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What do you think: are .NET developers in demand? 2019 StackOverflow survey named .NET and .NET Core the most used frameworks beyond web development. The technology has become a choice of many world-known companies such as Dell, Intell, StackOverflow, and others, and is gaining more adherence from businesses of all sizes every year. Therefore, it’s not so easy to hire .NET developers, and one of the reasons is high competitiveness among the employers.

Depending on the cooperation model that you have already chosen or are in the process of making the choice, we offer our list of best places to find developers and a few suggestions on how to conduct an interview with .NET developers.

Step by step instruction on how to hire .NET developers:

  • Choose a cooperation model;
  • Use resources to find the candidates;
  • Conduct a technical interview;
  • Check soft skills, portfolio, etc;
  • Sign a contract.

Outsourcing model:

Advantages of outsourcing software development:
cost-effectiveness, fast time-to-market, access to a big talent pool, and time to concentrate on your core business.

Disadvantages: possible communication difficulties and management issues.

In-house model

Advantages of in-house software development:
great team involvement, the highest level of control, absence of language, and cultural barriers.

Disadvantages: expensive, the risk of being left, paying for downtime.

Freelance model

Advantages of hiring freelancers:
big talent pool, affordable.

Disadvantages: a lot of possible risks in the terms of security and following deadlines, possible language, and cultural barriers.

Interview tips to hire .NET developers

In case you opt for an in-house or freelance model of cooperation and are planning to interview the candidates yourself, you should spend some time getting familiar with the technology and software development process. If you are not planning to go deeper into all this techy stuff, then a good idea is to invite someone from your team with .NET expertise to assist you. We suggest using these questions as a guiding star for the interview. Though don’t forget to adjust them for the requirements of your job opening.

Interview questions that will help you to find an expert in .NET

  1. Name the languages supported by the .NET framework.
  2. What are the most important aspects of .NET?
  3. What is the difference between a class and an object, and how the terms are related?
  4. What is meant by managed and unmanaged code?
  5. Explain the steps of executing a managed code.
  6. What is CTS?
  7. In which case should you use .NET web forms over ASP.NET MVC?
  8. Describe the garbage collection process. How can you enforce it? Provide the example of the code.
  9. What is inheritance? Why is it so important?
  10. Define LINQ.
  11. What is the difference between a stack and a queue?
  12. Explain localization and globalization.
  13. Name validators in ASP.NET.
  14. What do these acronyms in .NET stand for: IL, CIL, MSIL, JIT, and CLI?
  15. Explain the different parts of the assembly.

We can’t deny the importance of technical interviews but apart from checking the technical competence of the candidates, there are some more factors to consider.

Soft skills

The ability to work as a team player, communication, and collaboration skills are essential if you want to hire .NET developers for your in-house team. If your aim is to hire offshore .NET developers or freelancers, you should pay special attention to their self-organization and time-management skills. All in all, cooperation models will never be as important as people who join your software development team. So, make sure you feel comfortable working with them, and they are trustworthy enough to have access to confidential data.

.NET developers’ portfolio

Ask the candidates to present the examples of their past work and comment on the challenges they faced in the process of software development, and solutions that have been implemented.

Software development methodologies

The way your candidates interacted with other team members during their previous project is also useful to know. Most experienced .NET developers have extensive experience with Agile environments and some may even have tried working with DevOps. Good to know, isn’t it?

Wrapping up

The bitter truth is that you won’t find people with a plate “.NET Core developers for hire”. Therefore, one way is to go on a journey using the tips presented in this article. And if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get the possibility to hire .NET programmers who are experienced and hardworking. But if you have never found a shamrock in your life, contact our software development company and we’ll help you to develop your product with the best .NET developers.

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