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Fintech is constantly transforming the financial services industry. Almost nothing has been left from traditional banking in the meaning that we used to know. We approve transactions and open the apps through scanning fingerprints, iris, or voice authentication, execute payments in real-time, and ensure better security with the help of blockchain technology. Furthermore, we conduct almost 80% of all financial transactions through digital banking. Financial companies of all scales struggle to implement the innovations and remain competitive.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the demand for Fintech application developers is continuously growing. Companies that aim at delivering a reliable tool that will meet their customers’ needs, increase sales, and boost users’ loyalty face a big challenge of finding fintech software developers.

How to Hire a Programmer in the Fintech Sector? 

First of all, you have to decide who you want to work with - in-house Fintech developers, a Fintech software development company, or hire a freelance Fintech developer.

In-house software development means hiring a team of devs who operate onsite.


  • You get a high level of control over the team and expenses;
  • There is no language barrier and cultural differences among the team members. Plus, they work in the same zone;
  • The in-house team has a deep understanding of your company’s values and project scope.


  • High costs for salaries, medical insurance, vacations and sick leaves, office rent, equipment, and recruitment process;
  • The recruitment and training process can take from 30 days to several months;
  • It’s difficult to find a Fintech developer with tech stack needed for your projects because they usually have a more general skillset;
  • When the project has been finished and you have to pay for downtime.

Fintech dev provider is the offshore company that curates the development process instead of you. You don’t need to look for a Fintech app developer with particular expertise, the company has some for you.


  • The approach is affordable, as you pay just for the amount of work that has been done. No extra expenses on recruitment, company perks, etc.;
  • You receive access to a large talent pool - Fintech app developers with the expertise that is needed for your product;
  • A vendor provides financial and legal support, business analysis, and post-development maintenance of the product;
  • Such an approach is very time-efficient and allows business owners to concentrate on their core business.


  • Because of different time zones, there might be difficulties in communication;
  • You don’t have full-time control over the development process.

Freelance developers are the developers who remotely work for your project.


  • Freelance developers have lower costs than outsourcing or in-house teams. Plus, you only need to pay for the tasks that have been completed;
  • You get access to the devs from different parts of the world with the expertise you need.


  • There is no guarantee of meeting the deadlines and quality standards;
  • You have to look for extra experts in the fields of QA, marketing, design, etc.;
  • There is no possibility of post-development maintenance;
  • The risk of disclosing confidential information, or stealing your product.

Before opting for one of the aforementioned models, bear in mind that rates significantly differ depending on the country. For instance, according to Neuvoo, the average hourly rate of React.js developers varies from $56 to $75 in the US, while in Ukraine it starts at $14 per hour.

Where to Find a Fintech App Developer?

1. Don’t eliminate the possibility of using your personal connections. There might be people among your acquaintances who have already worked with some talented Fintech developers or a trustworthy outsourcing vendor;
2. Visit a Fintech conference in your city, or delegate someone there. Even if developers whom you ask aren’t looking for job opportunities, they can recommend someone;
3. Surf LinkedIn - a social network where you can find software companies and individual developers, check their working experience, and get in contact with them;
4. Check independent platforms such as Clutch, GoodFirms, and Appfutura. These are trusted B2B platforms where all data is carefully checked. Business owners leave their feedback about cooperation with different companies;
5. Freelancer, Toptal, Hired, Codementor, Guru, Upwork, and PeoplePerHour are freelance platforms where you can check ratings from previous customers, portfolios, etc. Stay aware of fake accounts there;
6. Stack Overflow, The Verge, Code Project, and XDA Developers are developers’ forums where you can meet the best of the best in the industry. If you’ve already decided on technology, it’s better to search for forums about specific technologies. 

Acknowledgment of the Fintech benefits is the first step to improve customer experience and increase the value of your business. As it’s frequently challenging to hire Fintech developers due to the lack of professionals, high costs onshore, or regulatory restrictions, and hiring freelancers is not always reliable, the best solution is to outsource the services to a Fintech app development provider. In inVerita we’ve been delivering the whole range of Fintech services from digital banking to crypto projects. Just say “Hi” to us, we’ll do the rest.
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