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While for some, cooperation with Ukrainian companies seemed like a risky arrangement, after more than 9 months of fighting, Ukrainians have shown themselves to be a united and strong nation that not only successfully defends itself from the aggressor that is 28 times bigger but also continues to work and stabilize the economy. 

As a Ukrainian software development company, we get many inquiries from our potential Customers about software development in Ukraine in the light of the war and its prospects in the near future. Let’s dive in.

How IT Market in Ukraine is Coping During the War?

Despite all the anxiety during the first weeks of the war, the work in our teams hasn’t stopped for a single day since February 24. You may ask: how is it possible in the terms of war?

# We Work to Support the Image of Ukraine as a Major Player in Software Arena

We have a lot of customers from different countries, some of them have been working with us for years and some have just started cooperating with inVerita before the military invasion. They have chosen us because they knew that Ukraine is a great software destination with talented people and we’re a reliable software vendor. We must fulfill our obligations and make sure that our customers are satisfied with our services and don’t feel any inconvenience or experience delays.

# We Work to Support the Ukrainian Economy

The war kills the economy. A lot of Ukrainians have lost their jobs and homes. IT sector is one of the businesses that didn’t shut down and continues paying taxes and saving workplaces for Ukrainians. Most Ukrainian IT companies monthly donate a share of their income to the army and donate to volunteering organizations. With the beginning of a full-scale invasion, inVerita has opened a fund to cover the most urgent needs of the Armed Forces that currently has generated more than UAH 9 million from the company’s income, and volunteer donations of our employees and our partners. Two of our employees are defending Ukraine from the front and we can’t be more proud of them.

# We Work Because its Our Duty

We signed contracts with our customers promising high-quality services and we keep our word. Our work is not locally-bound so we successfully deliver from 3 offices in Ukraine and one in Poland. We bought a Starlink to provide our employees with Internet access in case of electricity cuts, some of our employees are now based in the US, UK, Poland, Germany, Sweden, and other countries. inVerita hires new employees and signs new contracts. What’s more, we also get new projects and we’re extremely grateful for such trust and support.

Ukraine is an IT Outsourcing Powerhouse

Ukraine has the biggest talent pool in Europe. Before the war, journalists from publications with household names wrote about Kyiv, Lviv, and Kharkiv as the future Silicon Valley.

software development in Ukraine

Being renowned for its professionals’ contribution to technological development, Ukraine has always attracted a lot of overseas investment, hosting hundreds of R&D centers of world technology giants such as Microsoft, Oracle, Siemens, and many others. The US remains the leading partner of Ukraine in terms of outsourcing software development, followed by the EU, and Israel.

A prominent technological-startup scene became home to nowadays world-famous companies: online-writing assistant Grammarly, alarm system provider Ajax Systems, code repository GitLab, and many many others.

R&D centers and startups in Ukraine

Attractive rates for software development alongside strong technological expertise, moderate tax rates, and availability of talent continue to allure businesses from all parts of the world and various industries.

Ukraine has the biggest tech talent pool in Eastern Europe. In 2021, the IT industry generated 4% of the country’s GDP, exporting $6.8 billion in services a year. What else makes Ukrainian software developers one of the most-wanted employees in the tech sector?

  1. Ukrainians have the highest literacy rate among all the featured countries with 99.97%;
  2. Ukraine has one of the biggest shares of STEM and computer science graduates in Europe, around 10%;
  3. Currently, there are around 1.5 million students gaining higher education in Ukrainian universities;
  4. There are more than 250k IT professionals with diverse tech skills covering a wide range of technologies and languages.

Ukrainian IT Industry During the War

On February 24th, immediately after russia in close alignment with belarus invaded Ukraine, Ukrainian software companies started evacuating staff to the Western part of Ukraine. Our company also concluded the evacuation initiative was a good idea that helped our employees to feel safe and keep their mental health. We managed to provide help with evacuation to the Western part of Ukraine and abroad for those who needed it.

More than 80% of Ukrainian developers are still working full-time although 61% of them were forced to leave their houses and move to the safer parts of Ukraine.

The average days of Ukrainian developers are interrupted by air raid alarms, however, work on the projects hasn’t been stopped.

While it’s already clear that outsourcing to russia is completely dead and in belarus is passing away, Ukrainian IT companies continue working, winning customers, that previously outsourced to aggressors’ vendors. Doing so, they get not only the best talent but also support the Ukrainian economy.

inVerita Volunteer Activities

During the first week of war, we decided to establish an inVerita Fund aimed at addressing immediate army and volunteer needs. inVerita donated a sum of money to this Fund first. Then our employees raised an initiative to donate a certain amount of money from their salaries as well. Then our Customers wanted to join. Then Facebook, LinkedIn, relatives, and school friends of ours. Today, Our Fund has more than UAH 9, 000,000, and it continues to grow.

Every day we connect with dozens of individuals, organizations, volunteer groups, and army members directly, check their requests, and help. The managers are working even at night to make sure we can supply our Army with night vision devices, thermal optics, tactical gloves, glasses, medicine, and much more.

An Important Final Word

It would be wrong to say that the Ukrainian IT community hasn’t been shaken by the war. Though despite the cruel war that russia started, Ukrainians continue to show impressive resilience not only defending their Independence but actively contributing to economic and business sectors. IT companies still get new projects to support the economy, give employees salaries, and donate to the Armed Forces.

When you decide to outsource software development to a Ukrainian company, you get not only a professional team and in-time delivery, you help Ukrainians and their families fight the aggressor and defend the values of liberty and peace.

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