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This year, we have grown, learned, and improved. We have stood the test of time and demonstrated resilience from the big turbulence - globally and locally. 

This year wasn’t an easy one - one more year into the war with an aggressor that is 28 times bigger. Despite all the anxiety during the first weeks of the war, the work in our teams hasn’t stopped for a single day since February 24. What’s more, we’ve shown ourselves to be a strong and united nation that not only defends its Independence but actively contributes to the economic and business sectors.

On the last day of 2023 we want to express gratitude for what we have been able to achieve, recall the time we spent together working, communicating, and donating, and reflect on good memories and plans we hold for the upcoming year.

inVerita Stands with Ukraine

Independent Ukraine is worth fighting and working for.

After the unprovoked full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, together with inVerita people, the company created a Fund to support Ukraine and its defenders. This Fund will operate until Ukraine and the People who defend our state need support.

In 2023:

  • We have already donated ₴12,453,159 to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This help includes vans, bulletproof vests, SUVs, Starlink stations, computer equipment, medications, and more.

  • On October 2, we honored the Day of Defenders of Ukraine and joined the Day4Defenders initiative by donating the profit we earned that day to those who stand in defense of our country and freedom.

  • During the celebration of the company’s 8th birthday, we held an auction together with a Ukrainian poet and writer, Serhiy Zhadan and gathered $10k to buy a car for the 13th Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine “Charter”.

  • Our Thanksgiving Day was dedicated to saying “thank you” to the defenders from the 128th separate mountain assault brigade. Our employees divided themselves into teams to buy all the necessary things for soldiers. In total, it turned out to be 195 kg of volumetric weight.

  • On Saint Nicholas Day, we prepared gifts for the children of the soldiers of the 103rd brigade who gave their lives to protect the Country.

  • We constantly financially support the 3D organization which takes care of orphaned children. This year, we helped to organize the Christmas holiday for children and provided presents for them.

Unfortunately, the end of this war appears no clearer or closer. But no matter how hard russia attempts to knock Ukraine down to its knees, Ukraine stands defiant.

InVerita Fund

Healthcare Domain

The speed at which healthcare is currently evolving is mindblowing.

At every healthcare conference, we visit, we see new implementations of technology, new ideas, and more automation. 

  • This year, inVerita in partnership with our customer, Synchronous Health became a platinum sponsor of Health Tech Forward 2023.

  • inVerita co-founder and COO, Orest Hudziy became a member of a jury panel at Health Tech Challengers, an epic pitch competition for startups where he judged the top 80 finalist companies in Chronic Disease Management, Mental, Holistic, and Sleep Health, Nutrition, Metabolic, Gut Health, Gender-Specific Health, or Solving X.

  • We also attended ViVE 2023 in Nashville and the HLTH Conference in Las Vegas, which have always been hubs of innovation, collaboration, and groundbreaking ideas.

  • January 9-12, 2024 we’re heading to Las Vegas for CES 2024 for another display of technological marvels. Are you in?

Our healthcare portfolio is extending year by year. This year, we had the pleasure of working on projects that we believe are going to change the lives of many for the better. 

Our team developed a robust back-end system that leverages synchronized, cloud-based software (web and mobile apps) for a smart, dose-controlled prescription medication delivery system. Features like dose-controlled delivery enable the administration of the prescribed dosage type, quantity, and frequency as directed by the healthcare provider's instructions. 

We also designed and developed a tablet application to display and interpret critical data from high-end mechanical ventilators. The app incorporates evidence-based practices to track different parameters on the ventilatory needs of patients.

Also, a few telemedicine applications, EHR/EMR systems, and clinic management software to enhance patient outcomes and healthcare efficiency.

It’s hard to predict but the future is undoubtedly promising. And we’re devoted to standing at the vanguard of healthcare software development, harnessing the power of emerging technologies to provide the tools that empower healthcare professionals and enhance patient experiences at every touchpoint.

Industry Recognitions

We take pride in our team’s track record, the way we deliver our services, and the feedback we receive. Despite the fact that it’s the second year of full-scale war and a tenth year since russia invaded Ukraine, inVerita continues to receive positive customer reviews and win industry awards. Here are our 2023 achievements:

  • inVerita has been recognized as a Top 1000 Global Service Provider on Clutch for 2023.

The award is given only to 1000 out of 280,000 companies presented on the platform based on their industry recognition, customer reviews, experience, and portfolio.

The past few years haven’t been easy for the whole industry worldwide. This is one more reason why being featured on the list of official leaders in software development feels particularly special this year. 

  • One more recognition to share is being chosen as a Top Staff Augmentation Company by Clutch. Staff augmentation is one of the best options to fill the gaps in technological competence under defined deadlines and costs.

QU’ARTE Came Back After Rebranding

Our digital product design agency, QU’ARTE, this year, got a fresh look with mature experience and a visionary team of designers. 2023 was extremely productive for the QU’ARTE team:

  • QU’ARTE has been highlighted in recent features by Business Insider and Yahoo.

  • We were recognized as a top UX company in the medical industry and a top UX company in the US, and Top Usability Testing Company by the independent Clutch platform.

  • Thanks to the initiative of our great customers, QU’ARTE has been listed among the most reviewed and recommended UX companies by The Manifest.

  • QU’ARTE has been recognized as a 2023 Champion by Clutch, the leading global marketplace of B2B service providers. 

This prestigious award places QU’ARTE among the top 10% of companies on Clutch globally, showing the ongoing achievements of our great team.

It’s a big motivator for our team to have our work validated in such a way.

Our goal for the coming year is to continue winning industry recognitions and awards, delivering exceptional experiences to our clients.

We Became 8 Years Old

Starting as a small team of enthusiasts, in eight years of hard work, we were able to grow into a prosperous and mature market-leading software development company. Currently, we work with 23 customers from different industries, including Fortune 500 companies, 9 of whom joined us this year.

If one asks “What’s a formula for success in such a competitive market?”, we would answer - it’s a blend of strong expertise, a dedicated team, satisfied customers, and passion for innovation.

In eight years we were able to create products that have changed people’s lives. We’ve partnered with great enterprises and young startups. We’ve visited dozens of industry-specific conferences to learn non-stop and get inspired. And most important - we’ve built a great community of Ukrainian professionals, people are proud to work with.

Thank you for staying with us! More is coming!

We don’t either know what the future holds. But we hope and wish for peace, health, and victory of Ukraine.

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