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Outsourcing is the new jeans. Everyone wears jeans — from a countryside farmer to a city entrepreneur. Because jeans are practical, comfortable, and stylish. Jeans make people equal. So does outsourcing. Ted from NY who can’t afford to hire an in-house software development team (because he is required to pay as per the US rate standards, cover insurance, company perks, office equipment costs, etc) has the same chance to develop software for his product as Marshall from MN who can afford it. Ted needs just to take on his jeans, sit in front of the computer, and find an outsourcing vendor.

If you’re currently looking for an outsourcing partner as Ted does, here are some tips on how to successfully outsource IT development.

According to statistics, reducing costs is the main driver for companies to choose outsourcing. But it doesn’t mean that outsourcing comes for free. Usually, companies calculate only the apparent expenses that lie on the surface, forgetting to include some additional payments. It might be anything from costs for workflow maintenance to RFP preparation. Therefore, it’s vital to conduct a deep analysis of all the services being provided by a vendor and just cover them in the contract.

The expectation-setting phase is the main prerequisite for successful and on-time product delivery. You must be transparent about your perspectives for quality, team size, and services you need to outsource for your product in order to avoid unforeseen costs and exclude possible delays. Benign advice is to get all the expectations you have and the responsibilities you delegate to your dedicated team in writing. The clearer your project goals are, the bigger the chance is that the vendor will correctly estimate the scope and cost of the project and opt for the best development methodology.

Don’t be under the temptation to choose the cheapest service provider. The price usually reflects the company’s reputation, quality of service delivery, and experience of the developers. A good company won’t work for free though it doesn’t mean that the most expensive company won’t make a fool out of you. Therefore, please, spend a little bit more time on choosing the vendor and comparing prices in the industry to protect yourself from inconveniences in the future.

Once you’ve found a vendor you feel positive about, study that company in detail: what are the industries they develop for, what technologies do they work with, case studies, customers’ reviews, company’s culture and values, and finally, does their previous experience correspond to the scope of your project. Only after that, you can arrange a call with a company’s representative to discuss the milestones of your future cooperation. Feel free to ask for a CV of any developer who is going to work on your product.

Communication is a strong pillar of successful outsourcing software development. Unfortunately, it’s also its Achilles’ heel. Living in different countries and sometimes different parts of the world with your vendor doesn’t usually well up your cooperation. So, it’s important to choose a vendor with whom at least 1 or 2 of your working hours coincide. Visualize the time difference using, for example, The World Clock Meeting Planner, and arrange communication channels and regular time for meetings with the team.

Alongside time differences come language and cultural barriers. The National Outsourcing Association in the UK states that 75% of their survey respondents said that they “would take more account of culture next time”. Evaluate if there is any difference in organizational culture between you and your vendor, do they share the same value your company does, and don’t forget to check the English level of the dedicated team.

Why outsource with inVerita?

  1. We are a highly-ranked Clutch company gratefully to more than 5 years of hands-on experience and a big number of satisfied customers’ reviews.
  2. Our software dedicated teams are composed of experienced developers who have strong expertise in building web and mobile solutions, IoT software development, Cloud and DevOps services for various industries.
  3. inVerita always signs a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with customers a document that lists the governing law, protects the information, agreement duration, and guarantees jail time, fines, and severe reputational damage in case of NDA breach.
  4. We know how to deal with time-zone differences. Our managers are responsible for giving customers daily insights on the scope of the project and keep them updated about all the challenges.
  5. We strongly believe that your success is our success, thus we always take responsibility for the quality of our delivery.

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