“Open source solutions can be quite tempting to keep cost down however, cheaper isn’t always better, and this is what advocates of Microsoft’s .NET technology recognize.”

Professional .NET Software Development

Open source solutions can be quite tempting to keep cost down; however, cheaper isn’t always better and this is what advocates of Microsoft’s .NET development technology recognize. It is a general-purpose platform that can be used for any workload or web apps, and it’s very secure, unlike many open outsourcing solutions. For instance, ASP.NET, which is included in the .NET technology framework, is a web platform that allows you to build enterprise-class, server-based web applications using .NET on Windows.

  • Web Application Development
  • E-commerce Development
  • CMS Website Development
  • Portal Development

Advantages of .NET Development Tools

  • Security
    The .NET framework has built-in security based on two features: Code Access Security (CAS) and validation and verification.
  • Ease of deployment
    Microsoft has implemented a new system that makes the deployment process much easier and flexible.
  • Language interoperability
    Efficiency of .NET software development can be higher than other frameworks, because .NET is language-neutral. This allows the reuse of code multiple times. Languages within the framework perform together flawlessly, and .NET can even be used with languages outside of it. For instance, Edge.js brings Node.js functionality into the .NET framework.
  • Code familiarity and versatility
    .NET technology framework consists of a suite of languages, including C#, which is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. C# can be used to program for Windows, Linux and Mac via Mono / .NET Core, and Android , iOS via Xamarin.
  • Programming model consistency
    .NET is based on object-oriented programming, which helps to eliminate unnecessary code. .NET can be used to create individual programs and interactive applications that perform varying tasks.

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