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Every day, we come across new “best medical apps for patients” that promise to manage our physical and mental health much better than other apps do.

While there are over 350k healthcare apps available on the Apple Store and Google Play,  the majority of these applications have less than 10k downloads. Why? 

Most of the apps are falling short in effectively engaging patients due to a lack of alignment between their functionality and user experience with the expectations and requirements of consumers.

In today’s blog, we’ll have a look at top medical apps for patients that are really worth users’ time and store space and can serve as inspiration for building your own software.

What is a Medical Healthcare App?

There are two main categories of apps in healthcare - healthcare apps for patients and wellness applications. While the first one aims to diagnose, track, and treat certain health conditions, the second one improves the overall health of a patient by addressing mental, physical, social, and even environmental elements connected to health.

Benefits of Medical Apps

There are endless opportunities for growth in eHealth. According to Fortune Business Insights, the healthcare app industry market is predicted to grow to $314 billion by 2028 from $38 billion in 2021. McKinsey states that 55% of questioned patients believe that they receive a higher quality of care through telehealth as compared to in-office visits. 

Consequently, more and more healthcare organizations are ready to invest in building their own healthcare mobile apps for patients, as they bring advantages for all parties engaged in the healthcare process.

Benefits of Medical Apps

Main Criteria for Choosing Medical Apps

In order to thrive in the industry, healthcare providers need to recognize the challenges faced by users and adapt their strategies to ensure a seamless and highly satisfying user experience, particularly in relation to their health.

At inVerita, we have a big team of healthcare software developers, experienced in building various types of top healthcare apps for patients, including telemedicine applications, EHR & EMR software, hospital and clinic management software, and more. Therefore, we can highlight the following criteria that make the application successful:

  • Easy to Use

The best healthcare apps for patients are smooth and simple. Using advanced technologies in healthcare mobile apps for patients is great but the basic features like scheduling an appointment and checking test results should be easily accessible. Make sure your applications look the same for iOS and Android users.

  • Secure

Medical apps are very common targets of various cyber-attacks. Therefore, it is crucial for healthcare providers to implement comprehensive security measures to safeguard the sensitive data of patients. This includes ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, employing data encryption, being vigilant against common phishing techniques, enabling multi-factor authentication, and consistently investing in cybersecurity training for employees.

  • Integrated with EHR/EMR

The increasing popularity of EHR and EMR systems has prompted numerous healthcare organizations to integrate their apps with these systems for seamless internal data exchange. This integration enables patients and practitioners to have round-the-clock access to their blood test results, prescriptions, and diagnoses, and allows them to view new information as soon as it becomes available.

  • Easy Communication with Practitioners

Healthcare solutions enable healthcare professionals to establish secure connections with their patients without the need for in-person visits. Instead of traveling to the hospital and back, they can interact with patients face-to-face in real-time using mobile, desktop, or web apps. This not only saves time but also ensures a convenient and efficient healthcare experience for both parties involved.

Top Medical Apps for Patients

We have gathered the best healthcare apps for patients that provide robust services, cater to unique purposes, and allow their users to communicate in multiple ways.

# Doctor on Demand - 24-Hour Online Urgent Care                    
# Doctor on Demand

Doctor on Demand is a telehealth application that offers 24-hour online urgent care. The application provides access to board-certified online doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and other medical experts who can consult on various medical conditions, including preventative health, mental health, chronic, and skin care. 

The cost of consultations starts at $79 for a 15-minute visit, although the actual price may vary based on the individual's insurance coverage. In some cases, the consultation may even be available free of charge, depending on the insurance plan in place.

Main Features of Doctor on Demand Include:

  • Video conferencing with doctors;
  • Booking an appointment;
  • Dealing with emergencies;
  • Doctor review;
  • Payment gateway;
  • Reminders and discounts;
  • Ordering prescribed medication;
  • Access to EHR systems;
  • Scanning and sharing documents.

# Medisafe - A Medication Tracker Application                    

Medisafe is one of the top-rated medication reminder apps among pharmacists and physicians. It offers a visually appealing and user-friendly interface that ensures you never miss a dose of your medication. 

The app sends daily reminders, helping you stay on track with your pill regimen. In case you do miss a dose, Medisafe promptly alerts you, and you can even choose to notify your family or caregivers for additional reminders. This personalized medication management technology also provides alerts for potential drug interactions and sends prescription refill reminders to ensure you have an uninterrupted supply of medication.

Other Features of Medisafe Include:

  • Notifying a family member, a friend, or a caregiver if you forget to take your medication;
  • A progress report that can be sent to your doctor;
  • Adding a touch of fun, Medisafe offers the Medtones feature, which allows you to customize the voice of your medication reminders with different movie characters.

# Clue - Period, Ovulation, and PMS                    

Clue is a highly-rated app for tracking periods and ovulation. It's easy to use, backed by science, and designed by scientists with women's health in mind. You can track over 30 cycle-related symptoms and even customize it for your own needs. The app doesn’t track exclusively periods, it tracks and analyzes a variety of symptoms and data points, including weight, digestion, medication, emotions, mental, exercise, and more.

The Clue app works on Android phones with Android 5 and newer versions, and for iPhones, it's compatible with iOS 13 or later.

The main Features of Clue Include:

  • Notifications about upcoming and missed periods, ovulation, intake of birth control pills, tracking basal body temperature;
  • Sharing your cycle and ovulation data;
  • Pregnancy mode’s topical tracking categories and weekly updates; 
  • Recurring symptom analysis;
  • Access to articles and resources;
  • Monthly emails with cycle updates and summaries.

# MyChart - A Comprehensive Tool for Health Management                    

MyChart, powered by Epic, is one of the most popular healthcare apps, used by more than 160 million patients worldwide. The application serves as a comprehensive tool for patients to actively manage their health. With this app, patients can effortlessly track their health metrics, securely communicate with their clinicians and healthcare teams, conveniently review their test results, and gain access to a multitude of other essential features. 

As the patient-facing side of Epic's electronic health record, the MyChart app provides a seamless experience for individuals to take charge of their healthcare journey. Whether it's scheduling appointments, requesting prescription refills, or receiving personalized health education resources, MyChart empowers patients with the necessary tools to stay informed, engaged, and in control of their well-being.

Main Features of MyChart Include:

  • Friends and family access;
  • Sharing your records;
  • Requesting and downloading a copy of your medical record;
  • A summary of your current health issues, medications, allergies, immunizations, and preventive care;
  • Prescription renewals;
  • Requesting a referral to see a specialist.
# Qardio Heart Health                    
Qardio Heart Health  

Qardio is a winner of three CES Innovation Awards and probably one of the most talked-about healthtech products. It tracks a wide range of metrics including blood pressure, heart rate, irregular heartbeat, weight, BMI, body composition, ECG/EKG, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, calories, steps, and skin temperature.

The application is compatible with the award-winning QardioArm blood pressure monitor, QardioBase body scale and analyzer, and QardioCore wearable ECG/EKG monitor. It offers a comprehensive heart health journal, automatically capturing data from Qardio devices or syncing with other apps like Apple Health and MyFitnessPal. With the app, you can view charts, set reminders, and easily share your data. The Qardio App is packed with features that simplify and enhance health monitoring.

Main Features of Qardio Include:

  • Automatic recognition and logging irregular heartbeats;
  • Tracking by location to show how they are different at home, work, or on leave;
  • Making notes and setting up notifications;
  • Compatibility with a variety of third-party platform;
  • Instant data sharing with family, doctor, or friends.

# Glucose Buddy -  Diabetes Tracker                    
Glucose Buddy

Glucose Buddy is among the most popular apps for managing your blood sugar, carbs and A1C tests. It is a powerful tool that offers a wide range of functions that allow it to be a top-ranked diabetes app in the App Store for over 10 years now. 

This app allows users to easily log their blood glucose, meals, and medication as a single entry. It is capable of tracking users’ blood sugar, insulin, weight, blood pressure, and even A1C trends, which can be exported as a PDF or CSV reports that you can take to your healthcare provider. Another useful feature is that this app easily integrates with Dexcom continuous glucose monitoring system, but it is not the last feature that attracts thousands of users. 

Other Features of Glucose Buddy Include:

  • Meal IQ helps you make better food choices and explains the impact your food has on your blood sugar level.
  • Automatic tracking of your cardio activities.
  • Advanced graphs that demonstrate trends in your glucose and medicine intake. 
# Bearable - Symptom and Mood Tracker                    

Bearable is a tracking application that allows you to log your moods, physical activity, emotional symptoms, and much more to see how these factors affect your overall well-being. Users can fully customize the app by adjusting the list of factors based on their needs from weather and food to social media use. 

Users can also create their own health experiments by choosing any treatments or habits that they want to change or improve. In the free version of Bearable, users will be able to access weekly reports displaying their average mood, symptoms, sleep, and energy scores from the preceding week.

Other Features of Bearable Include:

  • Connecting with fitness trackers like Google Fit and Apple Watch to import your health measurements;
  • Reminders to take medication or log an activity;
  • Sharing the data with a doctor or friends.

# Teladoc - A Telemedicine App                    

Teladoc is a prominent player in the telehealth industry that offers a comprehensive range of telehealth services, encompassing primary and pediatric care, dermatology, nutrition, sexual health, and mental health services. The platform exclusively features healthcare and mental health providers who hold board certification or licensure, ensuring the highest standards of care.

The Main Features of Teladoc Include:

  • Appointment scheduling;
  • E-prescribing;
  • Conferencing;
  • File sharing;
  • Medical billing;
  • Medical records management.

# Heal - Scheduling House Visits                    

Heal is a leading doctor house calls application that allows patients to schedule doctor house calls or conduct virtual telemedicine visits. 

Patients can arrange an in-home visit with licensed and board-certified specialists 365 days a year. Apart from scheduling an appointment, this tool provides remote monitoring functionality that allows doctors to get access to your health information which is stored in a Heal Hub monitoring system. Given that, the specialist can check necessary information upfront which will save time during the actual visit. 

Heal is also integrated to major US Medicare Advantage plans, including Humana, Aetna, Clover, WellCare, united Healthcare and others, and is also supported across multiple service areas like Illinois, Louisiana, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, and Washington State, which makes it available to more than 80 million Americans.

# - Medication Guide            Medication Guide is another very popular application that helps users to find drug information, identify pills and track personal medication records.

Its main feature is fast and convenient search with a precise suggestion engine which uses the most comprehensive and descriptive drug info database available online. The database is updated on a daily basis, and you can use it to identify meds by entering an imprint, color or even shape. Another great feature is this app automatically checks for food interactions and lists all interactions that are possible if you take different drugs at the same time.

Those are not the only features users can enjoy while using app. You can get a personal discount card which might help to save you up to 80% on your pharmacy prescriptions and is accepted at over 63,000 pharmacies across the US. Also, there is a Q & A module where you can ask a specific question or look for the answer in the large database of questions someone has already raised. 

# IQAir AirVisual - Air Quality                    
IQAir AirVisual

IQAir AirVisual provides users with all the air quality data they might need in a simple and useful format. It is capable not only of real-time air pollution data display but also generates forecasts for more than 10,000 cities worldwide. 

This app helps people who spend a lot of time outside to plan their outdoor activities with air quality in mind. There you can find health recommendations that help to reduce your health risk and be less exposed to pollutants. Additionally, there are separate alerts for sensitive groups with various respiratory diseases like asthma etc. 

You can also check real-time and historical values for 6 key pollutants: PM2.5, PM.10, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, and sulfur dioxide. If you are interested in air pollution-related events, medical findings and recent developments in fighting global air pollution, there is an option to subscribe for an Air Pollution Community news feed.


The healthcare market is rapidly growing. And it’s high time to take your niche with a useful and user-friendly product. Need a partner to bring your idea to life? Just drop us a line for a free consultation.                     
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