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"Is like a good handshake, building trust through touch. Mobile apps are a necessity for any company wanting to make an impact on the modern world. Via mobile app development let us help you create a rich UX/UI experience on multiple mobile platforms, keeping you on the cutting edge."

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Over half of a million apps are added to the App Store every year, and about 1,500 to Google Play every day, but only the strongest survive and thrive. We create native iOS and Android apps, cross-platform applications, and mobile enterprise apps allowing you to stand out against the crowd and giving you a competitive edge.

UX / UI is our native language. We understand that creating a native mobile app is a large investment for a company in contrast to a cheap, responsive web solution; however, the benefits in user experience (UX) of creating an application that is custom-made for users’ mobile phones is boundless.

  • Custom mobile app development
  • Native iOS and Android applications
  • UI/UX design
  • Cross-platform mobile applications
  • Enterprise mobile app development
  • Mobile games development

Mobile Development Technologies We Use

React Native

Our Mobile Applications Development Projects

Weather app

Development of an Android weather application for IBM and Weather.com, in cooperation with SoftServe, another software development company. This application has an extremely powerful UI, a shiny look, and complicated UI logics. You can track any weather-related items in this application, including movements of cyclones&anticyclones, forecasts of weather, etc.

Platform: Android
Industry: Tourism
Cooperation model: T&M
inverita Weather app
inverita Moodle Education

Moodle Education

A management and analytics tool for schools in the USA based on Moodle system. Together with our clients we use Moodle as the core basis for the mobile development of different types of training and educational solutions. Between times, we simply update the ongoing projects for IOS and Android users in order for them to be ready for usage. The customer is resident from Miami and has Stanford, BMW, and MIT, along with 200+ other clients, who make use of Moodle solutions that we develop

Platform: Web / Mobile
Industry: Education
Cooperation model: T&M


WyzeTask - a SaaS-based handle and workflow computerization platform for development, manufacturing and logistics industries. It offers game-changing innovations that automates manual forms of processes giving experiences to provide businesses to be more productive, beneficial and safe.

Platform: Android
Industry: Construction, Logistics, Manufacturing
Cooperation model: T&M
inverita WYZETASK
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