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Building your business and need a full-scale project without spending your own time and human resources? That’s when outsourcing comes in handy. However, this industry is relatively susceptible to changes, and newer developments and ideas will substitute current IT outsourcing trends.

Long story either short - IT evolves.

It’s time to define crucial aspects to see how much has it changed over the last decade. Here are the most notable trends in outsourcing as of 2022.

Value-Based IT Services Replace “Cheap Price” Policy

Some time ago just making a particular product already made the owner a hero - nobody had done this before, and everybody is willing to miss some of the flaws. Well, that’s not the case in 2022. Competition has risen to a point where people have to do things with style - fast and effective.

It would be foolish for outsourcing companies to avoid matching the standards, right? Clients are willing to pay more if the software development company operates swiftly and reliably. The industry of IT Services is not about what you do, but how you do it. Value equals quality, and it means:

Drifting Towards Narrowly Focused Outsourcing Providers

Days of searching for the one-person orchestra are gone. IT outsourcing trends make it clear that there is a tendency of hiring teams that fit the specific requirements of each project. This will increase the value of provided services and open space for other companies to join the race by offering expertise in different technology.

Such scaling intertwines with other aspects of it outsourcing as an industry and the latter needs to adapt to new challenges covered below.

Soft And Technical Skills Become Equally Important In Outsourcing Companies

2022 needs every dedicated team to be flexible and able to structure the business in a way that allows better communication within the company and a dynamic working environment.

Here’s what being competitive on the industry market requires from a outsourcing specialist:

  • Teamwork;
  • Leadership potential;
  • Risk assessment (Ability to say “No” if needed);
  • Social activity regardless of position;
  • Self-management (time, energy, work commitment).

The line between strict work formula and the atmosphere of a chaotic startup gets blurred and the it outsourcing trends shall continue, granting bonuses to the brave and active.

Lack Of Quality Specialists Increase Outsourcing Value And Price

Despite a large number of newbies in IT, the shortage of those with the highest qualification is simple to spot. Exponential development of the industry creates technologies that require highly skilled developers, let alone the projects based on the blockchain, IoT, AI, or Big Data.

According to Burning Glass, blockchain developers are in high demand

A gradual increase of salaries makes it more expensive to hire a skilled team yet leaves all the trouble of providing the required skills and knowledge on such IT services.

Approaching Outsourcing Companies As Business Partners

Hiring the “muscle” is not good enough anymore as the value of constant communication and quality project completion rises. Businesses acknowledge that a friendly attitude and long-term relationships with outsourcing providers is necessary for scaling.

Both parties get the prize - developers acquire a stable source of projects and income; businesses gain a trusted pool of industry experts with an increased determination to work with the passion due to an already established atmosphere of partnership.

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