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How to Get Started with Flutter in 40 Days: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

How to Get Started with Flutter in 40 Days: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

November 26, 2019
by Orest Hudziy

Most of our mobile products are built with Flutter. That is why we came up with a 40 Day Flutter Tour to help developers with minimal or no prior Flutter experience hit the ground running and dive into projects armed and ready. Let’s get the party started:

Day 1 - Day 2:

Start getting acquainted with Dart. DartHub is the perfect place to begin learning Dart — A tour of the Dart language.

Set up and configure an IDE, create a project, start looking around and playing with it.

Day 3 - Day 4:

Check two CodeLabs below (a single lab that consists of two parts): Write Your First Flutter App, part 1 Write Your First Flutter App, part 2

Peek inside widgets in Flutter, try to use them in your project — Introduction to widgets.

Day 5 - Day 6:

Go for a second CodeLab — Building Beautiful UIs with Flutter.

Day 7:

Hop on the first lecture from the creators of the Flutter on Udacity.

Day 8 - Day 9:

Check this widgets catalog out, try using some of them — Flutter widget index.

Don’t forget to watch the “Widget Weekly” video.

Day 10 - Day 11:

Check out the second lecture from the creators of the Flutter on Udacity.

Day 12 - 16:

The Boring Flutter Development Show — YouTube.

Pay special attention to themes.

Day 17 - Day 18:

Dive into testing on Flutter — Testing Flutter apps. Try covering some parts of your code with tests.

Day 19 - Day 20:

Try writing your own plugins — Writing custom platform-specific code.

Whenever you have a general understanding of how plugins work in Flutter, go for this one — Flutter — Widget — State — Context — InheritedWidget.

Day 21 - 23:

Architecture days, check these out:

Build reactive mobile apps with Flutter (Google I/O ’18)


Try developing your own tiny sample. Pay attention to Scoped Model, Redux, BLoC.

Day 24 - 40:

Start working on your first Flutter pet project, keep test coverage on at least a 30% level, and try to be as TDD as possible.

I hope you now feel ready to dive into Flutter. Thank you for taking your time and reading this. This process has worked for our teams for a while, but we always strive to improve and make the learning curve faster. In case it takes you longer than 40 days to complete the Flutter Tour — don’t worry. It really depends on the background you have and the overall experience.

Feel free to comment and suggest improvements to the Tour, we will adjust happily. If you’re interested in a cross-platform solution, please contact inVerita and we’ll provide you with some valuable suggestions regarding your project!

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