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If you are reading this blog, probably you haven’t found your perfect team of developers yet. You might have paid thousands of dollars to developers who haven’t met your expectations and now you don’t want to hit the same glass ceiling. If yes, you’ll definitely find these tactics and strategies helpful.

First step. Identify your challenges

Answer the following questions:

  • Do I just need one or two people to join my team of developers?
  • Does my product require additional technology integration?
  • Do I want to create the software from scratch?

Depending upon your answers you may come up with any of the following solutions:

  • Hiring experts in-house.
  • Hiring an outsourcing/outstaffing company.

In terms of time and money hiring a dedicated team is a lucrative option, especially if you want to find developers with experience in new technology or to develop a project from scratch.

Hiring an expert in-house is a good idea if you have an office and the complete team of developers working for you.

Both of these approaches have their strengths and weaknesses. Pretty much all the time, the decision depends on the project scope. To decide, analyze your budget, project time-frame, and what experts you want to see in your team.

You should hire in-house if:

  • face-to-face communication, physical conversations, and easy management is a priority;
  • you want your team to completely immerse into your company culture;
  • you are ready to invest in your team talents and future and build long term relationships for the employees’ motivation;

But this option has the downsides:

  • You must be able to find engineering experts locally. It’s such a rarity that you catch unemployed talents that meet your requirements.
  • It requires significant financial investment (a full-time salary, office spaces, and other equipment).

You should outsource if:

  • You look for an efficient, yet cost-effective solution. Outsourcing and outstaffing are the most affordable options in terms of software development and it does not affect the quality of the project.
  • You need a variety of specialists to build a team including Project Managers and QAs. Based on your project requirements you may also need experts with different technical backgrounds.
  • You are looking for scalability (increasing or decreasing the number of specialists in your team).
  • The projects require wide skill-set.

The drawbacks of outsourcing

The main concern about outsourcing is a lack of face-to-face communication because of the difference in time zones. However, it’s not a barrier these days if you use communication tools, those who are overseas easily become an integral part of your business process.

Second step. Location

Location is a second decision for you to make. You have two options, finding someone locally or check out outsourcing destinations.

There are over 23 million developers in the world. You’ll find an exhaustive list of outsourcing software development companies as well as millions of experts offering their services as freelancers.

The most popular countries to outsource are North America, India, Poland, the UK, and Ukraine.

As reported by Evans Data Corporation, the United States records the biggest number of IT specialists in the world owing to Silicon Valley. The United Kingdom has the largest talent pool in Europe according to Stack Overflow Developer Survey. The cost of the development services in the UK and the United States is nearly $50 -150 per hour.

Ukraine claims to have the 4th largest number of certified software developers in the world. Numerous software outfits and R&D centers of globally leading companies are already functioning in Ukraine (Nextiva, SimCorp, Samsung, Huawei, Wargaming, Siemens). Ukrainian developers have a wide range of expertise and you’ll definitely find someone with preferred experience. The average rate varies between $25 and $50 per hour.

Third step. Finding software development companies and freelancers

Those who want to find app developers usually refer to these 3 essential channels.

- B2B platforms. and GoodFirms are the most widely used directories containing vendors under multiple categories. You’ll be able to find a company with the required expertise and level of experience. provides reviews and ratings given by those who worked with listed companies.

- Freelance outlets. The great resource for those searching for app developers is Upwork. There are a lot of hype around this platform. Hiring one freelancer or a team via a software development company depends solely on the complexity of your project and the required skill-set.

- Design networks. Communities like Behance and Dribbble come in handy if you are looking for UI/UX designers.

Fourth step. Hire the best developer!

After you’ve looked through the resources, analyzed client reviews, industry focus, technology experience, and development process, pick up the best candidate.

Take yourself some time to make a final decision. Conduct more interviews if necessary to find out if a team or a developer has enough expertise to implement your project.

If you haven’t found your perfect developer yet, get in touch with inVerita. Who knows, maybe we have exactly what you are looking for.

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