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If you are struggling to modernize already existing technical solutions or enroll new digital ideas without spending a fortune on it, we have a solution for you. And this solution is working with software development companies in Ukraine.

As has been estimated by Statista, the entire size of outsourcing services reached approximately $85.6 billion in 2018. Cooperation with external vendors has been gaining more and more popularity through the companies of all sizes, allowing them to process business activities and avoid major risks. According to Harvard Business Review, an average dedicated development team boosts productivity by 10%.

Let’s see why hiring a dedicated team in Ukraine plays such a crucial role in the successful delivery of your IT product.

Access to the best talents and high work efficiency

There is no need to form a permanent IT department in case you need a specific development service. Just catch your “fish” in the vast ocean of talent. Having extensive experience in developing software solutions, a dedicated team approach is quality-oriented and clearly understands customer’s requirements, giving them an opportunity to focus on other tasks.

A risk to avoid. Once project objectives have been clearly formulated, the next stage is to inform the second party to omit possible delays, change orders that can drive up costs and extend project timelines. Try to be transparent about your expectations for quality and checkpoints along the course of the project.

Direct communication and monitoring of the team

Hiring a dedicated team in Ukraine allows a customer to gain control over team members and manage the development process at all phases. You stay in constant touch with the dedicated development team and they keep you informed directly about problems and project achievements.

A risk to avoid. One of the most important factors is a complete understanding of how an outsourced project fits into a company’s overall strategic goals. One of the outsourced aspects of operation has a direct influence on every other project in the company's portfolio. Win the process of communication with the company to which you are considering outsourcing a project, explain not just a project itself, but the whole scope of your goals as a company, the interference of the current project with other projects that already exist in your company.

Hiring dedicated developers is a cost-cutting tool

The price is one of the main drivers to support a dedicated team model. If you work with an outsourcing company you don’t need to bear long-term associated costs at all: no running recruitment process, no hardware or software costs, and finally, you don’t spend on infrastructure development.

A risk to avoid. Don’t get under temptation to choose the cheapest company. When choosing an offshore software development company, make sure to interview the engineers to learn their technical background. Choose the partner that is best-suited to deliver the project, which may or may not be the one with the lowest cost.

The reasons to hire a dedicated development team in Ukraine

Ukraine has the largest IT talent pool with over 500,000 experienced developers who have participated in large international projects and is the best place to find developers. Technical education in Ukraine has remained one of the most flourishing in the world with 16,000 IT graduates a year.

The work culture of Ukrainian IT companies is similar to the Western. Due to the insignificant time difference between Europe and the USA and a high level of English, your core team won’t face any barriers in communication with Ukrainian software developers.

As to the significant devaluation of the hryvnia, Ukraine has been changed into one of the most competitive low-cost production platforms globally. Though don’t expect a dedicated software development team in Ukraine to be extremely low-cost as to its advanced IT market and experienced developers, the price will be higher than in some less IT-proficient countries.

Opting for a dedicated software development team, you get full management control over the project and the team. Enabled to hire software developers in Ukraine with the most impressive experience, you don’t need to spend on any extras, like the office or recruiting process – the outsourcing company does it for you. And Ukraine is one of the big sharks in this industry. So, go ahead and find your Ukrainian developers! Having a vast experience with US and European partners, our specialists at inVerita are looking forward to becoming your vendor.

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