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 According to Statista, Flutter is introduced as the top 10 leading frameworks in 2021, and it is the most prominent cross-platform framework and its performance is going to get even better in 2022. Nowadays most of our mobile products are built with Flutter. That is why we came up with a 40 Day Flutter Tour to help developers with minimal or no prior Flutter experience hit the ground running and dive into projects armed and ready. 

Why Should You Learn Flutter?

  1. It is open-source and supported by Google. 
  2. By utilizing Flutter, developers can benefit from a single code base, which allows them to create code once and have it function on both iOS and Android. It cuts down the amount of time and expense of production. 
  3. Flutter employs the Dart programming language, which offers a number of advantages as well as being simple to grasp and comprehend. 
  4. The Hot Reload functionality, which allows all developers and designers to view updates since they are made, is one of Flutter's main selling points. 
  5. Since Dart converts native machine code, Flutter applications behave similarly to native apps.

Preconditions for Studying Flutter

To begin studying Flutter, you'll need to be comfortable with the fundamentals. Unless you are unfamiliar with some of the following topics, it is recommended that you learn them before continuing on your Flutter travels:

  • In case you desire to create truly delicate and comprehensive applications, you'll need to know how to design native Android apps.
  • It is also a good idea to first understand Dart coding, which is simple. Dart is an overall language of programming developed by Google. For instance, offers a set of classes that can help you get started with Dart efficiently and easily. 
  • It is likewise essential to be familiar with Object-oriented programming Concepts.  Since OOPS notions are used in languages such As C++ and Javascript, it is crucial to understand them well. Check out this great video that illustrates OOPS in simple terms.
  • It's a plus if you understand Javascript or C++, though it's not obligatory.

Now, let’s get the party started:

Day 1 - Day 2:

Start getting acquainted with Dart. DartHub is the perfect place to begin learning Dart — A tour of the Dart language.

Set up and configure an IDE, create a project, start looking around and playing with it.

Day 3 - Day 4:

Check two CodeLabs below (a single lab that consists of two parts):

Write Your First Flutter App, part 1

Write Your First Flutter App, part 2

Peek inside widgets in Flutter, try to use them in your project — Introduction to widgets.

Day 5 - Day 6:

Go for a second CodeLab — Building Beautiful UIs with Flutter.

Day 7:

Hop on the first lecture from the creators of the Flutter on Udacity.

Day 8 - Day 9:

Check this widgets catalog out, try using some of them — Flutter widget index.

Don’t forget to watch the “Widget Weekly” video.

Day 10 - Day 11:

Check out the second lecture from the creators of the Flutter on Udacity.

Day 12 - 16:

The Boring Flutter Development Show — YouTube.

Pay special attention to themes.

Day 17 - Day 18:

Dive into testing on Flutter — Testing Flutter apps. Try covering some parts of your code with tests.

Day 19 - Day 20:

Try writing your own plugins — Writing custom platform-specific code.

Whenever you have a general understanding of how plugins work in Flutter, go for this one — Flutter — Widget — State — Context — InheritedWidget.

Day 21 - 23:

Architecture days, check these out:

Build reactive mobile apps with Flutter  


Try developing your own tiny sample. Pay attention to Scoped Model, Redux, BLoC.

Day 24 - 40:

Start working on your first Flutter pet project, keep test coverage on at least a 30% level, and try to be as TDD as possible.

I hope you now feel ready to dive into Flutter. Thank you for taking your time and reading this. This process has worked for our teams for a while, but we always strive to improve and make the learning curve faster. In case it takes you longer than 40 days to complete the Flutter Tour — don’t worry. It really depends on the background you have and the overall experience.

Feel free to comment and suggest improvements to the Tour, we will adjust happily. If you’re interested in a cross-platform solution, please contact inVerita and we’ll provide you with some valuable suggestions regarding your project!

The article was updated on February 21, 2022.
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