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7 reasons to hire Ukrainian developers

7 reasons to hire Ukrainian developers

December 5, 2019
by Svitlana Luts

The number of businesses thinking about Ukraine as a leading outsourcing destination and entrusting their projects to Ukrainian dedicated teams has increased.

Indeed, Ukraine is regularly found among top IT outsourcing countries in various sources:

We’ve found 10 main reasons why Ukraine is a lucrative place for most businesses to hire dedicated developers for their software projects.

1. 200,000+ IT professionals

The number of IT specialists in 2019 has reached about 200,000 people. Startup investments surpassed $290 million in 2018. Ukrainian software development companies are eagerly expanding their staff and are opening offices in new locations in the Ukrainian IT hubs, namely Kyiv, Lviv, and Rivne. Moreover, quite a lot of startups (more than 2,000 companies), as well as R&B centers, are increasing in size.

According to Daxx, technologies gaining the most popularity in Ukraine are Java (26,3%), C#(15,4%), JavaScript (13,8%), PHP (13,1%), and Python (8%). Ukraine is a top country for C++ engineers, Unity3D game developers and second for Scala, JavaScript and Magento.

2. Engineering excellence & extensive expertise

In the span of the last several years, Ukraine has been getting recognition concerning higher education institutions. With over 800 universities to study in, 36,000 students graduate from universities with degrees in IT-related fields. Ukraine boasts numerous educational opportunities (in Computer Science, AI, Data Science, IoT) launched with software development companies and IT clusters.

Ukrainian educational institutions

Is Ukraine the second Silicon Valley? There are over 15,000 registered software outsourcing companies in Ukraine, most of them are integrated into the western business world.

3. Best price

Commissioning your project to Ukrainian software development is a much more affordable option than hiring a specialist from the UK, the US or Australia. Despite the fact that the prices are lower it doesn’t make the quality worse. If you have doubts you can check out one or two apps developed by Ukrainians. Indeed, Flawless App, a tool for iOS developers to compare the expected design and the real app right inside iOS Simulator, has been used by such well-known brands as Uber, Disney, and eBay.

The ballpark figure Ukrainian companies charge according to ranges from $25 to $50. Ukraine has a much larger talent pool compared to countries bordering with Ukraine.

4. 80% of Ukrainian developers are fluent in English

As reported by DOU, most software developers in Ukraine have intermediate or higher English skills. Intermediate or upper-intermediate levels of English proficiency make communication with the customer smooth and crystal clear.

5. Loyal to clients

Both, a client and a vendor are protected by the Ukrainian government fostering teamwork between foreign and local companies. There are no misunderstandings in case an issue arises, as Intellectual Property Court in Ukraine knows how to deal with it. Clients, as well as Ukrainian teams, can visit each other’s offices, meet their teams to negotiate project requirements and build stronger relationships.

hire Ukrainian developers

Non-disclosure agreement allows customers to protect sensitive information. Most of Ukrainian IT companies go in line with intellectual property laws, so your ideas and developed solutions will not be shared with third parties or used without your consent.

6. Timezone convenience

Thanks to globalization all boundaries that existed in international communication disappeared. Eastern Europe’s location and convenient time zone UTC+2 (UTC+3) makes it easy to handle business meetings and communication with clients and partners.

7. Major tech brands already work with Ukrainian developers

Ukrainian software developers have been gaining popularity and are in great demand globally due to strong programming skills. Numerous software outfits and R&D centers of globally leading companies are already functioning in Ukraine (Nextiva, SimCorp, Samsung, Huawei, Wargaming, Siemens). The country claims to have the fourth largest number of certified software developers in the world (according to the Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative).

companies partnering with Ukrainian developers

To recap

If these 10 reasons don’t sound persuasive, what does? Engineering excellence and extensive expertise allow Ukrainian developers to remain one of the best outsourcing teams to work with for years. In case you decided to work with software development talent in Ukraine, contact inVerita.

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