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We understand that your business needs quality, custom-built software. Our well-defined web development services ensure you get it - quickly and cost-effectively.

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Our commitment to quality is backed up by top-notch personnel, reputable experience, and technical expertise. Our web developers are versed in the latest industry trends and deliver successful implementation of end-to-end web solutions in a spirit of excellence. While we are working you are able to focus on your major business processes.

Sometimes accessible solutions cannot completely meet needs of a company because every business differs considerably in its exact IT requirements. That's why inVerita cooperates closely with its clients to accurately understand the customer's wants, to suit every specific need of their project in order to accomplish Web Application Development in timesaving and profitable way.
Don't limit your technologies but expand them!

  • Software Web Development in Eastern Europe

    We develop client/server, web-based, SOA (Software Oriented Architecture), and SaaS (Software as a Service)applications, as well as improve and enhance legacy systems.

  • Migration, Customization and Re-engineering

    Transition from out-of-date systems to newest tech, to version improvement services, to re-engineering of apps, to database transferring and integration with extant/external systems, we give new life to your old application.

  • Application Maintenance

    inVerita’s high level of experience translates into application stability, system improvements, and continuous service for you. This includes maintenance for applications and systems, integration of new IT requirements, and technical / functional support.

  • Consultancy

    Our workflow is simple: research - analysis - solution. First, we explore all viable options, from open source to proprietary it solutions like Microsoft.Net and SharePoint. After thorough analysis, we propose possible solutions while taking your current technology and level of adaptability into account.

  • Participation

    We just fit. inVerita’s web developers are flexible in that we can work eiher as a stand-alone team or with your existing IT department, extending your reach as a company.

Technologies we use

Client Side

  • React
  • jQuery
  • AngularJs
  • Angular2+
  • Vue.js

Server Side

  • Java
  • .Net
  • PHP
  • NodeJS

Our Mobile Applications Development Projects


A media resource for Ukraine developed by UK investors in Ukraine (http://theubj.com). Users get news posted everyday, including a column for AM news and UBJ weekend news, which come in an extraordinary way. The main purpose of the project is to attract investors to Ukraine. The clients’ team found powerful business authors and created a huge marketing department to make sure subscriptions are sold daily.

Platform: Web
Industry: Media
Cooperation model: T&M
inverita UBJ
inverita Qad


A cloud-based solution that allows the control of global manufacturing processes with a quick, cloud-deployment mechanism. Simply put, our client offers their end-client a pack of software package ready for deployment, the main purpose of which is to manage processes in manufacturing. In other words, the end-client is able to log into their QAD panel and select a process to automate, and QAD will deploy for them the basic package of software needed to automate that process for them.

Platform: Web
Industry: Management
Cooperation model: T&M


WyzeTask is an SaaS-based process and workflow automation platform for the construction, logistics, and manufacturing industries. It offers game-changing technology that automates manual processes and workflows and provides insights to make businesses more efficient, productive, and safe.

Platform: Web/Mobile
Industry: Construction, Logistics, Manufacturing
Cooperation model: T&M
inverita WyzeTask
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