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inVerita, a custom software development company, announces new logo and rolls out brand refresh. We’ve introduced a new logo about a month ago and now inVerita is in the process of integrating rebranded colors and styles into the refreshed website design concept.

The meaning behind the logo

The circle reflects our accuracy, conciseness, unambiguousness in what we say and do. If we dive deeper, we’ll see the circle being the center of the cross even among Christianity. The reason why we decided to use the circle is to show our unambiguousness in what we say and what we do. Conciseness allows doing everything with no fuss and our clients receive what they want. The circle is the beginning and the emergence of new things. Any word, drawing or a line starts from a point or the small circle.

The geometric points do not have any length, area, volume or any other dimensional attribute.

Euclid, a mathematician, originally defined the point as "that which has the position in space". inVerita aligns with this definition as we do not give empty promises. We just exist. We do our best to find the best solution to any problem.

We always hit the target, as we always aim at the center. Therefore, customers are confident in the quality we provide. The circle is a symbol of unity and integrity. It reveals our “'s all about people” philosophy by evolving around people and their interests. Our employees are united by the one goal, “ be the face of Ukraine". We know what we want and will achieve it. We are together. We are "in the circle" of common interests.

The meaning behind colors and shades

Blue is a color of power. Our power is our strong, friendly and sincere team. Many nations associate blue with heaven, eternity, consistency, loyalty, intuition and the supernatural. We constantly grow and learn, steadily move towards the goal, and we are faithful to our values. Blue is bound with innovation and customer loyalty, it conveys trust and confidence.

We’ve already presented the philosophy to all of our employees inside of our company. inVerita is also going to align all its visuals, both digital and offline materials with the new design soon.

We want to say thank you

By sharing this with you, inVerita shows how we appreciate everyone who reads our news and is interested in what’s going on inside our company. Thank you for staying with us!

About inVerita

inVerita is a trusted, business-oriented web and mobile software development company, based in one of the leading Eastern European centers in software engineering. We transform the way businesses deal with Fintech, Logistics, and Education by consulting and providing custom software development services. inVerita empowers market leaders to face their challenges and go up against today’s competitive business world armed with ground-breaking and high-end software solutions.

As a software development company, we have more than 100 professionals in-house proficient enough to provide such services as application development, software consulting, product software development, custom software development, mobile app development, web development, software testing and QA, IoT software development, as well as cloud development: from the project initiation to delivery and maintenance.

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