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A few years ago I could ask you a question: “What can you do with your mobile phone?” Probably, you would burst out laughing as the only thing we were able to do via phones at that time was talking. Nowadays the question is: “What can’t you do with your phone?”

The reality is that the only thing we’re afraid to forget when going out or going on vacation is a phone. Everything else is possible to get with its help.

Hungry? Pick one of the food delivery apps on your phone and get something. In a hurry? Order a taxi using an application on your phone.

Single? You know which app to open.

3 hours and 15 minutes is the average time people spend every day, as to the research held by RescueTime, one of the apps that monitor phone use. Yes, we even have the apps to monitor how much time do we spend on other apps.

And while some may consider it to be an addiction, and the others see it as a 21-century necessity, the commercial value apps bring to the business is unquestionable. According to Statista predictions in 2020, $189 billion are expected to be generated by mobile apps.

So, if you’re still wondering why mobile apps are important and if there are any benefits of mobile apps for your business, you came across the right article.

Here are some compelling benefits of mobile apps for business.

#1 Better connection with customers

Having developed an app for your business you literally put your service in customers’ pockets. It doesn’t matter what day of a week or what time is it, the service is always available at your customers’ fingertips. No need to wait when you finally meet them face-to-face, all the information about your product, booking and ordering procedures are gathered in one place. Your task is to make the process easy and secure. People don’t like lengthy procedures, they opt for a tailored communication in comprehensive language.

#2 Brand recognition and enhancement

Nowadays people are more likely to memorize a logo they bump into while searching the phone than one pictured on an advertisement leaflet. The rule of effective frequency states that if a customer sees the brand more than twenty times, it becomes truly noticed. And how many times do you check your phone during the day? According to studies, an average American checks a phone every twelve minutes, which is around eighty times a day.

Your app is a reflection of your brand. The more you make your audience involved in it on a regular basis, providing special offers, promotions, news feeds, etc, the more increases the awareness of your company’s branding. Furthermore, it gives an impression of being a technologically savvy company which is a must for strong industry leaders and one of the major benefits of mobile apps for a small business.

#3 Sales promotion

As the awareness of your product increases, the customer demand grows too. One of the advantages of a mobile app over the website is that it’s approximately 1.5 times faster. Therefore, customers don’t get irritated browsing a page for a few seconds. Once they decide to buy something it happens in a few clicks.

The option of push-notification will help to keep the users regularly updated with the new offerings, latest product listings, and discounts.

#4 Cost reduction

As a mobile app gives an opportunity to communicate with your employees and customers directly, you drastically cut marketing and advertising costs. No more need for dozens of shop assistants, making phone calls, paper newsletters, and brochures. Through the customized content, the users are provided with all the information that might interest them.

#5 Giving value to your customers

Users want to see that you appreciate their loyalty. To make their experience delightful, you must show the personal approach. With a mobile app, it’s easy as ABC: it lets them clearly define their preferences, filter updates, and offers recommendations based on their interests, location, etc. By adding a loyalty program and offering rewards to loyal subscribers of your app, you show how much you appreciate each customer.

Wrapping things up

When it comes to products and services, you can’t stay behind sending emails and calling potential customers via phone. The world is mobile and it’s developing at lightning speed every day. You can’t miss the mobile app business opportunity if you don’t want to get out of the game.

If you wonder how to get an app for your business, we are ready to consult you.

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