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Every developer sometimes faces a feeling of infinite piles of tasks being sent day in and day out. Most of them compose a regular developer's routine - code, test, debug, etc. Though almost every case still presents new challenges to overcome. That’s where Python programming tools, libraries, and IDEs come in.

In this blog, are presented the best Python tools that are constantly used by inVerita programmers to smooth regular development processes and make the product more agile.

# PyCharm                    


PyCharm is one of the most-loved developers’ tools, designed by JetBrains. It offers two versions: Community (free open-source, includes Python editor, code inspections, VCS support, graphical debugger, and test runner) and Professional (paid, full-featured IDE with scientific tools, web frameworks, and SQL support. 

Another reason for such popularity is that PyCharm leverages Django which gives it support for web development. PyCharm offers a wide range of packages, modules, and tools to enhance Python development at the same time minimizing the effort needed to perform the tasks.

Some of the PyCharm features include:

  • Smart code editor and navigation, advanced and secure refactoring;
  • Provides all the features an IDE should include: from the powerful debugger to GUI-based test runner;
  • Supplies great support for JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, CoffeeScript, and their modern incomers;
  • Availability of integration tools;
  • Project and code navigation;
  • Data Science and Machine Learning ( in Professional Edition);
  • Google App Engine (in Professional Edition);
  • Multi-technology development (in Professional Edition);
  • Support for popular Python web frameworks (in Professional Edition).
If you want to try out PyCharm, you can learn more about its features or download it here.

PyDev is a plugin for Eclipse IDE. It allows Eclipse to be used as a Python IDE and also can be used for Jython and IronPython development. This is a strong Python interpreter that is focused on code analysis, debugging in the graphical pattern, and code refactoring. Python development with this tool can be compared to Java development on Eclipse that is really of exceptional quality.

PyDev offers:

  • Possibility to configure Django integration;
  • Code completion with auto-import;
  • Debugger, refactoring, and remote debugger;
  • Code analysis and type hinting.
You can download PyDev and find out more about its features here.

Wing is a powerful and lightweight IDE that comes in three versions: Pro, Personal, and 101 but also has a 30-day free trial period. An interesting fact is that in case of trial period expiration, the software provides an additional 10 minutes for developers to migrate their applications. Wing contains many useful features which makes it one of the most loved IDEs among Pythonistas.

Some of them are:

  • Smart editor and powerful debugger make the development process fast and accurate;
  • An intelligent editor that supports such features as error indicators, configurable tabs and split windows, flexible selection modes, and more;
  • A refactoring tool reorganizes code without introducing errors;
  • Integrated unit testing and easy code navigation.

Thonny is a dedicated Python IDE that is in-built in Python 3. Because of its simple and neat interface, it’s very easy to start with and mainly focused on beginners with no prior Python experience. Using Thonny, programmers are able to change the mode to have the reference explained. 

The main features of Thonny are:

  • Simple debugger with F5, F6, and F7 function keys for debugging;
  • An editor that highlights syntax errors and code completion feature;
  • Simple and clean pip GUI for easy installation of third-party packages;
  • Beginner-friendly system call and scope explanation.

Vim is a popular free text editor that is an improved version of UNIX editor Vi. It’s a constantly updated and highly customizable software by adding a variety of extensions, so one that is familiar with it can easily use Vim for Python development. Though if you haven’t had experience in working with it before, it will require a lot of time to get started with Python. The peculiarity of Vim is that it’s a modal editor which separates viewing and editing of the file.

The main features of Vim are:

  • Vim integrates with a large system of plugins;
  • Advanced editing commands, syntax highlighting, and graphical versions;
  • It’s a command-centric tool so it’s easy to perform text-related tasks with a few commands.
You can download Vim using this link.

Spyder is an open-source IDE mainly used to provide a powerful scientific environment for Python. It’s one of the most popular programs to code Python because of rich development tools features and strong community support. It comes included with Anaconda package manager distribution and integrates many specific data science libraries such as NumPy, SciPy, IPython, and Matplotlib.

Spyder offers:

  • Code editor with powerful syntax highlighting;
  • Debugging, interactive execution, editing, advanced analysis;
  • Variable explorer that displays data inside IDE through a table-based layout. This feature is very helpful for science work.
More about Spyder features and installation guide here.

# Atom                    


Atom is an open-source code editor available on all platforms and built using Electron (a framework for creating desktop applications). It’s simple and lightweight so it loads fast and allows interface customization to its users. Actually, that’s one of the main reasons why Atom is so popular among developers: everything can be customized from the interface to the basic functions.

Here are some of the Atom features:

  • Smart auto-completion feature to write the code faster;
  • Cross-platform editing and built-in package manager and file system browser;
  • You can also split the interface in Atom into a number of panes to compare and edit code across files.
Download Atom button.
Gnu Emacs

An open-source family of text editors GNU Emacs uses a form of a powerful language called Emacs Lisp to support advanced development tasks. This software is available on all platforms and uses different extensions for development in various languages. For instance, Elpy extension for Python development.

Some of the features:

  • Syntax highlighting to mark document elements;
  • Complete Unicode support for nearly all human scripts;
  • Full built-in documentation.

More about GNU Emacs features and download.


visual studio code

Visual Studio Code is small and lightweight though full-featured and customizable for the majority of tasks. Unlike Visual Studio, it’s open-source and available not only for Windows and Mac OS but for Linux as well. It can be compared to Atom, as both of them are built Electron, therefore, have similar functionality and pros and cons.

The main features of Visual Studio Code are:

  • Powerful debugging console and strong integration with GIT;
  • Auto code complete feature with IntelliSense that enables syntax completion based on function definition, etc.;
  • Allows using a variety of plugins from the Visual Studio Code marketplace.

As soon as you have installed Python, IDLE has also been added by default to make your acquaintance with Python faster and easier. It’s a lightweight and simple IDE with basic features for beginners though it’s not an option for larger projects.

The tool:

  • Includes a basic integrated debugger;
  • Interactive interpreter (Python shell window) that mark code input, output, and error messages with color;
  • Autocompletion and smart indentation;
  • Syntax highlighting and autocompletion;
  • Smart indentation.

Read more about IDLE features.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are a Python veteran or a newbie, easy Python IDE or a code editor are must-haves for automating your everyday tasks. Being a versatile and highly popular language, Python offers a plethora of great tools both free and paid. If your favorite one hasn’t been mentioned in the blog, feel free to share the best interpreter for Python in the comments below.

The article was updated on February 21, 2022
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