Mobility, Healthcare, Renewable Energy industries. They help technology-based companies with Mobile Development, Front-end (React.js), Back-end and API, Blockchain Development, AI and Machine learning, UI/UX Design.

ruby garage

"I felt that their team invested so much in our product." CEO, Bookapitch | Craig Bewley

Founded: 2011 | Company size: 200+ | Country: Ukraine

The company is an early adopter of React.js and firmly believes that React is one of the best technologies for web app development. RubyGarage creates solutions for Retail, Fintech Education, Travel, Healthcare, Recruitment, and other industries. The complete list of their services includes technology consulting and support, web software development, mobile software development, UX/UI design, QA, software maintenance. RubyGarage develops enterprise-grade apps and consumer-facing web projects with React and integrates other technologies if necessary.

hidden brains

"They’re not just a development company, they’re part of the team and they want to make us successful." Founder, Online Retail Platform

Founded: 2003 | Company size: 250+ | Country: India

Based in the US, UK, Australia, and the main office in India, Hidden Brains is a development agency that specializes in web and mobile app development (React.js, Javascript) for small, middle, and large businesses. So far, the development company has been working with a variety of industries including Healthcare, Education, Retail, Logistics & Distribution, Travel & Hospitality, Oil & Gas, Fintech, Media & Entertainment, Real Estate.

Summing up

Time to make a choice!

This is far but not an exhaustive list of the companies that use React.js technologies in the development process, however, these companies have great client testimonials and we believe that choosing one of them is a definite win-win.                     

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