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The 2020 pandemic turned our lives upside down. And while most of us have sighed because this year is finally finishing in one day, businesses are to cope with its consequences for the next few years, or even more.

In 2020, many renowned companies and fast-growing startups experienced big money losses, became forced to give up their offices, cut the costs for company perks, recruitment, and training. Though they still needed to keep going to survive. How did they manage to?

A big variety of them turned to a staff augmentation model to cater to their hiring needs for tech talent. So, what does staff augmentation mean?

IT staff augmentation meaning and benefits

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing model that presupposes the recruitment of technological experts for a certain project under the defined deadlines and cost. The experts are hired to fill the gaps in technological competence for short-term or long-term cooperation.

IT staff augmentation can solve a lot of problems that a company may face: lack of professionals in the area, high expenses, inability to scale up the business, difficulties in innovation application, etc.

Below, we are going to dwell upon the main advantages of partnering with a software development company that your business will definitely benefit from.

Access to a large talent pool

Companies frequently face a shortage of tech experts when it comes to filling the technological side of the project. In some countries, like the US, there is a big difference between the demand and currently available talent. On the other hand, Eastern Europe, for example, offers a vast pool of experienced and English-fluent developers with similar to Western-culture values, which makes it a popular destination for staff augmentation. Solely in Ukraine, operate approximately 1,6K IT companies and more than 192K tech experts.


Globally-sourced talent usually results in a lower wage bill. The average annual salary of a middle-level developer in Ukraine is $30K, according to PayScale, while in the USA — $82K. What makes more difference is the absence of necessity to spend on recruitment, training, office rent, equipment, and company perks — your vendor covers those expenses and builds a company’s culture instead of you. In InVerita we also cover all the overhead vacations of the teams, establishing a transparent and convenient pricing model for our partners.


Facing no limitations in the matters of geographic location, availability of human resources, their expertise, one can scale their team at a single moment. Whether you run a big enterprise or an evolving startup — staff augmentation brings the enormous advantage to innovate with the help of the best talent from any part of the world. The regular meetings with the team keep you updated about the product development stage, and give you the opportunity to control every process, while you still have time to focus on your core business.

Time efficiency

As soon as you’ve signed a contract with a vendor, your team immediately starts working on the project. You don’t spend time on the recruitment process and employee training. Furthermore, in contrast to outsourcing, the team doesn’t disperse their attention to multiple projects — they concentrate exclusively on yours.

Hiring new people is not as easy as ABC. Especially, if your focus is on the best talent. It requires spending a big amount of time and money on recruiting and training. Furthermore, you are to cover all the ongoing expenses for the employees, including paying for downtime. Will you receive good retention in return? No one knows.

On the other hand, staff augmentation with inVerita guarantees you cooperation with talented and experienced developers with no extra expenses of your time and money. Drop us a line to start building your dedicated development team with inVerita.

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